15 Essentials for a Relaxing Staycation At Home

Rest & Relaxation

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Traveling, even under the best of circumstances, has always been a bit of a hassle; and these are certainly far from the best circumstances. Mastering the art of a good staycation takes some planning, preparation, and a firm commitment not to do a single second of housework, but it’s possible, even easy, to have a better time relaxing at home than you’ve ever had traveling.

Start off your days with fresh baked pastries for an indulgent treat that’s sure to satisfy. Williams Sonoma offers a range of breakfast options, shipped chilled and ready to bake. From chocolate croissants to everything bagels, you can get professional quality baked goods fresh every morning of your staycation, all without any more effort than popping your treat into the oven, and serving warm with your tea or coffee.

Wine.Com offers tasting notes, pairing guides, and more must-know info for your wine selection, so it’s easy to pick accompaniments you’ll enjoy, and you’ll save significantly on restaurant prices. When in doubt, a celebratory champagne is never a wrong choice.

Did we say “no dishes”? Because we really wanna drive that bit home. Enjoy your mimosas, sip some bubbly during a Netflix binge, cuddle around that cozy fire to your heart’s content, all without having to wash a single dish.

Vibrant and refreshing, add a spa-like indulgence to your day with infused water, herbal tea, or mixed drinks. It can also hold steeped cold brews and other chilled treats.

Books, magazines, movie rentals, or a full Netflix queue, no matter your escapism of choice there are plenty of diverting new releases this year. If you missed out on a good “beach read” then picking up one of Chanel Cleeton’s sun drenched novels is sure to delight. For those who enjoy getting immersed in essays, political deep-dives, or other heavy hitters, 2020’s best options have to include Lyz Lenz’s Belabored and Rick Perlstein’s Reganland

Any home spa treatment isn’t complete without these amazing Pitera face masks from SK-II. While they’re pricier than a lot of other home mask treatments, that’s because they have actually effective ingredients in them- leave smothering your face in avocados and cucumber to fresh-faced 20 somethings, it’s time for some real anti-aging power.

Sustainably sourced and perfect for a first-time tasting, this trio gift set of caviars include non-reactive tasting spoons, to ensure the product remains perfectly clean.

All that plush, dreamy softness of a hotel robe, but you don’t have to surrender it to housekeeping after your stay is over. Marriott fans will love knowing you can bring home most of their signature housewares, from robes, to pillows, bedding, and more.

When buying bedding, going for as high a quality as you can afford makes sense. You’ll spend up to a third of your life in bed, and a restful night’s sleep is an instant mood booster. Upgrading to high-quality silk sheets makes every moment you spend in bed a more pleasant experience, unlike upgrading to first-class airline tickets, which only improves a few hours of your vacation.

If you’re not in the market for an indoor fireplace, a small fire pit is inexpensive and easy to find room for. Toast some marshmallows over a wood fire and enjoy a cuddle outdoors while the weather is pleasant.

Set up your space with some dreamy mood lighting and relax, whether you’re outdoors under the stars or in a canopy bed.

Ditch the live-music scene and relax with the music service that delivers nothing but your favorites, commercial free and subscription free. A record player is one part delightfully vintage object d’art, two parts pleasantly new way to experience your favorite artists.

With no shopping, no prep, and very little clean-up, a subscription to Daily Harvest is a nice way to make a staycation feel nourishing and refreshing, rather than leave you feeling over-indulged, bloated, and tired. Their subscription boxes let you choose exactly how to inject some healthy choices into your life, with perfectly portioned smoothies, tasty and savory bowls, and more. Fill up on one before hitting the home gym or taking a walk, and you’ll discover some new favorite flavor combos while you’re re-discovering your own backyard.

Turn your home into an inviting and relaxing oasis with a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers. Ideal for any celebration, these lovely arrangements are particularly nice for anniversaries.

Using an essential oil diffuser is a clean and simple way to add a gentle scent to your home, with lavender and peppermint oils it’s easy to layer those relaxing aspects one at a time.

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