Canary Camera Overview: Answers To Your Questions About The Home Security Camera

Safe At Home

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Canary Camera is the future of home security, because this isn’t just a camera, it’s a camera with a built in security system.

There is a reason it has been ranked by various platforms as a top home safety product. Literally, the safety of your pets and your belongings can be in the palm of your hand. The Canary Camera system works with your iPhone (and some other smart phones and devices), so you can check in and alert authorities, and even sound an alarm if ever needed. Give yourself a little bit of peace of mind—actually a lot of peace of mind—with a simplistic straightforward system, that has everything you need, without weighing you down with bells and whistle‘s that you don’t need.

Using Canary Camera With Your Phone:

Our phones have become a versatile multi tool – – we work from it, use it as a camera or cookbook, pair with medical or audio devices, navigate with it, and so much more. So why not use it as your home security system receiver as well? If you’re worried about the dogs while heading out on a family day out, simply check in on them, while being able to swipe from room to room, wherever you have placed a camera. Yes, night vision is an included perk, and is so awesome simply because watching your nocturnal cat’s footage is legit entertaining. But we assume you’ll find many practical uses as well.

Disarming and Arming Features:

Canary Camera system works so closely with your phone, that it can detect when you are home or away. The though free process is welcomed on a hectic day. You can enable and disable certain features, such as at home detection that will disable the system. Never again have to worry about remembering codes or inputting them correctly, just to have a policeman show up a few minutes later. Embarrassing! Canary keeps your life simpler, and easier.

Upon returning home, the system can be put into privacy mode, which shuts down the camera and recording features. So no one is going to catch you dancing Britney Spears style in the living room. If you’re a little bit on edge about having a camera with Wi-Fi access sitting in your house all the time, know that the camera can be fully and completely disabled, providing you peace of mind, and ultimate privacy while in your home.

Authorities on Call:

One of our favorite features of the system might be the police notification button. Did you notice something strange? Notify the police to come out to your home immediately, even if you are miles and miles away from your house. A 90 decibel siren will scare the pants off of anyone that is trying to break in. It would at least be unsettling—even if they don’t immediately head out, it will definitely be a jolt that slows them down, hopefully giving authorities time to respond.

Top Notch Air Quality Monitoring:

Okay, this might actually be our favorite, favorite of all time feature. Canary systems feature Home Health Technology, which monitors various elements in your home, such as air quality, humidity, and temperature. If something strange is going on in the house that is altering the air quality, the system will alert you. Your home health can also be monitored from your phone.

Types of Cameras:

The Canary security camera is versatile compatible with iOS or Android smartphone, and even the Apple Watch! Technology is just evolving so quickly! Below are the three distinctly, yet subtly different systems that can be purchased. Read closely, as each feature is it sound perks.

Pro – Offering home security and intelligence with a crisp 1080p HD camera plus a 90 decibel alarm siren, and a built-in climate monitor. The Pro version is a solid selection, with core essential features.

View – This model not only offers security, but impressive intelligence as well. The system will learn about your home the more time goes by. Freaky or awesome—you tell us. Of course, you’ll still get stellar 1080p HD video, but while being backed by powerful AI capabilities at the same time.

Flex – Perhaps you are needing something by the front door because someone is swiping packages, or in your backyard for one reason or another. The Flex is an indoor/outdoor weatherproof option, with a high definition security camera that works wire-free or plugged in. Wire free is everything if you can’t stand dark cords hanging all over the living room.

A Service Plan That Fits Your Lifestyle:

Different service levels are available to those who buy any of the above systems. Premium service provides 30 days of video storage, should you need to reference footage, along with desktop streaming. A two-way talk capability allows pet parents to say hello to the pups, or human parents to communicate with kiddos. Premium service also comes with a Safety Button function, which is a button on your phone screen that can be held down when you don’t feel safe. It will send out an alert, and you can let go when you feel you are in a safe place. Last but not least, you will have access to an Incident Support Team, to guide you through the steps following a break in or other mishaps.

However, the free service has quite a few perks already. Depending on your needs, you may find it to be more than sufficient. You’ll have access to free 24/7 Watch Live, person detection within the home, video clips, one day of video history, advanced motion detection, activity zone masking, one touch access to first responders, and a generous one year device warranty.

Our Overall Conclusion:

With different style cameras/systems, and differing service options, there is a Canary for everyone, whether looking for peace of mind while at work, or just the overall ease of operating each of the devices. Browse the site to learn more, and to find the canary that is right for you, by visiting the link below.

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