Everything You Need to Organize a Small Space

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Everyone finds themselves in a cramped but cozy living space at some point in their lives, whether it’s that first adult apartment (complete with too many roommates) or shoebox sized college dorm. Even downsizing empty nesters can struggle adjusting to a smaller footprint. And while a small space has lots of pros, like a lower power bill and less space to clean, the smaller your home the more important it is to be sure you aren’t wasting a single inch.

Cleaning supplies don’t have to be drudge work to organize. With this large clear turntable you can quickly and easily check which products you’re running low on and get refills on your list and off your mind.

Going all-in on customizing a temporary living space, like an apartment, doesn’t usually make sense, but putting in the perfect solution to a dream home with tiny closets? Well that’s an investment that yields guaranteed returns. EasyClosets offers design help, planning tools, and an affordable breakdown so you can take any space to it’s maximum potential.

The ultimate in small-space versatility, beds with drawer storage make it easier for kids to share a room, or for guests to easily stow their items close at hand. This single/double pull out daybed is perfect for keeping a slim profile in a child’s room, and it’s easy to double the bed space for sleepovers.

Open shelving can be gorgeous, or a trap if it isn’t maintained. Ikea’s Kallax line of cube storage centers allow for blended use, combining cube storage with open shelving, so items that are cute can be out and proud on display, while everything else gets popped into a container.

A jewelry case isn’t just for bling anymore; it’s the perfect keepsake box for all sorts of memories, from movie or concert ticket stubs to travel memorabilia and more. This Stacker set is modular and customizable, so you can keep commonly worn pieces easy to access, and special memories tucked away.

Clear pantry bins are the new must-have, and this versatile size stacking bin by organization gurus The Home Edit has been well thought through in the entirety of its design. The perfect medium size, it holds loose odds and ends, like snack bars, popcorn bags, and other delish snacks in eyesight, so they’re seen and eaten before they spoil.

If you’ve made the commitment to cut back on waste and eliminate unnecessary repeat buys (anyone else have three jars of ketchup? just me?) you’ll benefit from a starter kit. Break through the initial indecisive struggle about which containers are perfect and get a system in place pronto.

Sometimes bathroom vanities and linen closets have drawers, which is amazing, but most of them still have a bulky cabinet design, which makes actually taking full advantage of the space under the counters impossible. Luckily, these stylish woven-look baskets make it so easy to layer essentials, stack, and rotate as necessary, so you’re never stuck fishing in the back of the vanity for the last roll of TP or a single clean washcloth again.

That shelf in the closet, above the clothing rack? That’s where purses go to die. Keep them front a center with a purse hanger instead, and you’ll have a better system and a more attractive closet, all in one step.

Favorite plush toys may not be played with every day, but that’s no reason to relegate them to a storage bin. This hammock style container keeps favorite friends close, without overly cluttering your kid’s rooms.

Small but mighty, this over the door organizer is just right for a small nursery. The see-through pocket style makes it easy to keep tabs on quantities, so you’re never surprised grabbing the last diaper in the stack.

Airy and open, this style of container is perfect for long storage of sturdy produce like apples, onions, or potatoes. You’re able to keep easy visual track of what you have in stock, and take advantage of naturally cool spaces, like a basement, for extra storage. They’re also great for stashing accessories next to the front door, so you’re never without purse, scarf, gloves, or other essentials.

Whether your fridge is a top of the line model or an antique from another era, you can benefit from deep fridge bins. It’s so easy to lose track of loose items on a low shelf, but with these pull out bins you’re never stuck with forgotten leftovers, half-finished jams, or other corner orphans on the bottom shelf.

Organizing in a small space is all about maximizing every inch to its fullest capabilities. A sliding laundry cart is a perfect way to cut down on lost items behind the dryer, and to keep essentials close on hand.

Sometimes a space has such uncommon dimensions that it calls for custom furniture. Some of the most beautiful Craftsman and Colonial style homes, in particular, were hand-built without building codes; this makes them both beautiful and unique, but also frequently hard to decorate and furnish. Finding a local furniture builder will help you use local materials, but Etsy shops offer hundreds of customer reviews, and lots of experience. This mudroom bench makes it easy to shed cumbersome outer layer on a cold day, with below-bench storage that’s perfect for shoes.

Now, you could get one of those cheap towel storage racks that goes over the toilet. Been there, had those, no judgement here. But you could also get a beautiful floating shelf that is much art installation as it is functional shelving. Etsy shop HenryLewisHome makes a beautifully finished modern farmhouse shelf that’s guaranteed to have guests asking where they can get one of their own. Listing is for a single shelf, and as with all Etsy purchases pay attention to shipping and lead times; handcrafted excellence requires a wait.

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