26 Fun Christmas Gift Ideas for Coworkers

''Tis The Season

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The relationship we have with coworkers can be a true friendship, something kind of awkward, or maybe even something unexplainable! However, when Christmas rolls around, we often want to get the people we work with a little something special, because if we think about it, we spend more time around them, than just about anyone. Are you not sure what to get? We have come up with a diverse list, that we’ve divided into different categories to help you figure it out, no matter what the dynamic is.

Self Care

Are you a nurse? Do you work with lots of other nurses, who happen to be on their feet all day long? Who could deserve a pedicure more than your coworkers? This pedicure set has all the supplies that you could need to sit back, relax, exfoliate and bring those feet back to life. Start by soaking your feet in the tea bath, which will relax them after a long day of work, and then use the scrub to exfoliate and soften, and finally the lightly scrub with lava stone for any hard to get places.

Give them the gift of a super quick morning routine, before they come to work each day. It can be hard to fit in a skin care routine into a busy working life, but this two-step process is pretty straightforward, and the set is presented nicely in a mint green box. The foaming wash uses salicylic acid to break down and draw out oils that could lead to breakouts, and the toner will just overall soothe and brighten the skin.

We all have that one coworker we work with, that just cannot seem to disconnect at the end of the day. They are wound up, always thinking about the next task, and just can’t find that peaceful place. A meditation device might be a great gift for them! Different sounds are broken into various time sessions, that are designed to help those with a hyperactive mind fall into a peaceful, restful state. Once charged, it holds 10 days worth of sessions before needing to be charged again. The device has a speaker, but can also be used with headphones if not wanting to disturb others.

Ah, the gift of a Christmas shave! Gorgeously packaged in a red and black box, this is probably one of the most festive sets of shaving cream ever! Coming with a hand crafted shaving cream brush, you’ll be able to give the gift of a great lather, which will reduce razor burn. The shaving cream itself is optimal for sensitive skin, and has a wonderful sandalwood scent, which is a nice change up from typical medicinal smells.

For ultimate self-care, gift a spa day! While they won’t actually have to go to the spa, and might not have a masseuse on hand, they will definitely have amazing products for a full day of pampering. From the soothing bath salts, body mist, exfoliating sugar shower scrub, body lotion, and lip balm, they will be coated in paraben free, essential oil scented goodness from head to toe. All of these lovely goodies have such a wonderful beach like aroma, and come packaged in the most lovely way, so it is certainly suitable for a great gift.

Move over stress balls, therapy dough is the next big thing in stress relief. Coming in a variation of calming scents, this still can be squeezed, stretched molded or just sat over to the side so you can get whiffs of the aroma. The idea is that these motions, movements, and aromatherapy attributes can help alleviate stress and tension throughout the day. This could be something great for them to keep on their desk, in case they start feeling particularly overwhelmed.

This isn’t the deck of cards that you would play poker with, this is the kind that would be kept on a desk, with each one containing an action item or inspirational reminder to assist in reducing stress, and helping one find balance. Sixty cards come in the pack, and can help instruct a stretching exercise, or maybe reminds you to do some deep breathing, so you can manage workday stress better! The concept of these cards is really cool, because they are intended to be handed off to other coworkers after you have fully adapted them into your lifestyle.


Treat your coworker’s entire family, or sit this out if you have a small office of people, as they will likely be quite delighted when seeing triple chocolate caramel apples, and milk chocolate walnut caramel apples, along with signature chocolate pretzels, and all natural caramels! So forget the Jell-O salad, and bring something truly gourmet for everyone to enjoy during the days leading up to Christmas.

Festively packaged into a three tier tower, your employees, or coworkers will be delighted to take this home to their family, especially when thinking of what to provide them for breakfast when visiting for the holidays. English muffins, tasty breads, and a beloved Danish Kringle are just some of the delicious baked goods within the gift set. Fruit preserves, cookies, and yogurt covered peppermint Christmas tree pretzels are some things they can all snack on as well.

We love the idea of keeping things traditional and simple, with a basket full of cookies, that can range from one dozen, to two dozen! What really gives the look its overall edge, are the two beautifully decorated cookies, such as a cheerful Santa Claus and a “Santa, I can explain“ decorated frosted cookie. The overall presentation is fun, festive, and appropriate for just about any coworker relationship.

If you’ve had a wedding cookie before, you might kind of know what these cookies are like? But there’s something about these magical, powdered sugar covered delicacies that just screams “Christmas“. Butter, pecans, flour, powdered sugar -– how can you go wrong? The texture is somewhat crumbly, and quite literally the cookie does melts away in your mouth, revealing slightly roasted pecan pieces that have such warm and comforting flavor. You may even start a tradition!

Old time candy has so much nostalgia crammed into one site! Was your coworker born in the 50s, 60s, 70s, or even 80s? There is a nostalgic candy box for them! Each one comes stuffed full of delicious sweet treats, they likely enjoyed as a child. Imagine the joy on their face, to be automatically transported back into the decades in which they were a kid! That just sounds like a really great gift to us.

