14 Coolest Pokémon Toys That Make Great Gifts

Gotta Catch 'Em All!

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Pokémon – – you either love it or know nothing about it. Of course, after the storm of Pokémon Go, which led parents driving children aimlessly down roads to capture a rare creature, most everyone probably has at least heard of it. The endearing anime TV show has spilled over into video games, home decor, movies and even more basic “no tech” games. Do you have someone in your life that is a total nerd for Pokémon? These gifts are for them.

For those who love to build things, the set has 450 pieces and instructions to craft three different scenes featuring Pokémon’s Eevee. While you can follow the instructions, the set can also be used to the imagination, and it’s fairly easy to play with. Also coming with a storage container, a former construction can be disassembled, only to be turned into something totally new the next day.

An advent calendar is something that gives day after day! But it doesn’t have to be used before Christmas alone. Opening a new pair of Pokémon themed socks daily, for nearly 2 weeks straight can be something enjoyed anytime of the year. From classic characters, to icons from the show, a lot of Pokémon flare is within this box of socks.

Designed by a Japanese company, Pikachu is front and center in this adorable electronic bank. Coins don’t just get dropped into a hollow container, Pikachu actually emerges ever so slightly from his box, and snatches the coin to drag it inside. Seriously, if you have not seen one of these electronic piggy banks, you’re in for a treat.

This is truly a complete bedding set – – there’s the comforter that features numerous characters, the fitted sheet and regular sheet that both have silhouettes of even more characters, and a pillowcase. A twin size bed will be fully decked out in Pokémon glory. The style is super neutral, so could be a great gift for just about anybody with a twin size bed.

Nourish skin and hydrate with Poke Balls? Dreams do come true! Because these different colored spheres can be tossed in to a bathtub to create the ultimate soaking experience for any fan of the show. And they aren’t just for fizzy fun – – shea butter, coconut oil and Epsom salt enhance the colorful experience. Muscles will relax, and you will have that Pikachu glow when finished.

Availability keeps coming and going…this is a great alternative!

We promise Pikachu isn’t the only Pokémon that is going to get all of the attention -– he just happens to be really cute and really popular. This bath towel is made of an absorbent terry cloth material, so it’s perfect for swaddling in after a bath. Unfortunately, it’s only big enough for kids, but they will love tossing it over their head to complete the Pokémon look.

Engraved with hyper realistic technology, the crystal ball can aluminate the Pokémon figure with up to 16 colors! Majestically set atop a pine base, this magical little ball adds an ambient touch to a themed man cave, or bedroom. A USB cord enables it to be plugged in, but it can also be used with batteries.

Not like kids needed another reason to use Band-Aids as stickers, but when they actually get a cut, what better way to soothe their boo-boo, and spirits, than with Charmander, Psyduck and Pikachu? This is actually the Band-Aid brand, so they are durable, sterile, and ideal for scratches or scrapes. A good stocking stuffers perhaps?

With three different pattern options, more characters than just Pikachu are featured in this lamp. So it’s not your typical lamp, because the images are cool LED lit shapes, that can change colors. Red, green, blue and a variation of other hues connect smoothly to any room aesthetic. Like the crystal ball previously mentioned, this is a versatile gift, for anyone, young or old.

Etsy has the coolest stuff that goes far beyond the typical memorabilia. For example, these badges are replicas of the ones the main character acquired on season one of Pokémon. Now you can gift them to your Pokémon lover, so they can wear them too! Badges can be engraved and personalized, as well as the box.

There’s nothing quite like that handmade touch. Each stitch in these warm hats, either Pokè or Pikachu themed, is made uniquely with love. Give them something beyond the typical manufactured items, and treat them to a true work of craftsmanship.

That green Pokémon might look familiar – – because it’s actually supposed to be baby Yoda! We love how the creators of this shirt have melted the two fandom worlds together. Pikachu and baby Yoda are best friends, and can be displayed on a long sleeve, short sleeve or even sweatshirt.

Every man cave or super cool bedroom has that one piece that catches everyone’s eye the second they walk in. A psychedelic space theme is incorporated into this watercolor print of Psyduck. Kind of resembling a nebula or the Milky Way, and some kind of decor you’d see you at Mellow Mushroom, we are really feeling the vibe of this super cool art piece.

A stainless steel flask, with a genuine leather covering is an elegant gift perfect for groomsmen, or even bridesmaids. Or perhaps it’s something that a spouse would love for an anniversary. Anyone who likes to sip their favorite liquor discreetly will appreciate this. And if they love Pokémon, tears of joy might erupt when a subtly engraved Pikachu is revealed on the exterior of the booze holder.

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