22 Edible Gift Ideas for the Foodie In Your Life

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Foodie friends and family are literally the best to shop for! How fun is it to look for festive and unusual edible goodness, to surprise them with on Christmas day? It’s like each year is a competition to out do the gift you got them last year. From the straight up outlandish, to the just really really good, we have developed a list of savory, and sweet yummy treats that will make for a wonderful Christmas gift for the foodie in your life. Just get ready to be a little bit hungry yourself while meandering through this list! And don’t worry, we have avoided novelty foods like giant gummy bears and snickers bars the size of a skateboard.

Forget everything you know about scones, especially if the only ones you have ever tried have been really dry, and almost stale. If you’ve had bad experiences with crumbly, flavorless variations, you have to try Seven Sisters, based out of Georgia. Reviews note each variety to be moist, while still remaining like an actual scone. Order a box of a dozen, or way more than that, in different flavors like blueberry, chocolate chip pumpkin. Seven Sisters even offers savory selections like garlic butter, and until tasting it, you won’t realize how bad you needed it in your life! Gluten-free and vegan options are also available, and the baking gurus will even gift wrap your goodies in a gorgeous red box with a bow.

Cookies are symbolic of Christmas, so gifting a foodie a box of decadent, sweet, mouthwatering good cookies is something you really can’t go wrong with. From rainbow sprinkle, dreamy gooey s’mores, to traditional chocolate chip, Mrs. Chips cookies have signature dreamy creamy dough bases that the magic begins with. Their cooking methods and ingredients result in a slightly crisp on the outside, chewy on the inside texture.

LifeBoost coffee cares deeply about the production of their beans, mountain shade growing, and hand picking each bean that ends up in their bags. Pesticides are not used in the growth, and beans are given 30 days of rest after being harvested, to fully develop their flavors. They are sun-dried, spring water washed, and carefully roasted, resulting in a low acidic property, that is believed to be overall better for health. But you better believe they have fun with the flavors, a great example being this gingerbread Christmas selection with notes of ginger, cinnamon, molasses and vanilla, that truly enhances the taste of Christmas cookies. Sounds like the perfect cup to kick off Christmas morning.

Matcha is a delicately ground green tea leaf powder, that holds multiple health benefits, and is loaded with antioxidants. Sure, you may have had a coffee shop Matcha latte, that has just a little bit sprinkled in, but until you sit down with an ultra velvety rich cup of bright green Matcha, you truly haven’t tried it. The drink is incredibly versatile – – add some almond milk and honey, or even mix it into other beverages, such as white wine! We can’t say we have tried the wine thing, but it sounds amazing. Culinary Matcha is fascinating as well, and is extra good when tossed into a basic cheesecake recipe, and topped with fresh raspberries.

Honey Mamas is going to be your new favorite “candy“ bar. A far cry from the icky ingredients that can be in typical bars on the shelf, Honey Mamas contains pure honey, organic coconut oil, cacao, cocoa powder, and wonderful flavoring elements like lavender oil and rose petals. The foodie in your life will melt as quickly as this bar will under seventy two degrees when biting into the flavor masterpiece. Pro tip – – these go great on a charcuterie board with mellow cheeses and cured meat.

Low carb foodies rejoice! The Great Low-Carb Bread Company has created a sourdough selection, that has a heavenly texture perfect for making grilled cheese, or other beloved sandwiches. A combination of oat flour, flax meal, and almond flour give their bread an incredible texture, and a nutrient rich profile. The gift of a great loaf of bread opens up so many opportunities to things such as avocado toast, French toast, and more!

When NYC debuted their iconic rainbow bagels, folks added it to their travel itinerary, to stop by the shop to try one of these colorful beauties. There’s something about biting into a vibrant, visually mesmerizing bagel, that just makes an average morning, a totally special experience. Now you can gift someone the gift of making their own at home. Coming with the dough, yeast, and all of the colors, it will be a Saturday morning they won’t forget.

There may be more trendy foods out there these days than caviar, but many foodies will appreciate the complex flavors that come within this cooler gift set. Choose from several different caviar options to go go in the set, which also includes two beautiful mother of pearl spoons, and a couple of other appropriate goodies.

You can gift someone shiitake mushrooms for three years! This wood has been infused with organic shiitake mushroom spores, and all that someone needs to do is soak the log in water, and store it in a cool dark place for a handful of weeks. Then, delicious, garlicky shiitake mushrooms will begin to sprout all along the surface. Not only is it a tasty adventure, it’s a fun experiment.

Gift a subscription of culinary flavors from around the world, to be delivered to their doorstep every month, for months, and so on. Each box comes with items to cook delicacies with, whether those be from France, Thailand, Morocco, and more! How do dreamy creamy caramels made with rich cream and butter from France sound? Each box also contains some goodies and snacks to enjoy. Products are crafted by true artesian‘s from that country.

Yes! You can ship someone ice cream! Salt and Straw creates harmonious and traditional flavor combinations, such as sea salt and caramel with rich sweet caramel ribbon, gooey brownie, and other classics that are perfect to sit on the couch with before starting up your favorite Hallmark movie. There is a nice variation of packs to choose from, but the best sellers are always good to start with! You can also purchase fancy sprinkles and other accessories from Salt and Straw.

