Chrissy Teigen’s Target Collection Pairs Perfectly With Recipes From Her Second Cookbook

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Chrissy Teigen has a gorgeous and growing line of kitchen goodies at Target, and while you may spend some time on a waitlist for that must-have item, you’re sure to love everything in the collection when you finally get your hands on it. I’m still waiting for her to drop some muffin tins though: I’m out here making the Croissant Bread Pudding Ham Cups in some decidedly un-glam bakeware for now.

Ideal for college students, first time renters, and young families, this intro level 12 piece cookware set will help you learn which pots and pans are essential for your cooking style. Nonstick and easy to clean, an all inclusive set like this is the perfect way to set yourself up for success with recipes like Cheesy Polenta with Mushrooms.

These charming condiment bowls are perfect for party hosts, since they’re an easy way to offer a little something to nosh on while waiting for dinner to be served, but they’ve been overlooked in another use: the perfect brunch accessory. Fill these with pickled jalapeños, plain or flavored sour cream, green onions and more, and you’ve made a breakfast hash into a diy bar that’s sure to please the whole family, no matter how different their palates.

Finally, an easy way to dispense the proverbial pinch of salt. Lidded, crock style salt cellars are a vintage staple, and this one blends natural aesthetics with a glam sensibility.

Drizzling a touch of oil over salad, grilled meats, or crunchy toasted breads is an easy way to add rich flavor and an unctuous mouthfeel to any meal, and this dispenser is pretty enough to be a permanent fixture in the centerpiece of your table.

Chrissy’s Thai-Glazed Chicken Wings are the bomb, but if you take the time to grill them instead of using a stovetop grill pan you can up the flavor ante with this sauce pot. Double your wing marinade, and reserve half in this nifty little basting pot. Heat the extra marinade on the grill in this cast iron pot while the wings are cooking, using the silicone brush to baste occasionally, which just layers the flavors even more.

A wok is basically a necessity for stir-fry, and it works particularly well with Chrissy’s Crab Fried Rice recipe, since those sloping sides help protect the delicate ingredients from getting overcooked.

Serve up nachos, granola, salads, and more with this oversized bowl that’s perfect for hosting a group. You’ll get loads of compliments on how stylish this serving dish is, but consider the natural limits of wood serving vessels and aim for items that make sense (baked chips YES, noodles NO) so make sure you treat it appropriately: be particular with cleansers, and don’t let it get soaked.

These little single serving cast iron dutch ovens were made to both cook and serve in, and they are a fabulous way to feature a soup course, like French Onion Soup.

This five quart dutch oven is an obvious choice for baking, but it can also be your new go-to vessel for frying. With high sides and a lid, you can shallow or deep fry in it, so it’s ideal for batch cooking things like Crispy Coconut Chicken Tenders, or deep frying Corn Dogs.

This is the kind of stovetop to oven to table all around rock star piece that will see decades of use if properly cared for, and it has endless recipes to highlight that versatility. Seared Steak? Sure. Skillet Flatbread? Yep. Especially, especially, Two-Tone Potato Gratin.

Gorgeous and highly functional, Tajines are what every dinner party centerpiece should strive to be; a way to make excellent food in a hands-off manner, so you can enjoy the party while trusting the design of the dish itself to help in your cooking endeavors. Ideal for slow-cooked dishes, it’s the perfect aid for BBQ beans, Braised Short Ribs (page 205) or for making those candied carrot coins, because all the moisture keeps re-circulating through your dish while it cooks.

I am immediately suspicious of knives at this price point– less than 15$ per knife turns on those Kill Bill sirens, personally, but I’ve been surprised by these knives. They aren’t going to crowd out the 80$ Wusthofs that a proficient cook might splurge on or anything like that, but they’re affordable, easy to sharpen, and comfortable in the hand. The best way to ensure you’re happy with knife performance is to sharpen between every use, and always hand wash.

A grill pan is a fun way to embrace summer grilling season, even in the middle of winter. If your cooking (or your life) seems stuck in a rut, break out of your usual routines and cook something like Seared Tuna Salad (P164).

The expression may be “clean your plate” but bowls are where it’s at. Rice, noodles, and anything with a salty sticky sauce that just absolutely cannot be allowed to escape, must be served in a dinner bowl.

You could spend a lot of money to buy your spices in fancy jars, or you could buy the fancy jar, then buy the actually better quality spices that come in ugly packaging and put them in the cute jar when you get home.

Lidded mixing bowls are the indecisive cooks dream come true. Not sure if that’s quite enough pancake batter/cookie dough/homemade dressing? Just stash those leftovers in the fridge until your meal is done. If you need it, you have it, and if not, you didn’t get another dish dirty saving it. Score.

The combination of wooden utensil and gold accent make these the kind of kitchen tool that absolutely must be babied and loved like your literal children, but they make for fantastic photos so still a win in the long run. Serve up salads of course, but they’re also generously sized enough for serving sides like Garlicky Cauliflower “Rice”.

Nobody with a lazy susan this cute should stick it in the pantry. Front and center at your next meal, this oversized spinning tray is an ideal centerpiece for keeping track of spices or napkins on the table, or keeping all the necessities in sight on a breakfast bar.

I may find the word “tablescape” to be incredibly obnoxious, but I’ll concede the point that this trivet is as cute as it is functional, so it gets to count as decor. Keep hot pans away from the countertops and keep air circulating underneath so they cool faster; obligatory for holiday bakers, but also a fantastic addition to weeknight cooking whenever cast iron is involved.

I let my dog see this and now she’s added it and several bags of treats to the Wishlist, I didn’t know she even knew how to do that. But seriously, you’ll need two, one for human cookies and one for dog biscuits. I don’t make the rules.

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