Everything You Need for a Jungle Themed Baby Shower

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Animals, a vibrant environment, and delicious foods – the jungle is a wonderful inspiration for a baby shower. Maybe this is the theme of the expecting mother’s nursery, or maybe you just thought this would be a great theme for a gender-neutral celebration. Regardless, giraffes, monkeys, and wild foliage are all fitting for celebrating an upcoming baby’s arrival. Food, magical table settings, and party favors are just some of the essentials you will need for the event. We’ve put together a comprehensive list of amazing jungle-themed products for a jungle-themed baby shower.

Everything starts with the invitations. So this is the best place to begin the theme. Location information, time, and title are encircled by an adorable assortment of friendly animals such as an elephant, giraffe, baby zebra, cheetah, and super adorable monkey! Kick off the jungle vibe by selecting an appropriate invitation like this.

Subtle greenery and golden animals such as the giraffe and monkey adorn this adorable cup personalized to your event. We suggest crafting an exotic punch, such as a combination of pineapple juice and sparkling water, which would be a fitting! Sparkling water and pineapple juice is a healthier combination that will not weigh all of your guests down with processed sugar. Consider garnishing with various fruits and gold straws as pictured.

Whether just being hung from somewhere within your house or elegantly arranged on a tree branch hanging over an outdoor table, these various animal print paper lanterns can add an elegant touch to a jungle-themed baby shower. However, they are still a ton of fun too. We see them meshing well with lots of natural greenery and maybe some pale pink flowers and twinkling fairy lights.

These napkins will add a pop of fabulousness to the setup while continuing an elegant theme. The mama and baby golden elephants are just the right amounts of sweet touch, and the greenery leaves will help coordinate with the rest of the theme. Napkins are not only an accessory but can be folded in unique ways to contribute intricacy to the overall baby shower design.

You could go two ways with a jungle baby shower, fun and cartoon-like, which would definitely be appropriate when introducing a little one into the world, or you can opt for elegant. We tend to lean more toward elegant, as the contrast between jungle characters and pretty touches are phenomenal, especially considering that baby showers celebrate mama and baby. Vintage-style table cloths can give that fairytale feel, especially with gorgeously selected floral accents, lights, and bold jungle characters.

A balloon arch serves as the perfect photo op station for everyone. Add lots of fun props, like pacifiers, funny masks, and other things that the mama-to-be and friends can have fun with. We love this arch because it is modernistic, with sage and olive green balloons accented by what tends to be a core mentioned color in this article, gold. Adding sprigs of jungle greenery is absolute perfection.

We’ve mentioned greenery a lot, so some artificial, relatively realistic palm leaves are essential, whether putting them in the middle of a table in a vase or using them to add sprigs of lifelike color to your balloon arch. Amazon has a wide variety of jungle flowers and palm leaves just like these. So mix and match, add something totally out-of-the-box like gardenias, and just have fun with it.

How beautiful would these rattan palm leaves with built-in fairy lights be hanging from the ceiling or simply draped across the table? We are mesmerized by the naturalistic feel of this vibrant garland lighting. Being that they are battery-operated gives some freedom as to where they can be placed without having cords hanging everywhere.

Show-stopping at over 4 feet tall, this giant stuffed giraffe will be the talking point (or at least one of them) of the entire baby shower. Have a couple of gifts hung around his neck or drape chic embroidered baby blankets over him. Maybe even consider turning him into some form of baby shower ring toss game. Being that this can be incorporated into the decor and also be a nursery feature, it’s a double win.

The blend of childlike, refined, and natural is seriously making us swoon. With all of that glittery greenery going on, with a touch of dazzling gold, these eco-friendly, biodegradable bamboo plates couldn’t be more excellent. Do better for the earth while looking darn good doing it. The bamboo table settings will be completely stunning when paired with some silverware you already have and a dainty box of candy for each guest from Sugarfina.

Sure, some people use this instead of a Christmas tree, but the 5-foot pre-lit artificial palm tree with glittering lights would be a show-stopping addition to your jungle-themed baby shower. You could hang various decorations from the tree light enough, of course. Party favors for all the attendees could be placed around the base of the sparkling eye-catcher.

Cookie cutters are for more than just cookies! You could go in several directions with your jungle-themed food. But regardless of what you choose, there is likely something you can use the safari animal cookie cutters on! Are you making gourmet pimento cheese sandwiches? Cut them out into cute shapes! Are you going with quesadillas? Make safari animal quesadillas.

Goldbelly is the platform to get favorite foods from all over the nation. Are you craving that pie you tried in Maine? Check on Goldbelly to see if you can get it shipped to your home. However, they are also awesome for supplying party food that guests will go on and on about for years. To go with the tropical jungle theme, we felt this artesian banana pudding pack would be fitting.

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