30 Perfect Stocking Stuffers for The Whole Family

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Christmas is coming, those stockings won’t fill themselves; Santa fills them of course, with the help of his elves. But you’ll have to give him a tip, of what to toss in there; they’ll truly believe Saint Nicholas was there. So grab your wallets, no need for the mall; dash away, dash away, dash away all! These refined and affordable treats, to be hung by the chimney with care, await.


Kids love to draw and color, no matter what their age, seemingly. Introduce toddlers to something other than electronics, with an activity coloring book that features various, and very festive, letters of the alphabet, along with other characters. While supervising, let them enjoy coloring with non-toxic, safe materials, or maybe even go crazy with some non-toxic glue and toddler safe decorating supplies.

While you probably wouldn’t want to turn toddlers loose with containers full of paint, it can be a fun bonding moment between parents and young ones, to partake in some face painting. Use this all natural formula, to create masterpieces on your little one’s adorable face, such as a snowman, or maybe even a Christmas tree. Save the leftovers for next Halloween!

Do you have a picky eater on your hands? Maybe Santa can help out with that, by dropping this gardening plate set in their stocking! The circular purple plate is adorned with greenery, while featuring various sloped surfaces. Instead of forks and spoons, kids can eat with “gardening rakes and shovels“. Turn daunting meals into magical playtime, and maybe you’ll inspire them to scoop up mouthfuls of healthy greens.

The toddler age can be a challenge, when it comes to what Santa should bring. Are they too small for this, too big for that? The in between of being a kid and baby can be tricky, so finding something that they love to wear can be a great option. This super comfy cozy crown is a fairytale touch to any prince or princess’ stocking. The snug band crown will help keep those sweet little heads warm during the winter, while making them feel like total royalty.

Inspired by a 1970s rock song, this little romper couldn’t be more cool or cute all at the same time. A little box of juice sits on a cloud in the sky, and it’s uniquely precious. fitting those up to 18 months, the outfit can be a good pick for toddlers who are a little difficult to shop for. Classic materials make for a soft and comfortable fit.

When those teeth grow in, it’s time to start brushing them! When introducing toddlers to the very first toothbrush, and child friendly toothpaste, this turtle toothbrushing timer will be a wonderful tool. Guiding them through the appropriate amount of time for brushing, it’s a practical yet toy-like gift. Maybe Santa will throw in the toothbrush and toothpaste too! We hear they have Paw Patrol sets now!


Baking soda, avocado oil, essential oils, and a list of other natural ingredients come together to create these colorful baths fizz balls for kids! But the fun doesn’t stop with a bubbly explosion of color—eventually, a toy, and an educational fun fact will emerge. The kids might be begging to take a bath right after digging into their stockings!

Do you have a little explorer on your hands? Then maybe a set of binoculars, specifically designed for kids, featuring educational insights, would be a phenomenal gift for them. Extra large lenses, and a spacious nose fit makes for a more comfortable experience for kids. Two times the magnification creates an exciting element when outside looking for birds, bugs, or other animals. Other features include a break away neck strap, and easy to spot coloring.

Generations and generations of memories lie within the game of Monopoly. Sure, you can consume an entire evening playing one round, but it’s an evening of laughter, snacks, and family bonding. We love the idea of Santa putting a travel size game in the kids stocking. Not only is it super cute, it will be something fun for them to take on an airplane, or on a long road trip to grandmas for New Year’s Eve. Take a trip down memory lane with your kiddos, or just enjoy watching them experience one of your childhood favorites.

Can’t you just see this giant edible gingerbread man peeking over the rim of the stocking on Christmas morning? Kids eyes will immediately be drawn to the mouthwatering wonder. The candy gingerbread man comes with a wooden mallet, and kids will get to smash them open to reveal other milk chocolate goodies, and gum drops! Not only is it a beautifully presented Christmas confection, but it’s an exciting activity as well, that looks magical enough to have been made by Santa’s elves themselves.

Honestly, these adorable mug buddy gingerbread houses would make a phenomenal stocking stuffer for anyone, whether they be coffee drinkers, or a little hot chocolate guzzlers. The entire stocking could be themed around hot chocolate, with packets of instant mix, along with unique marshmallows, and of course these cookies that sit perfectly on the side of a cup. You can actually find Lucky charms puffed marshmallows at Walmart, which would be a festive addition.

Mystery fantasy dough is as magical as it sounds! Plant-based dyes, compostable glitter and other mesmerizing materials come together to create various themed cups of dough, and kids can dig to the center of earth, find buried treasure, or go on other handheld adventures. This stuff really is gorgeously colored, and is something unique they may not have expected. This is way cooler than your average slime or silly putty.

Can you really have too much hot chocolate in the winter? We don’t think so! Thus we present the dino dig hot chocolate mix! Future archaeologists can dig through edible sweet cocoa, to unearth white chocolate dinosaur fossils! After they are done excavating, all of the contents can be dumped into their favorite mug, mixed with milk, to create a rich and creamy hot cup of cocoa on a snowy afternoon. Now that’s a lot of adventure in one little box.

