12 Best Fall-Scented Candles to Fill the Air with Autumn Aroma

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If there was one thing that totally sets fall ambience, it would be a candle, most likely. Candles add more than just a decorative accent, they add lighting, and smells that bring back memories from years ago. Of course, many of our fall candles contain spicy scents such as cinnamon and nutmeg, but we’ve selected some out-of-the-box options for those looking for something different. So grab your sweaters, your comfy socks and a fall-flavored beverage, and keep reading for the best fall-scented candles.

While we love pumpkin spice, cinnamon, and other warm fall scents, we are super excited about this one. While we may not realize it, the smell of a worn leather jacket might bring more fall memories than expected. That earthy memorable smell might transport you back to days huddled by the bonfire in your boyfriend’s jacket — assuming the two of you lived happily ever after. The Brooklyn Candle Studio has made this candle with 100% soy wax, a cotton wick, and essential oils.

Apparently Oktoberfest has a smell, and we are in love! One whiff of this baby, and you will feel like you’re walking around the beloved October event, inhaling the lingering aroma of beer, cedar trees, and freshly carved pumpkins that light the walkway. Homesick Candles doesn’t just make state-themed fragrances, and we are excited.

Walmart’s Better Homes and Gardens candle line actually has some pretty incredible scents — they are the perfect buy when trying to keep candle expenditures at a minimum. We know, it can get out of control. Friends will think you are doing some serious baking when greeted with wafts of spicy pumpkin and cheerful banana. So maybe you should swing by the store and grab some goodies so they’re not disappointed.

Yankee Candle has dominated the home fragrance game for some time, so of course we had to include some of its fall debuts on our list. Cozy Fall Picnic — now that sounds awesome — has notes of apple cider, leaves, and soul-warming cinnamon! It makes us want to pack up a flannel blanket and actually have a picnic amongst the changing foliage.

We kind of think we know exactly what picking pumpkins smells like. And upon reading the candle’s description, we think they hit the nail on the head. Hay rides, check! Pumpkin spice, check! And cider, check! This really does sound like an incredible autumn day spent at the pumpkin patch.

Yankee Candle has put an ever-so-slight twist on the classic pumpkin spice candle. Whipped Pumpkin Spice is a combination of the expected, with the addition of coconut milk, butterscotch, and maple syrup! Now these candle descriptions are starting to make us hungry. Time to fire up the oven!

Sometimes a classic candle is all we want or need. Apples dominate the primary notes, while cinnamon and other spices trickle in to add that kiss of fall perfection. We love the “hello fall” phrase on the exterior label, making this such a wonderful introduction to the season. This candle is made of 100% American grown soy and cotton wicks, so breath a little better when burning it.

Oh my goodness now we are starving! Yankee Candle’s Pumpkin Banana Scone selection is another blend of classic and innovative. While the typical pumpkin aroma will fill the air, the scent of banana will soon creep in, with other finishing notes such as buttercream. They smell so good, you’re probably going to be convinced to really whip up some scones.

Many brands have come up with their own version of what can now be considered a traditional favorite — Leaves. This beauty is a meld of apples, berries, musk and spices, which slightly differs from some of the others we have seen. Another attractive aspect is the amber glass in which the candle has been poured into, because it gives off the most ambient glow that is perfect for autumn.

Close your eyes and imagine you have jumped into the back of a truck filled with fluffy hay. Are you back in your childhood yet? This candle captures that essence, and combines it with birchwood, sugary sweet maple, and earthy amber. Now you just need a cup of hot chocolate with pumpkin Peeps on top.

Head to the Montana forest for an autumn getaway, without ever leaving your couch. The northwest fall scent is captured in this jar with 100% soy wax and cleaner burning cotton wick. The dominant smells are pine and spruce, which is appropriate for this region of the country. We can imagine this being a great in between candle for fall and Christmas.

We had to throw a Halloween one in here! While some witches brew candles can be more earthy, with mossy and patchouli like scents, this one is a bit less mysterious, as if crafted by a friendly witch. Smelling like a tasty cookie, you’ll get notes of maple, butter scotch, and vanilla! Now that sounds like our kind of witches brew.

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