The Best Christmas Decorations For The Most Festive House on The Block

Happy Holidays

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The holiday seasondoesn’t it it just bring a smile to your face? From hiding presents from nosey children, to baking what seems to be a never ending supply of cookies and perhaps the best part…decorating your home! Larger than life Santas, candy canes strewn throughout the yard and twinkling lights adorning the entire perimeter of the house – we just cannot get enough of holiday decorations. Which is why we created a list of our favorite (and over-the-top) decorations that will make your house the talk of the neighborhood! Check out the list below!

To really be the show-stopper on the block, you need to start with the front yard! Plus, what better way to start off a list of over-the-top Christmas decorations than a 7-foot reindeer sleigh steered by the jolly man himself! Illuminated by bright led lights and securely anchored to the ground, this lawn inflatable is the perfect statement piece for the holiday season.

What better way to invoke the whimsy of the holiday season than multicolored icicle lights adorning the perimeter of your house (or apartment balcony, been there done that)! With 8 different light modes to choose from and varying drop lengths, these string lights are sure to brighten up the block!

Nothing says over-the-top better than a life size nutcracker! A whopping 5-feet tall and adorned with a golden bugle and intricate gold swirl design, your house guests will think he’s part of the party.

If there’s one thing I love about the holiday season it’s candy canes…for my yard! The whimsy and sweetness just seems fitting for the holiday season. Have them light up and I’m sold (and you should be too)!

The front door is the entryway to the heart of a home, so why not make sure it’s fabulously decorated? Adorned with cranberries, pinecones and twinkling lights, this wreath is sure to be the best on the block.

Kids say the darndest things. And The perfect answer to the query “I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus” is none other than mistletoe of course! Plus it makes for a fun addition to any holiday get together.

There’s no such thing as too much garland during the holidays. From doorways to fireplace mantles, a beautiful piece of garland brings just the right amount of greenery to any living space.

Perfect for your patio or really any outdoor living space, these colorful christmas trees will bring the perfect amount of twinkle to any holiday decor collection! Powered by long-lasting LED lights, these trees are sure to be a showstopper!

While there’s nothing better than having a real life mama and baby trotting through your yard, having these light up lawn deer will still spark joy in your heart!

While nothing beats having a real christmas tree standing proud in the middle of your living room, sometimes you have to forego the real deal to its fake counterpart (darn you allergies!). If you’re in the market for a fresh, new fake tree this is a prime choice! Adorned with a tree topper and sprayed with a dusting of fake snow, it’s sure to be your piece de resistance!

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