Christmas paper is all over the floor, the kid’s bellies are filled with cookies, and they are digging through their stockings from Santa. At the bottom, they find a magical pair of Christmas pajamas, adorned with greenery and forest animals such as foxes. They’ll run to put on the new cozy pajamas, then will cuddle up on the couch with you to watch Miracle on 34th Street. Sounds like a perfect Christmas.


With smoky black beads, and a rustic feather charm at the end of the 18 inch necklace, this piece is a gorgeous addition to a teenager stocking. Perhaps they are growing out of the toy stage, and into fashion and other more grown-up things. Bourbon and Boweties has a large selection of elegant, and affordable jewelry that will stun and excite them on Christmas morning.

They may be teenagers, but they probably have not grown out of candy! Give them the gift of Bob Ross magic, with this tongue painting kit with vibrant neon colors. The candy paintbrush and tasty sweet powders will probably crack them up, and make the taste buds tingle at the same time.

If you’ve never heard of a hot chocolate bomb, you are truly in for a treat! Maybe the whole concept started in Santa’s workshop, or maybe that was TickTock. Regardless, these tasty magical spheres are adorned with a variation of sprinkles, and should be dropped into a mug, then have hot milk poured over the top. Once the velvety chocolate begins to melt, tiny little marshmallows rapidly emerged to the surface! We think these should be a standard Yuletide tradition.

Does your teen love to travel? Have they already checked a bunch of places off their bucket list? Or maybe they are gearing up to trot the globe in their future. The golden map has a black backdrop, and every time a place is visited, teens can come home and gently scratch off the destination with an eraser. This reveals a pop of color, that will just inspire them to keep going.

This mermaid inspired brush features colors of purple and turquoise, and also a unique easy to hold shape. The bristles are designed for all types of hair, and can gently detangle hair when strands are wet or dry. But the brush is a relatively small, practical addition if Santa needs some filler items for a stocking.

A beanie with built-in headphones might soon become an essential for anyone who likes to listen to music while walking to work or school on a cold winter day. The built-in listening devices transmit smooth and crisp sounds from your phone, and it’s a more comfortable option than trying to figure out how to wear a hat and headphones at the same time.

The thumbs up phone holder, can hold your smart phone in a variation of ways, while you listen to music or watch TickTock videos. Coming in a wide selection of colors, such as orange, purple, blue, or neon green, there is likely a color for every teenager’s taste. Keep in mind, this wouldn’t work too well with a smart phone that has a bulky case.


Muk Luks makes the most super comfy socks for wearing around the house on a snowy Christmas Day. Treat your baby’s feet with the softest softness, which also happens to be made of 67% recycled plastic. There is a variation of festive patterns to choose from, such as a sweater style heart print or buffalo plaid. Socks are always a great addition to any stocking.

Flaviar specializes in finding, educating others on and distributing impeccable spirit selections. Slip a distillery tour into his or her stocking, and literally leave them speechless! Whether they are already a tried and true enthusiast, or whether they want to learn more about incredible variations, this is one of those show-stopping stocking stuffers that keeps on giving. Cheers!

Not all jellybeans are created equal, Jelly Belly is proof of that! Their flavors often perfectly mimic the real thing, whether it be juicy pear, or a minty candy cane. While you can choose different flavor sets, the 10 flavor Christmas gift box is a diverse assortment of the candy company’s best festive flavors. Grown ups want candy too!

We love Grounds and Hounds, because they give back to animal rescues! But we also love them because they feature bold, flavorful coffee blends, like this organic snow day winter roast. Designed for you to enjoy on your couch with your fur babies, spouses are going to adore this stocking stuffer. Expect notes of dark chocolate, graham crackers, and ginger. We feel cozy just thinking about it.

Sure, you could get him or her a cozy hat, or you could get them one that features their favorite NFL team! For example, this bold Atlanta Falcons option is made of black and bright red fabric, and has the cutest pom-pom at the top. Of course, the best part is the logo of the team you’ve stayed loyal to for life.

Stockings have to have a good novelty gift inside! However, these super cute flannel beer insulators are more than just a novelty, because there are two layers of waterproof protection that will really keep those brews extra cold!

If your loved one has expressed an interest in getting into shape, or maybe they are already in shape and just love a good challenge, these fitness dice are great way to shake up a morning workout routine. Perhaps it’s something you could do together! Disclaimer – – we don’t recommend randomly tossing these into your spouse’s stocking, only to have them think it’s a hint from you to drop a few. Yikes.

No matter how comfortable you feel with each other, we don’t think any spouse can really say they enjoy the smell of the others, eh, excrement seeping out of the master bathroom. Therefore, heart shaped glitter toilet bombs were made! And they do exactly what you probably think they do, they eliminate the smell of poop, in the most magical way of course! The non-toxic septic safe hearts should be dropped in before you do your thing, and will disperse essential oils to mask any unpleasantness. Merry Christmas!

Traeger hot sauce is made with minimal, yet expertly crafted ingredients, to be the perfect complement to any meats or goodies you might smoke on your Traeger grill. However, the versatile hot sauce is delicious on eggs, or even dashed into a Bloody mary! Hot sauce bottles, along with tiny booze bottles, happen to fit perfectly into stockings.

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