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Instagram-ready Care/of makes finding the right collagen and protein simple. Each monthly vitamin and supplement box is tailored to your individual needs and ready to add some flair to your day–plus the aesthetic is out-of-this-world adorable. You’ve probably heard of subscription boxes for hair products, makeup, wine, easy-to-make dinners, etc., but what about vitamins? The thought of putting together a daily vitamin routine may have been dry and boring back in the days before the internet came along, but wellness in 2022 has morphed into an eccentric and fun journey.

The first step in creating your personalized daily vitamin pack is to take the quiz. It takes around 5 minutes and asks questions about your top health concerns, diet and lifestyle. From there, you can browse the vitamins and powders Care/of recommends and the science behind each choice. Each recommendation is broken down in detail with suggested uses, ingredients and benefits. What’s even better is Care/of links to research conducted by trusted sources like the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and the American Heart Association. If you’re already a vitamin aficionado, you can skip the quiz and browse the full list of products here.

Next build your pack that will be delivered to your door every month. Your box will come with 30 daily packs, with each one containing a special mix of vitamins. To make the experience even more personalized, your name is printed on all of the packs plus an inspiring quote to jump start your day! How cute is that?

The powders work a bit differently. Each one comes with the amount specified online and should be taken as needed based on your lifestyle. Everyone’s Care/of box looks different and unique–just like you.

Now let’s talk pricing. It all depends on how many pills/packs of powder you’re ordering. An easy way to break it down is looking at Vitamin D, for example. That supplement is $7 per month, and with you taking one pill daily, that translates to around $0.23 per day. As we said earlier about powder, it’s meant to last you throughout the month and will probably not be used every day. A pack of Creatine – dubbed the “Muscle Maker” – contains five powder sticks for $7 for use throughout the month before the next box arrives.

You may be hesitant to jump right in and move forward with a monthly plan, and that’s okay! Like most other subscription services, you can purchase an order and then indefinitely pause future orders while you take time to consider. Care/of ships to all 50 states, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Canada. You can change what’s in your plan whenever you want, and you can also retake the quiz if your lifestyle/diet changes. Care/of sends a reminder email a few days before your upcoming order ships.

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