Top 9 Face Masks Your Skin Will Adore

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Maintaining a skincare regimen sometimes feels like keeping house. If you don’t keep up with it every day you’ll be buried under an avalanche. Keep buildup at bay- on your face at least- with a once a week mask treatment. Banish the thought that masks are a time commitment with these quick and easy treatments, here to help you relax, restore, and renew skin so you can take on the world. Many of these treatments also meet the Sephora Clean Seal, meaning they’re formulated without Sulfates SLS and SLES, parabens, formaldehydes, formaldehyde-releasing agents, phthalates, mineral oil, retinyl palmitate, oxybenzone, coal tar, hydroquinone, triclosan, or triclocarban.

The perfect choice if your skincare woe du jour is redness, inflammation, and sensitivity. It’s rich in antioxidants and is a great way to ease the workload on your skin after a day full of exposure to skin stressing toxins- whether environmental or workplace related. Try a Matcha green tea mask and see the same health boosts for your skin from a mask that you seek out in a glass.

A favorite among those battling breakouts, reviewers rave about how quickly this clay mask works on blemishes. One wrote, “Obviously I’ll use it as a mask every once in a while BUT I use it as a spot treatment more regularly and let me tell you, this is a holy grail item!” It also earns high marks for shrinking pores and restoring a healthy glow to skin.

Is it a serum? Is it a gel? Is it a mask? Yes. This overnight gel mask steps in while you sleep to protect skin through a hydrating barrier. 87% of users said their skin was softer and more nourished feeling after a single use. Lightweight enough to sleep soundly in, it restores a healthy, natural glow without leaving any oily shine.

Overwhelmingly the most expensive mask on our list, La Mer is a true luxury indulgence, but the cult following for La Mer products continues to grow, and their lifting and firming mask garners the same rave reviews as the rest of their skincare line. Their claim to fame at the heart of all their products is “Miracle Broth” made of hand harvested kelp and other extracts. Reviewers gush, “I’m convinced that La Mer is magic,” and “SO GLAD I didn’t have to take the Botox route,” and even “Worth every dime. Results are almost immediate.” La Mer earns top marks from reviewers seeking to reverse the signs of aging- the consensus is that La Mer is the pinnacle of home treatment for age defying skin.

Great for a spa day at home, this single use Pineapple mask from Sephora’s in house collection works quickly to smooth and brighten skin and shrink pores. Get beachy fresh glowing skin in only fifteen minutes at a price point that keeps it within reach without draining the “treat yourself” account. Get one of each of their single use masks, from coconut to green tea to honey, and enjoy girls night in with something for every skin type in your squad.

Smooth, exfoliate and resurface skin with this cooling gel face mask. White Willow provides Beta Hydroxy Acid, to cut through skin oils and treat the pores underneath, lessening breakouts. Papaya and Pineapple provide AHA or Alpha Hydroxy Acids for surface exfoliation and smoothing. Aloe Leaf steps in at the end to soothe skin and reduce redness, making this mask the perfect three in one system for acne sufferers.

A 2017 Allure Best of Beauty Winner for a reason, this mask is pumped full of AHA- to the tune of 25%, with a further 2% of BHA, making it a powerful tool in your skin arsenal. Resurface, restore, and reveal younger, healthier-looking skin after just one use. With a 3.5% PH formula, Drunk Elephant focuses on cutting through the unnecessary frills of skin care and laser focuses their ingredient list to only the most effective additions.

Smooth and exfoliate with pumpkin and apricot in this clarifying, brightening mask by Summer Fridays. Perfect for restoring and revitalizing after a stressful day… or week. A great travel companion, bring it along on trips to restore skin after exposure to recycled airplane air or car exhaust. Reviewers commented on how quickly it goes to work, with one saying, “Usually masks for me feel like it’s not doing anything, but this one you can feel your skin heating up and a bit tingling. It has natural seeds in it to get you the satisfaction of physical buffing out the dead skin, but the enzymes also give you a gentle chemical exfoliation.”

Whether used for a mask or as a spot treatment, blackhead sufferers rejoice. This activated charcoal mask is like a tiny vacuum for your face, unclogging pores and shrinking them. Remove the mask and the evidence is right there, dead skin and debris visibly removed and pores refined, skin looking healthier and happier all around.

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