The gingerbread house decorated gift box is quite literally the selling point of this super cute, ultra sweet holiday gift. Inside there are gourmet brownies, with flavors like gingerbread of course, cookies and cream, and marble cheesecake! Not drooling yet? Peppermint cookies, chocolate Santas, and sugary snowman come along with the set as well! You might even find yourself getting one for your family too.


Until actually trying to find it, you don’t realize how difficult it can be to discover pure, untampered wine made with minimal intervention. With Unusual Wines, you can gift different amounts of little wine bottles to your coworker. Choose from varietals such as rosé, red, brut and so on. We love that these wines contain minimal additives, and have been crafted using sustainably farmed grapes! Be sure to check with your state’s regulations on shipping alcoholic beverages.

The Craft Beer Club sends out small batch, craft brewery beer with an every shipment! Certain varietals can be hard to find, and are a true treat when someone’s receives the package on their doorstep. So basically, you can deliver a microbrewery experience right to your coworker’s front door! The gift is quite customizable, with you being able to select how many shipments you want to cover. This is way better than the jelly of the month club! At least Clark would think so!

Skip the round popcorn tins that you can get from any big grocery store, and gift them popcorn truly made for adults! These boozy selections sound worthy of a charcuterie board, or just a romantic night with the spouse. Caramel, salt and lime come together in the tequila variation, and it sounds incredibly interesting. Smoky flavors are combined with the whiskey option, and naturally, delicate white chocolate is combined with champagne for a sweet finish.

So this bag just looks ultra cool, as it is made from rugged and elegant leather. We can see men or women using this carrying sack for multiple reasons! Designed to carry spirits, or wine, you can even add in their favorite Merlot, or scotch, to really make for an impactful gift. So if you’re looking for something for the boss, or just that coworker you’re super close with, this is an extra special thoughtful selection.


Tell them you’re getting them a swimsuit calendar, and watch their face when they open it up to reveal hilarious dogs wearing various swim trunks and other water wear. The calendar is bound to get a chuckle or two, and it might as well be the one they use for the next year on their cubicle wall!

We all have those days, where a big glass of wine is going to be what it takes to get us to simmer down. Perhaps it was a pile of paperwork, or maybe just that typical unruly employee that likes to ruffle feathers, either way, you’ll need a light hearted glass to sip your Cabernet from at the end of the day. When you send this to a coworker, maybe even add a mini bottle of wine with a bow around it. This could be a great option if you have several people to get a gift for.

Haven’t we all experience these various moods during the workday? The water getting above our heads, everything around us in flames, total confusion, and the urge to just throw those hands up and ditch the joint? It definitely helps to laugh at these things, so therefore these notepads will be a wonderful small gift, if you’re just wanting everyone to know you were thinking of them this holiday season. So cute and affordable.

Do you work from home? Many of us who used to go into the office now do, and can relate to all of the panic inducing moments this can result in. Therefore, there is a comical, yet seriously practical work from home survival kit! Earplugs, and a WebCam cover, are surprisingly useful attributes of the kit, but funnier ones included decision coins to help you figure out if you’re going to wear regular, or pajama pants. Will go out on a limb and say that it’ll probably be pajama pants.

Office Supplies

The work from home jokes and memorabilia probably won’t ever get old! The world has changed, and so much of our work lives have changed too. This commuting mug pays tribute to our old lives, while referencing our current lives. The colorful mug has a traditional city map printed, but instead of getting from point A to point B of a city, you will be getting from the kitchen, to the bathroom, back to your desk, etc. So much truth here!

Chances are coworkers might have to do “their other business” while at the office. Instead of taking the phone into the bathroom stall with them, you can give the gift of tons of activities to do, while they poo! The activity book is a gift that will induce hearty belly laughs, while still being something that a person might actually use. It’s kind of nice to take a break from technology anyway, even if it is while on the porcelain throne.

We guess you probably figured out that we love humorous gifts for coworkers, but we also like them to have a practical aspect as well! Coasters are always great, for protecting desks, or coffee tables at home! These elegant cork coasters look great from far away, then reveal super funny mistaken holiday lyrics upon a closer look. I think we all still have differing opinions on what certain holiday songs are actually saying, and this is just another bonding gift to laugh and talk about.

Promote positivity in the workplace, by gifting this notepad on which they can jot down notes and to do lists, which also comes with weekly prompts that coach coworkers into having a more positive outlook of themselves and their capabilities. The super thoughtful gift will likely touch their heart, and will be something that they can keep on their desk for many workdays to come.

Bright and cheerful in it’s gorgeous yellow color, this is far more than just an average daily planner. While it will help you get organized and master all of those tasks you have to tackle, the book has various prompts and mood improvement aspects that will promote overall positive mental well-being. Work can be a really hectic place, but thankfully, people are becoming more aware how important it is to protect the mind and body while also getting your job done!

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