55 Baby Registry Must-Haves — The Complete New Parent Starter Kit


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Starting that first baby registry can be daunting. Everything is adorable, but what’s really necessary? Which products will stand up through heavy use, maybe through multiple kids? What’s best for their safety, and your sanity? And how to save money when the urge to buy every cute thing is so, so present? We can’t help with the saving money part- we want all the adorable baby things too! But we can help jump-start that list, so you’ll be able to keep splurges to a minimum.

Easy to clean, good for Earth, baby-approved, what more could parents ask for?

Easier to clean than ever before, Evenflo’s glass bottles are sustainable, recyclable and environmentally responsible. Easily avoid BPA by choosing glass instead of plastic bottles. The twisted design makes for easy handling, proper venting, and rapid mixing, so there are no hot or cold spots.

Who knew eye protection could look oh so cute?

Protect your little one from the damaging effects of sunlight with these easy on polarized sunglasses with stay-on strap. Great for lake trips or beachfront vacation days making sandcastles.

The sun can be harsh, especially on youngsters...make sure they're protected.

Kids are a squirmy mess and do their best to fight sunscreen at every opportunity. A hat is much easier, especially for quick jaunts outdoors. A great way to avoid putting on sunscreen around delicate eyes, mouths, and noses for short walks or stroller rides.

A new baby has sensitive ears, make all their new experiences as comfortable as possible.

Avoid tears and tantrums at sporting events, firework shows, or older sibling’s recitals with ear protection that grows from baby to toddler. For kids with sensory issues around loud noises, using these early and often open up a world of new experiences.

Becoming a new parent means constant multi-tasking, always keep your hands free.

Keep both hands free and naps quick and easy with a comfortable carrier. The Ergo 360 keeps weight strain off your joints for hours of easy carrying. Motion and warmth are the easiest ways to comfort a newborn, and babywearing make it a snap to provide both.

Get Ready For Running Errands in Style!

The Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Stroller is considered to be the best all around stroller on the market right now. While the brand is called Baby Jogger, this particular model isn’t a stroller intended for jogging, though the wheels are all-terrain. The ease of maneuverability, one hand fold, customizations and the potential to be part of a total travel system, all make this one of the best strollers on the market.

Keep your bundle of joy bundled up.

Swaddling blankets are great, but during those sleep-deprived newborn days sometimes you just need velcro. Snaps together quickly for fast naptime solutions to reflexive kicks, and washable in case of accidents.

Pro tip: It's easier to find pacifiers when they're attached to cute little animals.

Pacifiers have been shown to reduce the risk of SIDS. We like these adorable animal versions that are easy to find and replace, even in the middle of the night.

Multi-purpose, easy to clean, basically a new parent's dream.

These refillable glass jars are great for making aromatherapy sprays, great for de-fogging the nursery after a full diaper, or spraying a light mist of lavender or peppermint to help everyone relax and drift to sleep.

A new baby brings new nerves, this will give you the peace of mind you need.

For new parents with nerves for days, or those with babies with special medical needs, this heart rate monitor and pulse oximeter fits under a warm pair of socks, giving reassurance or, if necessary, alarms.

Newborns are constantly growing, now you can keep track between doctor visits.

Monitor growth and weight fluctuations with this home infant to toddler scale. Great for nursing moms who want to weigh before and after feedings, or monitoring weight loss during illnesses.

Not too hot, not too cold, juuust right.

A fun floating bath toy that doubles as safety gear. Monitors room and water temperature, and alerts for temperatures that are too high or too low, guaranteeing safety and comfort.

Pro tip: ALWAYS sleep when the baby is sleeping.

Help parents of newborns “sleep when the baby sleeps” with these room darkening curtains. The heavy fabrics dampen sound and mitigate light, making afternoon naps a breeze.

This will make for even cuter post-bath photo ops.

Stay warm and dry after bath time with this adorable giraffe themed baby towel. Bath time may get a little wild, and sometimes new parents feel like they’re zookeepers, but the cuddly post-bath photos make for great memories.

Go ahead and buy more than one pack...you'll thank me later.

Durable, inexpensive, and versatile, these organic cotton cloths are the perfect size for burp cloths, are great as oversized napkins for messy snack time, and are perfect for absorbing accidents during diaper changes and dressing.

With so many cute themes to choose from, maybe this will help you decide.

Choosing nursery decor is one of the most enjoyable parts of making a new baby registry. Picking an easy to follow theme, like this Ocean set by Lambs and Ivy, makes it easy for well wishers to find complimentary pieces.

Keep your babe comfy and cozy at all times.

Lightweight and breathable, muslin swaddles work all year round to keep newborns tucked in tightly. They’re great for tummy time, makeshift sun covers, or sprawling on the lawn with a book and a toy for an afternoon nap.

