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What is it about candles that make us feel so much joy, and calm at the same time? A room can be totally average, then when lighting up a candle, it turns into the ultimate haven for cuddling up with a book, or having a romantic spaghetti dinner with your significant other. Never run out of candles again, because subscription boxes will, for the most part, deliver to your door monthly, or on a regular basis. With many companies, customers will also receive exclusive deals, and accessories. So if you are tired of digging through the shelves of your local department store for a needle in a haystack artesian candle, we have the answer. The below subscription boxes feature often natural candles that have been oh so carefully curated to suit the most particular noses.

Brooklyn Candle Studio uses premium and sustainable wax, along with phthalate free perfumes and essential oils to create smells that may transport you back to a great memory, as that is what they are designed to do. Each month, the candle subscription will bring you a selection that is appropriate for the season. This means floral goodness in the spring, pumpkin and spices in the fall, and winter variations such as earthy pine. The packaging has an artesian, handcrafted appeal.

Want to add a bit of a luxurious appeal to your home? Wickbox has you totally covered. The trendy, high-end candle subscription will deliver a curated scent, in a gorgeous container every month, while making you want to pull out the good bubbly. Customers will have the option to choose between a medium or a large box, which basically determines the size of your candle. Candle burn times seem to be higher than the average. Boxes ship out around the 15th of every month, and after you’ve created your unique sent profile.

LoveSpoon Candles come in the most elegant and modern containers, that will add a touch of refinement to any room you place them in. From the unique patterns of typical containers, to the monogrammed series in striking colored glass, any selection will be a joy to receive. Premium soy bases serve as the foundation for classic scents such as banana nut bread. Be sure to take their fragrance finder quiz to determine what suits your nasal palate the best.

Cosy Candle Company most definitely offers a range of natural wax candles that certainly will enhance the environment of your home. However, they offer wax melts, which are sometimes preferred for there ease of use, and sufficient throw. The subscription box comes with four bags of thoughtfully scented wax melts, with each bag containing nine melts that can go into your favorite glowing melter. So maybe you have a ton of candles in your closet, or maybe just don’t have a lot of space to store things, wax melts are also a space efficient option.

Surf’s Up Candles have been inspired by the vibrant Jersey Shore! Even the packaging reflects a funky colorful design that will simply brighten up your day. Boxes only ship out four times a year, but are distinguished amongst each season—spring, summer, fall and winter. So when the mood and weather shifts, you will be ready with an appropriately crafted jar of amazing smelling goodness. Other goodies, such as paint can candles, and bath and body products sweeten the deal. A tiny subscription box is also available.

Bossy Pants Candle features the most hilarious candle names, and container designs. Maybe this would be an excellent gift for that friend that just gets you and your humor. Of course, some of the designs are just simply bold, colorful and fun. When signing up for the Secret Candle Club, guests will receive a super top-secret, unreleased 16 ounce candle on their doorstep every month. So if you’re looking to add an element of surprise to your life, this is a phenomenal candle box subscription to go with.

Wicksly subscription boxes can be as low as $20 a month. One simple yet perfectly curated candle comes in the box every month, to fragrance your home for days, depending on how often it’s used. Order by the 25th, so you can get the shipment at the first of the month. Candles are made simply, with essential oils, paraffin free wax, and other high-quality materials. Wicksly notes that the candle has a 40 hour burn time and an excellent throw (throw is basically how far the smell is projected into the room).

Jackpot Candles couldn’t be more appropriately named. Inside their natural crafted candles, is a piece of jewelry! Your ring size is requested upon check out, to ensure all will be able to enjoy whatever sparkling accessory is melted into the lovely scented candle. When subscribing for their box, customers get one of these candles every month, in addition to one of the vibrant signature bath bombs! Candle and a soak in the tub? Yes!Every month is a major surprise, so get ready to add a little bit of that Christmas morning-like excitement to your life.

Cowboy and Cricket Candles are named after the owners two adorable dogs. Okay we are sold. Made with love in Albuquerque, New Mexico, candles are shipped all over the nation, delighting everyone who appreciates a well thought out candle. Scents can be comprised of surprising combinations, that work in the best way.

Vellabox sources its candles from artisanal makers located throughout the United States. Say no to carcinogenic paraffin wax, and yes to their soy or coconut-based formulas. Smells are curated to the season, and subscription boxes start at just $10 a month. Cozy amber glass ads an even more mood creating element to many of the beautiful selections. So if you’re looking to support small businesses, while enjoying unique fragrance, you’ve come to the right place.

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