20 Unique & Meaningful Gifts for a Dog Mom

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Not everyone has human babies, sometimes they have furry babies who walk on all four legs—and sometimes they have both! Dogs are a staple in many people’s lives, and they touch our hearts and emotions like no other creature can. If you know a dog mom, that you are hoping to find a great gift for, whether it be Christmas, a birthday, or other monumental celebration, we have come up with a list of products, both practical and just for fun, that we think they would treasure forever.

Gifting someone a necklace is always memorable, but when you gift them a necklace of an imprint of their sweet dog’s nose, it’s something that they will likely cry tears of joy over. The back of the imprint will also be engraved with the name, and the overall construction is sterling silver, and recycled silver. Non-toxic materials are used to take the imprint of noses.

Pug, schnauzer, Siberian Husky and Yorkies are just a few of the large list of breeds that are available to be displayed upon this practical gift. The curved umbrella will protect against snow, sun and rain, whether you were out solo, or out taking your pup on a walk. A curved handle makes for comfortable holding, and every variation of colors is attractive.

Kids from the 90s and before, likely remember the half heart necklaces that friends would break apart and share. Well now, the concept has been turned into a set of dog, and doggy parent T-shirts. Dog moms or dads will wear one half of the best friends heart, and sweet Fido will wear the other half. Shirts are made of 100% cotton, and the designer uses extra fabric to create comfy dog beds for local animal shelters. Now that is a true win-win, when buying gift. So many benefit.

What fur baby mama wouldn’t want to paint her own sweet baby? You can gift that to someone, and it includes a virtual instruction session! Before the session, they will be shipped a watercolor kit, and will be instructed to find a black-and-white photo of the baby. The instructor will show how to transfer the image, then will disclose some water color techniques, to create a portrait that is worthy of an above the fireplace location.

We love that this is referred to as a non-partisan mug! Featuring a variation of president’s beloved pets, this is something that will warm all of our hearts. While presidents apparently parented some pretty unusual pets, like turkeys (no joke), many of course were mom and dad to sweet cuddly canines. Those you gift this to will likely enjoy their morning cup of coffee, while appreciating something that unites us all—animals.

Delicately handmade by artisans in the Philippines, each one of these coconut fiber planters has details that will melt any dog lover’s heart. While only a handful of breeds, such as French bulldogs and pugs, are represented, it is still an absolutely precious gift for any one who appreciates pups, and plants at the same time. Coconut fiber serves phenomenally as a planter, because of its distribution of water at just the right pace.

More than just the names on the back of this 10 ounce mug are customizable. You can go in and choose the person’s tone, hair color, and of course will be able to choose from a multitude of breeds! So there’s a good chance you can get this one pretty close to your friend, and their beloved dog. You can never have too many coffee mugs! At least not too many that are personalized with you and your dog.

For those dog moms who love showing off of that their dog mom status, there are bumper magnets. This oval shaped car magnet won’t leave sticky residue on your car, and will add that touch of flare which personalizes your vehicle. Whether adding in as a stocking stuffer, or gifting on its own, it’s a small yet impactful gift for a dog mom.

Pet strollers come in handy for so many reasons. Maybe they have a dog who is just older, or perhaps they just want to keep their furry child a little safer while traversing downtown. Either way, the pet rover is a great gift, as it is sturdy, and has multiple safety and convenience features. You might be surprised how much dogs love riding around and just taking in the scenery.

While more directed as a wedding gift, we see this working for any couple who makes a special spot on the bed for their dog. The classic his and hers pillowcases are elegantly adorned with black lettering. But the best part is that there is one specifically for the dog! Make sure you set the sweet fur baby’s pillow right in the middle, where they belong.

So most people‘s dogs take claim to the bed! So it kind of makes sense to gift dog mamas a cozy set of sheets, that feature an adorable cartoon like dog print. Made of microfiber, it’s like slipping into buttery soft heaven when going to bed at night. Not only will humans appreciate the comfort, but four-legged friends will too.

It’s quite possible your dog loves it when you play board games, because it means that you will be staying in the house, with him or her! Appropriately, this special edition Life board game follows fun doggy game pieces through a day at the dog park. You can collect treats, get into trouble, and all sorts of shenanigans that a dog might experience if roaming about solo. Kids and adults will probably appreciate the game.

While maybe a little bit practical, dog mommies will value easier cleanup when their sweet babies have an accident. The Bissell Powerforce light weight carpet cleaner works like a charm, and is simple to use. It doesn’t soak carpet with solution, and it pulls out moisture phenomenally. Every pet owner should have one on hand, for a quick, fast drying cleanup. And yes, it’s lightweight, and way cheaper than having someone come out and clean your carpet.

This is a fun, super specific gift for dog mamas who happen to also be the world’s best aunt! The casually fitting T-shirt is comfortable and cool. Choose from an impressive selection of colors, from a beautiful teal blue, to purple. This can be great with some pajama pants, or with a casual outfit of jeans and flats. It’s hard to go wrong with a great T-shirt.

Wineglasses are like candles, you really can’t have too many. We love the wide construction of this particular one, and the adorable graphics, of a cartoon dog with wine glasses. The phrase “dogs and wine make everything fine” is simple, but true! Give them a great favorite glass to enjoy some Chardonnay or Rose from. Maybe even include their favorite bottle of wine.

If you have a dog that sheds, you understand the value of a good vacuum, and a great mop. Rubbermaid is a proven brand, and they have a well rated mop with a spraying feature as well. But the best part is the washable, removable, microfiber pads. Forget about mops that have to be dunked in water and squeezed. Simply use a floor safe solution to wipe everything down, and toss it in the washing machine. It will keep your floors so clean you could eat off of them.

Perfect for walking around on a spring day, or even wearing with a casual outfit when going out for the night, these dog printed sneakers add a touch of fun to an outfit. Dog moms will likely enjoy subtly displaying their canine love in the form of this diverse dog pattern. Sneakers are the ultimate comfortable, practical, attractive footwear.

Dogs often shed, it’s a harsh reality with a lot of solutions. Sure, you could have a lint roller stuffed in the kitchen drawer, or you could proudly display this lint roller hanger, that adds a touch of fun to your home decor. We do like to think of shedding as pups leaving behind their magical glitter, but we don’t always want it covering a pair of black leggings.

Do you know someone whose dog is totally their whole world? I mean, our dogs are definitely our babies, but some folks pamper those cuddly babies like they are royalty (guilty). And rightfully so! That’s what makes this sign such a fun addition to a gift, or a gift all on its own. Maybe it’s a good thing to keep on a desk during the day, to remind us that it’s all worth it.

A good harness is worth it’s weight in gold. Small or big dogs can be a furry Houdini, escaping from collars, and any other device you may have tried. It’s all about keeping our bark buddies safe! Ruffwear is a durable line of dog gear that has been impressively designed to harness the most evasive of pups. Have you ever tried to keep a pug in a harness? Amazon offers a variation of Ruffwear products.

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