11 Exciting Products That Will Get the Family Moving

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Regardless of the season, it’s important to move your body. Movement instills good activity habits in kids early on in life. But sometimes it can be boring to ride the bike around the same neighborhood loop, and young ones definitely need indirect inspiration to get moving.

Fun is the key.

We’ve put together a list of somewhat different products that we think will help families not only get daily exercise in, but have a great time while doing it.

The possibilities are endless on this versatile swing, made of durable rope and steel. Majestically hang it from a tree, or a strong indoor beam, for not just a spot to glide through the air, but to comfortably lounge. Multiple kids or even an adult can enjoy the unique swing, making it a superb addition to any backyard.

Wheel technology and an overall beachy aesthetic has taken a typical skateboard to an on land surfing experience. Similar movements that a surfer would use in the water can be achieve on this innovative, patented design by RipSurf. The board can support up to 220 pounds. The interesting new take on an outdoor classic might provide extra inspiration to get the kids outside.

Sure, soccer is fun, but even better when playing from inside a bouncy bubble ball. Sold individually, each “zorb” comes equipped with shoulder straps and handles for added security during play time. Bubbles can be quickly inflated with a mattress style pump, so it’s easy to set up once at your destination. Sizes vary, and there are definitely adult sizes too.

No pool? No problem. Get the kids away from their phones for a bit, and fire up the grill for an afternoon of water filled play and good eats. Sprinklers are cool and all, but now parents can take it up a notch with an inflatable h2O spouting monster that comes in at a whopping six feet tall. Water spews from its mouth as kids run around, while cooling at the same time. Other variations are available too, such as a friendly green dino.

Like laser tag, but way better in the summer heat, these vests and blasters turn the typical water fight into a game with an end goal. Work to hit your opponent’s vest just right so that the chamber fills, indicating victory over the challenger. Vests are one size fits all and can be adjusted for better security. Two sets come with the purchase.

Probably the most precious thing on our list is this fuzzy, adorable pony that does more than sit in your kid’s room to look pretty or cute. Little ones up to nine can actually hop on, and bounce to initiate leg movement from the horse. The result is a steady gallop through the house or even outside. This is one gimmick worth going for.

There’s something magical about playing games outside when the sun starts to fall in the summer. The fire pit is crackling, smores are roasting and the little ones are catching lightning bugs. A glowing football game just fits, and the light source itself is regulation size and weight. Adults and kids alike could find a way to enjoy this simple, but super cool toy.

Rainy days happen, and when they do, be ready with some innovative solutions, like an arcade style basketball hoop. Create a multitude of games that include the entire family. The set is easy to fold out and prep for play, while the finish will never rust. It’s a sturdy piece to have in a game room, in the basement or just the garage.

A loop of fabric becomes a family building exercise when everyone steps inside and tries to navigate around the yard. Surprisingly, it takes a ton of energy to coordinate with one another, so the whole system can work. The lead person must pull the fabric downward while everyone tries to shuffle strategically. This is fun in general, but awesome for building communication skills and long lasting memories.

Polycarbonate skis are the secret to speed with this beast sled, that is likely far different from the one you grew up with. It’s made for extreme sledding, with an added comfort thanks to a spring design. The best part? It can be steered, so that weaving down rugged hills is literally a breeze. Don’t be intimidated—the Yukon Hammerhead is built for sheer fun.

Hit up calm ocean coves, gentle streams or crystal clear lakes via this rugged two person inflatable kayak. A special valve and pump make for easy inflating and deflating—it’s easier to transport than the classic rigid kayak. Made for the weight of two adults, a kid could ride along with mom or dad. The strong oars allow for optimal paddling and steering.

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