Glorious cheese! How can you go wrong with gifting a foodie cheese? Unless they are dairy free, and in that case there are amazing variations cultivated by cashews from other companies. But when it comes to just cheese, Murray’s creamy, light, burrata is a choice of perfection. This set comes excellently paired with Castelvetrano olives, which are noted to have a brine-ish flavor, and thinly sliced robust prosciutto. Just three flavors can come together to create an adventure for the taste buds.

Imagine drinking peach green emerald, and rose quartz tea, that has dissolved right before your eyes, from a stunningly crafted sphere. Tea bombs are an artful creation made in California, which makes drinking the average cup of tea more of an exciting experience. Black, herbal, green and white teas are used as the base to the different variations. While the coloring used is not natural, this can be a fun one time thing to gift to someone who is a tea enthusiast and foodie.

In Japanese, “Kurobuta” means black, or Berkshire pig, that have been raised for excellent marbling and maximum juiciness. So this isn’t your ordinary bacon, it’s a real hardwood smoked, perfectly balanced salty creation that will change all perceptions of average bacon. You could gift this to the foodie in your life raw, or you could prepare a breakfast of poached eggs, artisan cheese and rustic bread to go with it!

How fun is it to come across unusual, and perfectly curated snacks to fill up someone’s stocking with? And how awesome is it to craft a box of deliciousness with culinary items they have never seen before! Well, Mouth is your one stop shop for gifting a box full of unusual and unexpected treats. The holiday themed box is just one of the multitudes of selections, so you can gift Mouth for other occasions as well. But this one particular box contains incredible peppermint pretzels, gingerbread scented cocktail mixers, single origin cocoa, and so much more. Opening a box up will be like unveiling a treasure trove.

Reserve Bar is a phenomenal place to find unusual spirits to add to a magical Christmas gift for foodies who like to pair drinks with their carefully created meals. This particular selection is naturally colored and flavored, with Spanish oranges that have been dried under the Italian sun. Infused into the bottle, the result is a bright and perfectly bitter concoction that is ideal for drinking over ice with a beautiful garnishment, or creating a cocktail.

Peanut butter just got leveled up! These don’t contain your average flavor additions like honey, or chocolate—some really wild ingredients have been added into these beautiful selections. We are talking coconut, cranberries, pretzels, and are you ready for this – – popcorn! This has turned peanut butter from a mere topping, to a straight up dessert on its own. We are sure foodies can think of insanely creative ways to turn these flavors into something amazing. However, it’s amazing enough to just sit down with a spoon and eat it.

Edible arrangements may be a little bit old school, but they are nonetheless really fun to get, especially when at the office, or at school, or just lounging around at home. From birthdays to Christmas, they have an appropriate bouquet or gift set that is bound to brighten anyone’s day. We love that they have incorporated a coffee and tea gift box into their selection. In addition to the coffee and tea that promotes sustainable communities, the recipient will also get a dozen tasty cookies.

Imperfect Foods finds a way to upcycle incredibly tasty, fresh, farm harvested ingredients that may just not be up to the shape or presentation standards of a grocery store. Therefore, foodies can get all of these unusual items at a better price, all conveniently being delivered to the doorstep. Kick them off with a subscription, so they can be introduced to the diverse world of Imperfect Foods.

Taking a crack at making your very own beer can be extremely satisfying, and not to mention really fun! A well prepared beer can truly enhance the flavors of particular meals, and we think foodies who are already enthusiasts might totally flip out over receiving this beer making kit. This particular option will allow brewers to create English style dark ale, that is designed to be rich and nutty. They even added actual chestnuts to the boil! We can imagine this being extra cozy to enjoy during the winter, with some oven roasted peanuts on the side.

Schoolyard Snacks makes the most delicious, tiny packs of way healthier cereal and cheese puffs than you grew up with! Classic flavors, and sometimes some unusual ones, are debuted. Many adults drift away from cereal, because it is full of sugar and refined flour. But Schoolyard Snacks uses more grown-up ingredients that won’t impact blood sugar like a big box of marshmallow and frosted alphabet shapes might. The company also has created cheese puffs, which are equally as nostalgic. Get ready to be totally transported back to childhood, at least mentally.

One thing we know about these pepper sauces from this farm chili pepper harvest box, is that they are really, really spicy! You can enjoy them in more of a daring manner, such as finely drizzled  into egg bites, or over a salad—or you could even cultivate your own specially crafted hot sauce from the variation of flavorful yet fire alarm rated pepper sauces. When it comes down to it, this is a quite versatile gift for foodies, in which they can use in a variation of ways.

Indian food can be incredibly comforting, and also highly favorable at the same time. So if the food lover in your life has a hard time satisfying the craving for the bold and unusual, this Indian rice dinner kit might be the ticket. Coming with rice of course, and a variation of unique spices that range from curry to cinnamon, the sky is the limit with this meal! Add in tofu, seafood, or just simply some chicken, to further enhance the tasty meal.

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