29 Incredible Father’s Day Gifts

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Dads can get tired of the day in and day out rut, so treat him to a thoughtful gift this that encourages his to break out of the mold and have new adventures this Father’s day. Whether he needs a style refresh, new essentials to get back into a favorite hobby, or just a reminder of how much his hard work is appreciated, this list gives tons of jumping-off points for you to find a gift tailor fit to his personality.

Best for the Remote-Hogging Dad

Give dad’s man-cave a boost with this 32″ Smart TV by Toshiba. It’s easy to set up the internet connection, so in just a few minutes you can be streaming the best shows, or connect to your Amazon account and watch purchased or rented movies anytime.

Best for the Chef Dad

If dad spends a lot of time in the kitchen, this oversized wooden cutting board will see tons of use and be a valued addition to his prep and serve repertoire. The juice groove keeps countertops mess free while cutting citrus, melons, or other messy items, and the generous size makes it a great choice for a cheese board.

Best for the Old Fashioned Dad

Dad can host in style with this crystal decanter and double old fashion glasses. Made of lead free crystal, it’s safe to store liquor in this decanter. Handled with care, these will become a family heirloom that will last for generations.

Best for the Coffee-Loving Dad

If dad is a fan of the craft coffee scene, or just likes to watch the brewing process, Chemex is a stylish pour-over brewer that makes a flavorful cup of coffee, and lets the user tinker with time, temperature, and more, until they can get the perfect result, every time.

Best for the Bookworm Dad

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield’s memoir about his years as a pilot and, later, an astronaut, is an interesting book for any history buff, but his approach to planning, preparedness, and making the most of life makes for an enjoyable read for anyone.

Best for the Hobbyist Dad

If dad likes to work with his hands, this Lego brand ship in a bottle building kit offers a guided approach to a novel art form. With nearly a thousand pieces included, this build can even entertain the whole family.

Best for the Always Prepared Dad

A classic design from a trusted brand, this folding pocket knife is useful for every day tasks like peeling fruit and opening packages, and makes a handy companion for dads who like to hunt, fish, or enjoy spending time on their outdoor hobbies.

Best for the Comic-Loving Dad

Help dad power through those late nights or early mornings with this commuter coffee thermos. Keeps coffee or hot chocolate hot for hours, and the cool design options make it easy for dad to to show off his favorite characters and series.

Best for the Gone Fishin' Dad

This easy to use fish finder is an entry-level model at an affordable price, has a clear readout, and functions to 750 feet of depth in salt water. Highly reviewed, it’s a great choice for angler dads who love to spend a day on the water.

Best for the Golf Pro Dad

Save on fees and practice at home with this backyard golf net. Make sure you pick up a few practice balls- we like something with a strong color contrast, like Callaway’s Supersoft in Red Matte.

Best for the Grill Master Dad

If dad is master of the grill mark and prince of the fire pit, this barbecue cookbook from acclaimed chef Adam Perry Lang will reinvigorate his love of summer BBQ parties with creative techniques for infusing flavor and improving results.

Best for the Foodie Dad

There’s no better way to highlight the delicate flavor and texture of fresh fish and summer vegetables than cooking or serving on one of these salt blocks. Whether dad’s enjoying a backyard bounty or just showing off his skills at the farmer’s market, this is the perfect accompaniment to an alfresco dinner party.

Best for the Green Thumb Dad

Let dad show off those green thumbs with this 25 plant mini greenhouse. Get seeds started indoors while the weather is chilly and they’ll be ready to transplant when spring arrives.

Best for the Music-Loving Dad

Dad already is the best host around, but you can amp up his parties with this Bluetooth speaker. Cast from a phone, PC, or tablet, and you’ll never be without the perfect party playlist.

Best for the Bowling League Dad

Encourage dad to join that office bowling league he’s been wanting to check out. Accessories are inexpensive and it only takes a couple trips to the bowling alley before you’re saving a lot on those rental fees.

Best for the Bearded Dad

If dad doesn’t need the No Shave November excuse to rock facial hair, pick him up some quality beard balm so he can show off a soft and stylish look.

Best for Dads Who Stay Cool

Keep cool and refreshed even in the midst of a sweltering summer with a vented fisherman’s shirt from Columbia. Lightweight materials and open panels let the breeze flow, and roll up sleeves give this plenty of versatility.

Best for the Always-Outside Dad

Eyes need sun protection too! Whether he’s working or playing, these polarized sunglasses keep dad’s eyes safe from glare, and their ballistic safety rating means they may also keep him safe from flying debris; making them especially useful for wearing during outdoor chores like mowing the lawn

Best for the New Dad

For new dads looking for ways to bond with their kiddos, or who love to get out and about with their little ones and explore, this jogging stroller gives them tons of maneuverability and plenty of style, so they can get some exercise- and maybe even encourage little ones to nap.

Best for the Gamer Dad

If you’re looking for an unbeatable gift for the MVP of dads, this must-have game system lets you play at home or on the go, so dad can banish boredom on the commute, or school the kiddos at home.

Best for the Suave Dad

With notes of Medjool dates, Coriander seed, and leather, this Varvatos cologne is an intriguing and masculine scent that lasts for hours without being overpowering.

Best for the Cool Dad

Stylish and warm, this insulated men’s leather jacket has a classic look and a comfortable feel, so it will be dad’s new go-to. YKK zippers and 100% leather shell means that, with proper care, he’ll never need to buy another leather jacket.

Best for the Expecting Dad

Expecting fathers, new fathers, or experienced parents can all enjoy Dr. Greenspan’s engaging work on what all parents can do to encourage their kids to be curious, considerate, and to develop good decision making skills.

Best for the On-The-Go Dad

Just right for relaxing at little league practice or putting your feet up while grilling in the backyard, Amazon Basics XL chair holds up to 225lbs and comes with an mini cooler attached.

Best for the Dad Who Chose You

Dads in blended families deserve tons of love this father’s day. Whether through marriage or adoption, if he’s your dad by choice, he’s dad for life. Pick up one of these key chains for an every day reminder about what matters most in a family.

Best for the Outdoorsy Dad

If dad’s committed to his roughing-it roots, or just wants to raise kiddos who know their way around a campfire safely, this lightweight backpacker’s two person tent will let him bring a hiking partner to explore more of the outdoors with.

Best for the Dorky Dad

For a dad who can take a joke, this joke lets everyone know that the kids know you’re lying when you blame it on the dog.

Best for the Stylish Dad

If it’s been a minute since dad had a style refresh, surprise him with this standout watch in a neutral brown leather wrist band. Water resistant with a mineral quartz finish, it’s durable enough for every day wear, but stylish enough for an evening out.

Best for the Punny Dad

If everyone knows dad’s usual jokes so well now they beat him to the punchline, give him some new material in this book full of laugh-and cringe- inducing dad jokes.

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