It's the perfect way to occupy baby long enough to sit down with that cup of coffee from 2 hours ago.

Absolutely essential for new parents is a swing, and this model with mobile and lights is perfect for distracting baby long enough to take a shower or cook a meal without fussing or fidgeting.

Car seats can be no fun, make sure your baby has something to keep them distracted.

If your little one despises being buckled into their carseat, this activity bar makes a great bribe to give you enough time to buckle them in. The bright lights and cheerful music keep them entertained long enough start your journey, and hopefully lull them to sleep.

Spoiler alert: Babies have a more jam packed schedule than you do.

Great for developing a schedule and saving your sanity, this log for new parents makes it easy to keep up with diaper changes, vaccination schedules, keep up with ever-changing sleep patterns, and more.

Sleeping all alone can be scary, make sure your little one has a friend.

A nightlight, a sound machine, and a cuddly stuffed friend all in one. The soothe and glow giraffe lets babies and toddlers learn to self soothe by cuddling up to a soft friend.

Did you know babies often scratch themselves in their sleep? No? Now you do.

Keep sharp nails away from delicate skin with these baby mittens. Breathable cotton makes for comfortable covers and prevents accidental scratches, which disrupt sleep.

A teething baby can be rough for everyone involved, these will give some much needed comfort.

Teething makes for cranky, drooly days, but these teething mits help relieve pain and encourage faster breakthrough, as well as preventing babies from chewing on their own fingers.

It might take a while to wash that shirt covered in spit up...make sure to contain the smell.

A staple for parents who use cloth diapers, wet bags are going more mainstream; they contain smells and hold wet or soiled clothes, burp rags, or mom’s favorite sweater, now covered in spit-up, until it’s laundry time.

Name a more iconic bedtime story collection...I'll wait.

It’s never too early to start a bedtime story routine. These upbeat rhyming Dr Seuss stories are classics for a reason, with brightly colored pages and unforgettable characters, they’ll keep parents, and kids, coming back for years.

Pro tip: Anything that grows along with your baby is WORTH IT!

A comfortable rocking seat that grows with baby to toddler size, and holds up to 40lbs. A gentle bounce and soft vibrations lull even the fussiest little ones to sleep. The removable toy bar encourages reaching and tracking skills.

Remember what I just said?

A carseat shouldn’t be more money than a car payment. This five in one convertible adjusts from the newborn stage with proper recline and rear-facing capabilities, all the way through booster seat and belt positioner for older kids (up to 120 lbs).

You're going to go through baby wipes like crazy, at least now you can get them in 2 days or less.

Subscribe and save for baby wipes is the biggest no brainer to come along in years. When stored properly they last forever, and you’ll find yourself using them for more than just diaper changes anyway, so might as well be stocked up.

Changing diapers is hard enough, this makes it a bit easier.

Lightweight and comfortable with an attached buckle, this changing pad travels easily, and protects flooring, bedding, or furniture from the inevitable messes and spills of diaper changes, particularly in the early months.

Pro tip: You're DEFINITELY going to need one of these. Diaper changes get messy.

Organic cotton in a gender-neutral color, we love that this changing pad cover stands up to frequent washes, and easily lasts through the potty training years for multiple children. The striped pattern also helps hide the inevitable stains.

Accidents happen and it's easier to wash a bed cover than an entire bed.

A necessity during the potty training stage, these crib mattress protectors are useful from day one; diaper blowouts and leaks can happen at anytime. Sheets are easy to wash, but airing out a wet mattress is an ordeal, so save yourself time and hassle.

Pro tip: You're going to carry A LOT in your diaper bag, it's better to even out the weight.

One shoulder diaper bags contribute to neck and back pain, but a proper fitting backpack centers weight correctly and helps avoid strains and injuries. Mom or Dad can easily fit everything for a day away from home in this durable modern designed bag, complete with insulated pocket for snacks and drinks.

This should definitely be included in your baby-proofing plans.

Keep radiators, staircases, and other off limits areas out of reach with a baby gate. This pre assembled model fits openings between 29 and 42” and is easy to install. Useful for babies, toddlers, and pets too.

You honestly don't know how much of a difference it makes until you use it...so use it.

Ease allergy or cold symptoms, or alleviate discomfort from dry air with this room humidifier. Optional night light function and whisper quiet operation make this a great choice for running overnight, and the automatic off function makes for one less thing to remember during the morning rush.

Have fun and build motor skills all with one colorful play set!

Teach rhythm, colors, and hand-eye coordination with this brightly painted wooden hammer toy and xylophone. The perfectly baby-sized balls pop in and out of the frame, making them a great tool for learning cause and effect. Uses non toxic, water-based paints and won a 2018 Cribsie award.

