14 Dinosaur Toys Perfect for Prehistoric Play

Hear Me Roar!

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Dinosaurs are captivating, and not just for children. Whether you’re looking for a dinosaur toy or book to introduce these fascinating creatures to a little one, or you have an older child with full blown dino fever, there’s always something new to learn and discover.

Live out all the action of the Jurassic World movies with Blue, everyone’s favorite velociraptor. Movable joints make her a perfect play time friend, or pose her on a bookshelf in a dinosaur themed bedroom. Comfortably sized for kids as young as five, the fearsome predator’s movable joints make it a good choice for any dino loving kiddos with a big imagination.

Reviewers love the versatility of this bulk play set. Plenty of dinosaurs, trees, rocks, and other natural decorations make it perfect for outdoor play in a sandbox or small pool, or bring them inside and play on the included play mat. Appropriately sized for decorating a birthday cake or cupcakes, these little dinos are a great treat for a dinosaur themed birthday; or use them to fill treat bags for guest thank-yous.

Great for the amateur archaeologist, this 12 pack of dinosaur “eggs” each features a unique dino and comes with an accompanying card full of information about them. Comes with chisels and brushes for the growing paleontologist to get their digsite practice in early. Pick up a book about excavating archaeological sites to get younger children interested.

Finally, you can have a dinosaur at every backyard party with this outdoor sprinkler. Connects to any standard sized garden hose and stands 6 feet tall, so adults can cool off too. Set it up with a slip and slide and kids will get a kick out of pretending to slide to safety, away from this fearsome predator. A great change of pace for birthdays, summer holidays, and pool parties.

Lego for little ones, Duplo blocks are great for kids 2-5 years old who want to use their imagination and develop those building skills. Perfect for older and younger siblings to play together, this Jurassic World themed set comes with an Owen Grady figure, as well as a T-Rex figure, a watch tower for dino-spotting, and a car for Owen to make his escape in. Develop imaginative play with these kid sized figures that engage the whole family.

Learn colors, numbers, and shapes with this Chomp and Count toy, then have your little one practice feeding the hungry dino. It recognizes which disk it’s just been fed, and is a great toy for convincing picky eaters to try new foods like carrots, mushrooms, and blueberries, just like the hungry dinosaur. This little guy is the exception to the rule that you should never touch a dinosaur.

Three AA batteries come included with this fearsome dinosaur toy, so it’s ready to play right out of the box. Watch its jaws open wide and roar, while the red, green, and blue LED lights illuminated the clear spikes along its back, and flash in warning.  It walks and roars with just the push of a button, no remote control required, so it’s easy to use for young kids, though reviewers note that some small children may be frightened initially of the scary growls and movement.

A soft, squeezable friend, this triceratops is great for a go-anywhere dino for children of any age. A great companion toy for reading along with this bedtime story triceratops book, it also floats, so it’s easily rescued if dropped into a tub or pool. Rhode Island Novelty offers a barnyard full of these dinosaur toys, but for its plush huggability this triceratops wins our vote.

Like we really needed another way for kids to jump out and scare us. This Chomp and Roar mask lets kids dress up and play pretend, whether for a scary Halloween or just as an every day toy. The jaws really open, and the three levels of sound effects make sure kids really can roar. Add on some terrifying raptor claws to complete the look, and bring a scary surprise to family get-togethers or outdoor play.

This 174 piece build is great for older children aged 7-12. It’s versatile and re-playable, something many other Lego sets lack for this age group. Re build this T-Rex kit into a triceratops or pterodactyl, and reviewers note it also comes with instructions for a bonus build, a Brachiosaurus. All the necessary parts and pieces are already included.

Great for hours of imaginative play, this 12 piece set of 7″ dinosaur toys let kids act out a wild scene. Great for messy outdoor play in the sand box or for keeping entertained indoors, it’s a great rainy day companion. Pick up a dino themed story book or coloring book and you’ll keep young children entertained all day.

Parents have long known, if you want children to take more of an interest in science, using dinosaurs to bridge that interest gap often works. Dinosaurs are a great way to teach kids about the differences between herbivores and carnivores, the biology involved in being warm or cold blooded, climates, the food chain, and much more. This fossil dig kit adds another dimension to dinosaur’s usefulness in getting children interested in STEM fields and history.

This four foot long dinosaur puzzle needs the whole family to get involved. A fun choice for kids three and up, it features a bright colors and easy to grasp pieces to intrigue little ones, while older children will enjoy learning about the different types of dinosaurs pictures and their place in the food web. The 48 piece puzzle is easy to wipe clean, so kids can have fun and be messy, and still be able to enjoy it over and over.

King of the Dinosaurs, this T-Rex is great for imaginative pretend play with friends, bringing along on adventures, or keeping watch from a perch on a shelf at home. The articulating jaw is great for fighting pretend battles with herbivores, or to defend its’ kill against other predators, so pick up an ankylosaurus or another tyrannosaur and watch the fearsome fights unfold.

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