Our Favorite Halloween Decorations in 2020

Spooky Season

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While we know that Halloween will look very different this year, it’s still possible to have fun, even if parties and traditional trick or treating adventures are going to be off the table. Turning your house into a mini haunted mansion, a not-so-scary spook zone, or a full-on haunted graveyard nightmare are all still possible, and injecting some extra festivity into the season is just what this year calls for. Whether you’re decorating for a big family of all ages, or are just wanting to make your apartment all the more spooky this season, we’ve collected our favorite decor options that will make your home meet its spooky season potential.

For the ghost host with the most, there’s nothing more effortless to decorate with than these battery operated ghost lights. Set up a decorative path or border, or use them to frame an inviting entryway. They make an adorable accent to your landscaping, as shown here.

Families can keep traditions going with these carving pumpkins, without dealing with the usual mess of jack-o-lantern work. A plastic pumpkin means you won’t deal with bugs, rot, seeds, or a messy disposal. Kids especially will love a carved pumpkin that lasts significantly longer than it’s natural counterpart.

Fun and festive, this Halloween themed blow up Minnie Mouse contributes Halloween cheer, and lends a seasonal air to your yard and home decor without frightening any kiddos. At just over 3 feet tall, it’s inviting, rather than imposing, and is perfect for families with children.

Target’s incredibly charming mantle decor is appealing year after year, and the presale for this year’s current offerings are already sold out; never fear though, a more extensive release is coming.

Durable, reusable, even shatterproof? Can we ask for more? Oh yeah, it’s also super cute! This ornament wreath is packed with color and textural depth, an inviting addition to any entryway.

This thing is massive. At 5 feet across it’s imposing to young trick or treaters, and arachnophobes of all ages, and the spooky light up eyes are truly creepy.

Kids can decorate their own areas with this pack of plaster Halloween figurines. Paint and a brush are included in the kit, and little ones will enjoy putting their own spin on the decor.

Spirit Halloween consistently offers animatronics that are creepy, reasonably priced, and work with a variety of control methods, whether you like freaking out your guests with manual operation, or taking advantage of every potential scare with automation or motion sensors. This freaky scarecrow may look like some festive fall decor in the daylight, but after dark he’s truly a menacing apparition.

Since Halloween in central Florida, like much of the south and west, usually involves temperatures above 80 degrees and oppressive humidity, these indoor/outdoor types of decorations are perfect choices for parties that may have to be moved inside rapidly if rain threatens or the heat is just too intolerable. Light and portable, they can be suspended in “flight” by being attached to a string via a drop of hot glue, then hung from a thumb tack.

Having some unique and handmade decorations can really help your home stand apart in the crowd, and these stylish wooden pieces are a fun way to break the mold. The set includes four pieces, available in both 9″ and 12″ choices.

These mini signs are a nice bit seasonal flavor that’s just right for indoor spaces. Perfect for adding a little touch of personality to kitchens, bathrooms, and more, they bring a whimsical note to any space.

Give little invaders a monster to conquer on their way to steal all your treasure, costume weapons only though please! This six foot dragon really sets a scene, with a swirling light effect to complete his fire-breathing fierce appearance.

A more petite dragon with significant savings on feed and upkeep, this spooky little skeleton is battery operated with realistic looking bones. Battery operated, it’s petite enough to keep indoors during poor weather, but plenty imposing enough to pull sentry duty outside.

Set the scene for your best Halloween looks yet with this oversized blacklight. Perfect for spooky reveals, like the hidden messages in a mini escape room.

I’ve written about how much I love these fall garlands from Etsy shop GracieandMarie before, and I’ll do it again. This entire year has been so awful and weird, and if it makes you happy to put up Halloween decor, or Christmas decor,  or Saint Patrick’s Day decorations, you should do it. There are a couple of distinctly spooky Halloween garlands available, with green and purple for that graveyard funk, but I love this classic fall arrangement that never fails to remind me that it’s Pumpkin Spice season.

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