A way better option than letting baby chew on your dirty car keys.

Pretend and imitative play are a hallmark of the early years, and little ones are always learning from watching. Keep pretend play from leading to germy, metallic keys in your little one’s mouth with these play keys. Keep chilled for use as an on the grow teething ring.

Being a parent isn't always glamorous...

Parenting? It’s less than glamorous. A stuffy nose makes it hard to sleep, hard to nurse or bottle feed, and hard to keep up that prize winning smile. Ease your little one’s suffering with the Nosefrida, and enjoy more restful sleep during colds.

For those pesky colds your bundle of joy will inevitably catch.

Break up stuffy, crusty noses with clean, unmedicated saline. Great for the early years before cold medicines are safe; bring the power of a trip to the ocean home.

Soothe those backed-up gas bubbles with ease.

Break up gas bubbles so they’re easier to pass, and ease hiccups with gentle gripe water formula. Simple, fast acting, and effective.

Diaper rash on baby and postpartum dry skin on mom stands no chance with this healing lotion.

Strong enough for moms dealing with hormonal postpartum dry skin, and gentle enough for delicate newborn skin. Treat irritated and inflamed skin and diaper rashes with baby-safe Aquaphor.

Perfect for all those late-night feedings and diaper changes.

An easy on tap light is perfect for bedside diaper changes, feeding sessions, or just a quick check that everything is ok. A low light makes it easy to fall back asleep quickly after middle of the night wake ups.

They may not have teeth yet, but it's great to get them used to brushing early!

Strengthen gums during the newborn stage, and transition to brushing after teeth erupt. Easy to grip and chew, making it a great teething tool.

This will be your secret weapon when baby gets that first fever

New parents will deal with fevers, teething pains, and more during their fretful first year. Learning how to comfort and soothe with warm baths, soft music, and snuggles is all part of the process.

Babies deserve the best when it comes to skincare

Babies have sensitive skin, so be sure to invest in healthy, non-toxic essentials for your little one. Grove Collaborative makes it easy and convenient to stay stocked up on baby lotion, soap, diapers and more.

Perfect for all those sleepovers grandma simply insists is necessary.

Essential for grandma’s house, vacations, or use in two story homes, a travel crib makes it easy to nap, change diapers, and keep necessaries like clothes, diapers, and more organized while away from home.

Keep your bottles at the perfect temperature with this cute, on-the-go cooler.

Keep bottles chill on the go with this freezable travel cooler, the perfect size for 4 5oz bottles. Food safe, non toxic lining.

These, just because they're cute.

Everyone’s favorite gang, Elmo, Big Bird, Cookie Monster, and Oscar make for a great first Halloween costume or fun photos, or a Sesame Street themed first birthday party.

Super cute, super warm and perfect for a brisk winter day.

Easier than layering multiple tops and bottoms during cold fronts, this one piece all over fleece jumpsuit layers over baby’s entire outfit for snuggly warmth all day.

When you want to pass down your sense of style

A three pack of warm knitted hats means you’ll spend less time struggling to find a warm hat on cold mornings. This black, navy, and khaki set match any outfit and are neutral enough for anyone to wear.

An absolute necessity for those constantly-moving little crawlers.

Keep new crawlers covered and diaper changes easy with easy on leg warmers. Instead of struggling with getting pants on and off for every change, leg warmers are simple, and adorable, way of protecting little knees from carpet burn or scrapes on hard floors

What is a father without a book of dad jokes at his disposal?

Keeping a sense of humor will carry new parents far in the early days, when tempers flare from lack of sleep and disorientation. Give dad plenty of ammunition to fight the baby blues with this “so bad they’re good” joke book.

Now this is probably the cutest blender you've ever seen.

Make easy purees at home with a small countertop blender, like the Magic Bullet. Easy on lids and color coded bands make it easy to remember what’s in which jar, and for mom to make herself a healthy fruit smoothie at the same time without cleaning out a large carafe.

Pro tip: Get your baby a bouncer, and you'll always know they're safe and stationary.

Work those legs! Turn that adorable baby chunk into cruising muscles with the Evenflo Exersaucer. Great for entertaining older babies who have aged out of the tried and true swing but still need to be distracted long enough for mom and dad to have a meal or a shower.

Even baby wants to get in on the summer pool time fun!

Save money on disposable swim diapers with no style and little function. Reusable cloth diapers let liquids flow while containing solids for quick and easy changes.

Because babies and parents need great sleep

The SNOO smart bassinet by Happiest Baby is a dream come true for sleep-deprived parents. This high-tech sleeper mimics the sounds and motions of the womb and also reduces crying, naturally sleep-trains babies, boosts sleep 1-2 hours and keeps baby sleeping safely with its built-in swaddle that prevents accidental rolling.

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