The 10 Best Products for Sensitive Skin (Face & Body)


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Raise your hand if you have ever been personally victimized by sensitive skin. Hey, me too! With the added frustration of allergy season being longer and stronger this year, my skin has been hardcore struggling lately. We’ve got a variety of products to (hopefully) relieve some of your itchiness and redness and add a bit of relief to your routine. As always, make sure you’re drinking lots of water, getting a good night’s sleep, taking lukewarm showers rather than burning hot ones and regularly cleansing your face of dirt and oil.

Behold the holy grail of face washes…at least for me. Take it from someone who’s gone through many, many products over the years trying to find something that doesn’t irritate my rosacea. Cetaphil’s daily face wash features a mild formula that works on all types of skin, especially sensitive. I’ve seen beauty bloggers rave about the contents of this bottle. It’s non-comedogenic – meaning it won’t clog your pores – and the low-lather formula removes oil, dirt, and makeup. Don’t believe the hype? Check out the over 16,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.

I cannot stress this enough: wear sunscreen every day. Yes, every single day. Experts at Johns Hopkins Medicine recommend using sunscreen of at least 30 SPF during your morning routine to help prevent sunburn, skin cancer and premature aging. If you’re out in the sun often, kick it up a notch to 60 SPF or more – which is where Neutrogena’s mineral lotion comes into play. Free of fragrance, dyes, oils, and harsh chemical ingredients, it’s perfect for all the fun in the sun you’ll have during these next few months. Apply to your face 15 minutes before heading to the great outdoors.

The name says it all. Aveeno is well-known for creating dermatologist-recommended products that give you more bang for your buck. This body wash has a lovely coconut scent and is as gentle for your skin as the brand’s fragrance-free version. Allergy season is in full swing right now, so for those of you suffering from side effects, this may help soothe your itchy skin in the shower. 

Technically this isn’t really a body or face product but it’s still an important part of the list. Tide’s Free and Gentle pods are hypoallergenic, meaning your clothes, bedding and other items won’t irritate your skin after being freshly washed and dried. As an added bonus, it’s the first and only detergent accepted by both the National Eczema Association and National Psoriasis Foundation. We also recommend Free and Gentle fabric softener sheets.

Nice to see you again, Aveeno. As we said above, the brand is dermatologist-recommended, and the Calm and Restore Nourishing Oat Cleanser doesn’t disappoint. This gentle formula is made with oat and feverfew (don’t worry, I hadn’t heard of the latter either). One doctor in New Zealand says feverfew, a flowering plant that originated in Europe, may be beneficial for those with conditions such as eczema and dermatitis.

If you’re big into beauty, you’ve no doubt heard of The Ordinary and why its products have gone viral on TikTok. The rose hip seed oil is ultra-hydrating and incredibly affordable compared to others of its kind on the market. Reviewers rave about how this magic formula has worked wonders on their acne scars and soothed inflammation patches.

Check this out – the world’s first biodegradable towels! Cool, right? The single-use towels are chemical- and fragrance-free, made of 100% Rayon fiber. Germs can fester on regular face and hand towels, and sometimes we don’t wash those as often as we should. Clean Skin towels can be used to dry your face, cleanse your skin and even take off a day’s worth of makeup. Reviewers love how absorbent, soft, and durable they are. Wave bye bye to bacteria.

This looks good enough to eat! The Mighty Marshmallow mask will make your sugary dreams come true with a boost of hydration and exfoliants that leave your skin glowing. Volcanic pumice, soothing aloe, refreshing peppermint and marshmallow root extract all work together and let you bring the spa home. It’s also hypoallergenic, cruelty-free and dermatologist tested.

Chock full of probiotic extracts, cucumber, oatmeal, aloe and ginger, Tula’s Super Soothe lotion gets the job done. This is formulated specifically to soothe sensitive skin, improve the look of irritation and redness and retain moisture. It’s also non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic. One reviewer on Ulta’s website says she was hooked on Tula after receiving a similar product in a Boxycharm order and that this specific lotion helped her achieve glowing skin that is “pure flawless.” Get it, girl.

The Sensitive Skin Shave Cream from eos is truly the evolution of smooth. With aloe, wild oat and lavender butter, you’ll have a much better shaving experience than normal. The low-foam, fragrance-free formula ensures a slick, close shave that won’t make your legs itch like crazy. PSA for all the ladies out there: it’s gynecologist-tested and clinically approved for use on your bikini line and pubic hair. It also works both wet and dry. Happy skin, happy life!

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