This Corgi Butt Mouse Pad Will Be The Highlight of Your Desk

Butt why not?

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Is it possible to find good, supportive ergonomic equipment that cushions your wrist during those long hours spent at a computer? Absolutely. Is it possible to find that equipment in a piece any cuter than this fluffy Corgi butt mouse pad? Absolutely not. The soft, squishy buns delicately raise and protect your wrist, just like a real Corgi raises and protects your heart.

The level of detailing- those tiny toe beans! Those unmistakable Corgi ears!- is spectacular, and it’s been met with rave reviews. Its base design prevents slipping and keeps you securely in place while allowing for a comfortable range of mouse motion, whether you’re a PC user at work or play.

When relaxing at home, be sure to maintain that ergonomic support that you use while working; you may be relaxing, surfing the web, or gaming, but any mouse use can end abruptly when numbness and tingling associated with carpal tunnel starts creeping in. It’s sure to garner double takes at the office, and once your co-workers are all sufficiently jealous we hope you share where they can get one of their own.

Digital artists and others who spend extended hours doing fine detail work with mouse controls can benefit immediately from taking some of the stress and pressure off their wrists, but anyone in the graphics fields can’t be seen with those bland standard ergonomic supports; this tasteful tush is a stylish way out.

The cute design can convince anyone reluctant about investing in ergonomics to start using them today, with a stigma-free, adorable Corgi design.

Review Highlights

“This is the best a** I have EVER seen. Firm, yet squishy.”

“This was a gift, and he loved it. The quality was great, and it was heavier than I thought it would be.” 

“Best mouse pad ever. Keeps your wrist centered automatically.”

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