15 Essentials for Your Outdoor Home Theater

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Something spectacular happens when spending more time outdoors. Maybe it’s breathing in the fresh air, staring up toward the stars, or just changing things up and getting out of the house. Building an outdoor movie theater can be something families do together, everyone adding a special touch. But to get you started, we’ve developed a list of essentials that would give a great foundation for your new entertainment space.

Having a movie screen outside all the time may not be practical, and might take some wear and tear from the weather. Opting for a blow up option means easy set up, and easy cleanup. The screen is enormous, so family and friends can easily see the film even if sitting in the back.

Of course, with a screen, a projector is needed. This mini option, is also portable and great for using outside. Just be sure to bring it in after movie night. The color and overall picture is crisp, and the ratings are fantastic. With it being portable, it’s easy to use anywhere in the home.

A little bit of privacy is key to being able to totally relax and disconnect in your own backyard. Sure, you could invite the neighbors over another time. But sometimes, it’s family night. This artificial hedge covering can turn any basic chain link, or other material fence into a focal piece. Ultimately, you’ll get that touch of much needed seclusion.

Maybe you don’t want to have permanent furniture in your backyard. Perhaps something that can be set up easily on a movie night would be more suitable for the backyard needs. These interesting blowup couch/hammock things might be ideal. And if you want to, take them camping or to the beach as well.

There’s nothing like a movie on a chilly fall night. And you will need some blankets! Sure, you could pull some out of the closet and bring them outside, or you could opt for easily storable blankets that are made to be outdoors. The perfect picnic blanket, or cover-up, this waterproof option is not only practical, but super cute. It will add that home touch to your outdoor theater.

Rattan style furniture is durable against the weather, and has a versatile look, helping it fit into numerous backyard aesthetics. Maybe it’s the natural look of the material. Not only does this handy piece of furniture serve as a table, the top lifts up, so it functions secondarily as a cooler. Just bring the drinks and ice!

Ambient lighting – – it’s a must! There are those people who want things totally dark when watching movies, and then there are some that would like a little bit of light when making their way to grab a snack, or go to the bathroom. Not only will these sphere lights add the practicality of being able to see when walking around, they are interesting and will be an eye-catching piece to your theater.

Popcorn is essential. While you could have a super fancy outdoor kitchen with a popcorn popper, sometimes it’s nice to keep things simple. This popper is designed to cook corn over an open fire. This seems extra festive, and really fun.

Far beyond the typical café lights, these are actually smart lights that have complex functions. Not only can you change the color from an app on a smart phone, detailed operation schedules can be set. And one more super cool feature, these lights can be operated via voice commands.

Juggling food can be kind of a pain. So these stable food tables might be the answer! Made for outdoor get togethers, a couple of beers and some food can be secured at the same time. The wooden aesthetic can go with just about any backyard design, thanks to its neutral look.

Adding a rug to the open air theater will tie all of your chosen furniture in together. No matter what you’re set up, whether it be rows of chairs, or a snug living room set up, a rug like this will really attract some positive attention.

Seating will really come down to style preference. For example, an outdoor sectional can give that boxed in cozy feel similar to the traditional family living room. Or you can get a few sets of these ultra comfy swivel chairs. Clean edges will make it easy to set a plate of food or bowl of popcorn on the arm.

What better item to tie the whole thing together, than a personalized backyard theater sign? Handpainted to perfection, each piece is unique, and could even be an awesome gift if you know someone who is currently working on their entertainment space. Made of wood, it’s a great rustic touch.

Etsy items just keep getting cooler. Customers can have a 3-D design created for their existing patio or backyard. That’s right, a talented individual from Black Cat Interiors will create a 3D render, and base it off your design budget, to create a dream space personalized to your home and family!

Okay so we know movie theaters don’t have fireplaces – – but normally a home theater might! If having an ambient flame in the distance is something you associate with movie night, go for a wood-burning chiminea. Sitting off to the side, it will add such a warm and welcoming feeling, in the summer or fall!

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