Best Christmas Gifts for Teachers to Show Your Appreciation

Molding Young Minds

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Teachers can either be super easy to shop for or kind of difficult. It depends on how well you know them and if they’re really outspoken about their passions and interests. But when Christmas rolls around, finding something to show that hard-working educator in your life how much you appreciate them is likely on top of the to-do list. To help solve your teacher shopping woes, we’ve developed a versatile list with a wide selection of gifts that can be totally neutral for anyone. Keep reading for the best gifts to give teachers at Christmas time.

Teachers might like apples, but we know for sure they will likely enjoy a platter of chocolate-dipped strawberries and pineapple with a chocolate-dipped apple doughnut on top! The donut looks like a Christmas wreath, and the surrounding fruit makes the entire piece look like one big edible wreath as well. Edible Arrangements are both fun to get and a little less sugary than the typical Christmas treat.

Even those who are teachers would appreciate this book full of incorrect but totally hysterical answers. You will not believe the things kids come up with when they don’t know the answer, or are just answering in the most honest way. The book features incorrect test answers from elementary school kids up to high school students. No matter the age, these jokesters really know how to make us laugh.

Tote bags are handy and can be great for teachers to carry around books, lesson plan binders and all the other essentials they may need throughout the day. Take things up a notch with a specially-designed tote that looks like a library card! While still being somewhat subtle, the design can be used for everyday life activities or exclusively at school. It’s a fun twist on what could’ve been an average product.

Ties are like candles or boxes of chocolate — there are so many variations that you could give someone a different style, scent or flavor every year. Have you noticed that your teacher likes an assortment of fun and out-of-the-box ties? Sending a bold red selection with words from the Constitution elegantly scribed in black would be both a gift he would enjoy and would be surprised you even found.

When looking closely, these dangling solar system earrings are intricately detailed glass beads that have been beautifully set in shiny small plates. The colors are vibrantly beautiful, and the earrings are both a novelty and something that could be worn to a dinner party. That science teacher in your life may truly appreciate this thoughtful, out-of-this-world gift. Looking to take it to the next level? There’s also a necklace that coordinates with the earrings.

Maybe it’s just an assumption that teachers like to read beyond school hours. Maybe some do, maybe some don’t. If you know that your teacher particularly likes to delve into adventurous stories or even more practical literature in his or her free time, then this lovely, quality bookmark would be an ideal pick. Designed to clip around the page readers are on at the time, it can really be useful when falling asleep while reading.

Waffle makers can do so much: make paninis, French toast or dare we say, actual waffles! A compact device that can make tasty treats would likely be a solid choice for those who may not know particular interests of their teacher. But who doesn’t like to pull out the waffle maker on Sunday morning to whip up a basic batter and have a low-key brunch with a mimosa in hand? Basically, you can give the gift of brunch for years! Consider including a really good waffle mix with the gift, such as one from Birch Benders or Simple Mills, along with maple syrup!

Insulated tumblers can be an essential for teachers, who may desperately need to keep a bit of iced tea nice and chilled or their coffee hot for an extended period of time. Made of stainless steel, this cup is BPA-free. The construction is like that of a coffee mug, with a handy easy to grab handle. The top helps prevent spillage when using around a computer or other electronics. Toss in a hot chocolate spoon stirrer for a festive touch.

An elegant blanket is a universal gift for teachers, coworkers, in-laws and so on! Everyone needs to be warm, and you might as well do it in style. The inner lining is the softest faux fur that is visually appealing as well. On the other side is a heavy, warm flannel material that feels totally luxurious when draped over your back. When not in use, these blankets add a chic yet homey touch to a living room or bedroom.

Gorgeously crafted in Portugal where artesian ceramics are taken to the next level, these terra-cotta mugs are a meaningful, refined gift for teachers. Long gone are the days when teachers might expect a simple mug with an apple on it that says “world’s best teacher.” Subtly designed, the exterior is black and neutral, while the speckled interior features the silhouette of reindeer antlers. Even after Christmas, these mugs would look beautiful amongst winter kitchen decor.

Teachers are likely stressed, and for good reason! They are an essential part of directing young ones toward a bright future. So a little downtime and pampering is something that is much needed. This Sephora face mask set is a relatively neutral body care gift and is festive at the same time. The colorfully-adorned box comes with several masks in selections such as coconut, lychee and matcha. Cleanse the pores, moisturize the skin and see the glowing results.

Owls in many instances, are noted to be symbols of knowledge and wisdom. At some point in your life, there’s a good likelihood you owned a school book with an owl on it, so owls can be incorporated into your teacher gift. These adorable fluffy yet refined decorations are truly stunning, while being able to blend into a variation of decor styles. Remind him or her of the impactful knowledge they continue to spread to their students.

Does anyone else get super excited when seeing the festive holiday Burt’s Bees displays debut during the Christmas season? Burt’s Bees is universally loved because of its largely natural ingredient lists, ultra nourishing products and fun packaging. This holiday lip balm set comes with all of the staple Christmas flavors, like vanilla bean, peppermint, hot cocoa and decadent salted caramel. You don’t have to be eating a cookie or drinking an eggnog latte to get the essence of holiday flavors.

What do most people do when they go home for Christmas break? Well, one activity we can certainly think of is baking. Whether he or she is gluten-free, paleo or even on a keto diet, they are likely whipping up some version of cookies or treats for the holidays. Help them make their baking session even more holiday-themed with detailed gingerbread cookie measuring spoons, complete with frosting detail and adorable scarves. Keep in mind, these should be hand-washed.

David‘s Cookies are renowned for their quality flavor and impeccable texture. The company has also branched far beyond, creating other decadent desserts such as dreamy, chewy brownies. The teacher life can be hectic, so send him or her home for the holidays with a bundle of cookies to enjoy with their family. This signature box has a lineup of David’s signature chocolate chip cookies, double chocolate chip cookies and red velvet cookies.

Coloring is a therapeutic activity for adults, for many reasons. Maybe it takes us back to the carefree nature of being a child, while the mindless detailed work helps the brain disconnect. Maybe you should make sure you really know the teacher that this is being gifted to, as it can be a little out there! But we can certainly see how coloring – on top of laughing at swear words – can be a great way to unwind after a day dealing with rowdy kiddos.

Lesson planning is undoubtedly one of those daunting aspects of being a teacher. Developing the intricate learning paths for students is certainly a major job to tackle. This is exactly what makes this tumbler humorous and accurate at the same time. So while doing all of that prep, they can grab some “lesson planning juice,” while at home of course, whether that be wine, whiskey and ice or just some apple cider. The insulated cup can keep beverages cold for hours.

A pencil holder might seem a little bit too practical to give, but the gift of organization is definitely one that should not be overlooked. Adding far more flair than the average desk organizer, this holder – which can also be great for reading glasses and other knickknacks – is shaped like a globe. It comes in a powdery blue color and a more vintage brown, and either will look neutral and super cool on the desk. Made of resin, the product has a lovely appeal.

Sometimes, shopping for a specific gift can seem impossible. Maybe you don’t know your teacher well enough yet, or perhaps they are just really hard to shop for. Either way, it’s hard to go wrong with an Amazon gift card. But no worries, you won’t just be handing over a basic piece of plastic – it comes in a super festive Santa tin that can later be used for storage or as a decoration. They are bound to appreciate being able to jump on Amazon to do a little “me time” shopping.

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