Gift Guide: 18 Purrr-fect Toys To Buy Your Cat This Christmas


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The holiday season is upon us and that means we’ll be buying even more toys for our furry friends. My cat is definitely a spoiled baby–he has THREE different plush beds around the apartment–but I wouldn’t have it any other way. From tunnels to catnip plushies to safari-themed huts, keep reading for 18 toys that make the perfect gift for your feline this Christmas.

First up is the SmartyKat Sweet Greens Seed Kit that includes organic oat grass seeds and a potting container. Water it consistently and you’ll have your own miniature garden in just a few days for your cat to chew on. Make sure you monitor it closely, as cats often get so excited about these plants that they knock them over and spill dirt everywhere!

The Magic Mewnicorn Tunnel is ideal for homes with multiple cats. With one large four-foot tunnel and four smaller connecting tunnels, it provides hours of fun and much-needed exercise to keep your pets entertained. The toy folds down smaller and easily can be stowed in a bag for travel. Not really into unicorns? They also have Dizzy Dino and Tabby Tiger designs.

The Catinsider Cactus Cat Tree will fit right in your home even if you don’t live in the Southwest. It has a top-level hammock, large scratch posts and a fluffy pom-pom as an extra toy when your feline friend takes a nap. It comes in two different sizes, medium and large, and the bottom comes in either brown or green.

Ring in the most wonderful time of the year with the Merry & Bright Holiday Puff Ball Swatter. It has Christmas-themed feathers, pom-poms and fabric so it’s the perfect addition to your newly-decorated living room. The suction cup stays put no matter where you place it so your cat can pounce and swat all day long.

This is the ONLY furry toy my cat Lucy will play with. The Skitter Critters from SmartyKat are filled with catnip and give your pet hours of endless fun. You get 10 for only a few dollars, so they’ll hopefully last a long while.

The Prosper Collapsible 3-Way Tunnel has built-in crinkle material, a peephole and a bell toy for the ultimate frolic. It has tear-resistant polyester wrapped around a sprung-steel frame to ensure your little one’s safety. The tunnel also comes with an elastic band so you can fold it down and take it wherever you go.

Treat your kitty to a holly jolly good time with the Merry & Bright Holiday 3-Tip Snowflake Laser. The three-inch laser is an excellent way for your pets to get their exercise in–and maybe it’ll put a stop to the 5 a.m. “zoomies” that wake you up every single morning. It comes with five interchangeable tips, three preloaded batteries and three replacement batteries

Potaroma’s adorable Fluffy Ball Toys are a triple threat. They’re ultra soft, durable and each one makes a different animal noise: frog, cricket and bird. Built-in batteries ensure 10,000 chirps per toy, and the balls keep quiet when they’re not in use to save battery power.

Rainy Day Puzzle & Play is a serious brain teaser for your feline. Holding up to a 1/4 cup of food, the toy’s adorable raindrops and pegs can be moved around to reveal hidden treat compartments. You can adjust the difficulty from easy for beginners and expert for the smarty cats. Plus, each puzzle comes with a sheet of tips and tricks to get you started.

The Flurff Interactive Butterfly Toy might be the cutest thing on this list. The lifelike, rotating butterfly spins around the base and even glows in the dark. The toy has rubber grips on the bottom to prevent sliding and an easy on/off button. It needs three AA batteries that aren’t included.

My cat uses the Tower of Tracks every single day. I often hear the sound of plastic toy balls spinning round and round at night when I’m getting ready to go to bed. It has three levels and three brightly-colored balls that make pouncing much more fun. The best part is there’s a safety bar across the top opening that prevents cats from getting stuck.

Soft and snuggly, the KONG Refillables Turtle Catnip Cat Toy has a pouch to store your cat’s favorite plant. It includes a container of catnip which can be stored in the freezer to keep fresh. Throw the plush into the wash when it gets dirty.

This is more for humans than cats but I’m sure your little rascal will appreciate having her toys all in one place! The Vumdua Cat Toy Box is made from a soft felt material that’s durable and features a wire frame to keep it upright. The collapsible design means you can fold and store with no issue.

Colors and patterns and designs, oh my! The 48-pack of Chiwava Plastic Toy Balls are an exciting addition to your feline toy collection. Each one is lightweight and has a small jingle bell inside for added fun.

You can never have too many catnip toys, right? The Leaps & Bounds Sardine Set includes three individual catnip-filled fish in a charming container. Reviewers say they’re just the right size for kitties to pick up and carry around the house.

The Petlinks Mystery Motion Electronic Cat Toy is zany and unpredictable. A feather wand spins under the patterned sheet as a toy mouse dashes around underneath. There are four speeds for you to choose from so playtime is never boring. Heads up: a lot of reviewers say the motor is louder than they expected.

The Leaps & Bounds EZ Snap Crinkle Ball Toy has three different ways to play. You can tickle, crinkle and swish to your heart’s (and your cat’s) content. The toy comes in a variety of colors, plus the attachments can be switched out in a snap.

Welcome to the jungle! The Kitty City Safari Hut House has three openings, a removable fleece bottom and a tall ceiling that allows for maximum stretching. Its flexible polyester frame folds down completely for storage. You can choose from the Tiger Hut or the Jungle Hut.

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