14 Disney Inspired Products for Adults

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Disney reminds us that there’s still a little bit of “kid” in our hearts always. There’s a reason adults grow up and still giggle with excitement upon entering the Magic Kingdom, or feel a few goosebumps when the nightly fireworks are set off. Even if you’ve never been to a Disney Park, the characters have likely impacted your life. So no one ever gets too old for Disney, and that’s why we’ve gathered a few of the thousands of products made especially for grown ups.

When paying attention to all the details, the high price tag is warranted. Basically running on solar energy, a well charged battery can function in the dark for months. And, the watch is perfectly elegant, with Swarovski crystals accenting the band, playing off the castle silhouette that sits behind the time hands.

Mickey can be sophisticatedly incorporated into all of those “adulting” events, via this wooden mouse ear cheese board with accented serving utensils. Slices of Brie and blue cheese crumbles have never been presented so adorably. (A Deathstar cheeseboard is available as well).

Your slow cooker deserves a magical makeover—or replacement. Colorful red and yellow accented Mickey images adorn the five quart pot, and the lid handle is a precious mouse ear silhouette. A red pant button dipper pot comes alongside, and features the same cute handle.

Forget basic old designer bags—Dooney and Bourke have dropped a seriously more awesome option for Disney lovers. The zip satchel is not only one of the more ideal style purses, but it features a forest of cartoon animals, along with everyone’s favorite deer, Bambi. Well, we’re sure Rudolph is right up there, too. But this bag is an excellent blend of childhood and sleekness.

Be a princess any day, in this Cinderella inspired summer dress. Make it casual with a pair of sneakers, or dress it up with transparent heels. There doesn’t have to be a ball to feel this majestic.

A subtle Disney nod to go with any fancy occasion, these silver plated metal based cuff links will let everyone know you’re the fun guy at the party. Two recognized Mickey symbols comprise the fine attire accents, which would make a pretty sweet Father’s Day gift.

Earthy tones round out this Winnie the Pooh eyeshadow palette, which makes the perfect gift for any old school Disney fan. Outside, a drawing of Pooh invites you to flip the cover, and reveal a honeycomb shaped arrangement and mirror.

Anyone can have wooden chopsticks. Liven up sushi time with illuminated light saber sticks. Coming in a rainbow of colors, the lights are easily turned on via push button. Luke would be excited.

Set it on the table, store your precious jewelry in it, or use it as a candy dish—if you love Aladdin, this lamp will bring authenticity to a collection. Detailed with gold swirls against blue coloring, the lamp has us envisioning both the animated and live action films. This is not a functioning oil lamp, as any genie would probably tell you.

Disney parks all over the world are praised for their fun and drool worthy snacks and meals. Dole whip, waffles, you name it. This cook book not only features American favorites, but unique recipes from other global Disney locations.

Planning a shower for a bride who loves The Little Mermaid? Maybe you just want to have an elegant high tea with a Disney twist. This book is your guide to create events both Martha Stewart and Cinderella would be proud of.

True fans of the brand would deeply appreciate this rustic, almost seemingly aged artwork, featuring patent layouts of some of the very first Disney Park rides. Gift to the engineer, history buff or just the nostalgic hearted.

“May the Froth be With You”, while sipping an espresso crafted from one of the bold Starbucks ground coffees. At first glance, the storm trooper and altered phrases look like the actual coffee company logo. Coffee and Star Wars —win.

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