Everything You Need for a Family-Friendly Halloween Spooktacular

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If your family loves the fall traditions of hayrides, apple picking, and pumpkin-flavored everything, it’s natural to assume they’ll love celebrating Halloween too, but some kiddos are nervous about a parade of strangers in scary costumes — and that’s really reasonable. Offer up some scare-free traditions this year, with all the party supplies you’ll need for a family-friendly get-together that is considerate of even the littlest guests.

Make the kiddos work for their treats with this fun spider pinata. Fill it with candies, or mix and match with a grab bag of Halloween goodies. It’s a fun activity to add to any kid-friendly party, especially for children whose birthdays fall on or close to Halloween.

The Halloween Host can’t be slacking in the costume department, and a not too scary costume, like a pirate, works well as a standalone outfit, as part of a couple’s costume for adult parties, or for a matching theme for the whole family to wear to kid-friendly parties or while trick or treating.

Fun for kids parties any time of year, face paint shines during the Halloween season as an easy way to get in costume. If your kiddo frequently changes their mind at the last minute, you can complete the transition from mermaid to unicorn to pirate princess with just a few strokes of the skin-safe paint. The crayon style applicator makes it easier for amateurs to get the design they’re looking for.

Host a carnival-style game at your next party, like this beanbag toss that’s sure to entertain guests both young and old. The cans are a little larger and lighter than standard soup cans from the grocery store, so even toddlers, properly supervised, can have fun stacking them up and knocking them down.

No need to cast a spell; these charming Halloween garlands let you deck the halls with a different kind of holiday spirit. This vibrant felt garland comes in an enormous range of sizes, from 4 feet to 20 feet, so you can make a small section festive or decorate the whole house. Done in minimalist design and fall colors, it’s not just for Halloween, and makes a delightful addition to a home all fall long.

If your community does trunk-or-treat instead of door-to-door knocking, you can decorate quickly and easily with a prefab kit, like this googly eyed decal that threatens to snap at any unsuspecting treat grabbers.

Capture and share memories with your phone or an instant camera, and you’ll have tons of material for a scrapbook. Keep these reusable props for the following year and you’ll have an easy way to track kids growth — and costume choices — through the years.

Entertain in style this fall with a pumpkin punch bowl. Serve something sweet for a kids party, or spike the punch bowl for an adult’s gathering. You’ll get tons of use out of this clear pumpkin; it’s just as serviceable for cider on Thanksgiving as it is for witches’ brew in October.

Host a crowd in style with this bulk popcorn maker and server. Your house will be the “it” destination for neighborhood get-togethers with this crowd-pleasing favorite. Set up a DIY station for kids — or adults — to add toppings or seasonings, and gather together to watch a movie or enjoy the pleasant fall weather outdoors.

Send home a mix of goodies with these Halloween-themed sandwich bags. Perfect for a classroom party or for filling with mixed goodies for trick-or-treaters, these charming baggies keep flavors separate, and make it easy to accommodate families with special dietary needs like food allergies. Just designate one bag design as nut free, milk free, etc., and you’ve let kids with allergies have just as much fun as everyone else.

If it’s your first year in a new home and you don’t know how many trick or treaters to expect, having non perishable snacks is a great way to go. You can buy in bulk inexpensively and they don’t expire, or tempt you into emptying the candy bowl by yourself. They also make wonderful and inexpensive party favors, are a break for candy overload at Halloween, and parents won’t have to screen for allergens.

A charming children’s story about celebrating Dia de los Muertos, this Pixar movie strikes just the right tone, with a family-friendly story about love, forgiveness, and chasing your dreams, that still features a mildly spooky climax that even older kids can enjoy.

Black bats, cats, spiders, pumpkins — this confetti maker carries it all. Pick up a few of each design option and you can decorate tables, scrapbook pages, and poster board. With a couple of glue sticks you’ll have an easy craft for a children’s party, or a way to let your little ones help you decorate for Halloween.

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