10 Festive Holiday Cat Houses That Are Pawsitively Adorable

Meowy Christmas

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It’s Christmas time, and your cat wants to feel festive too! Sure, they are probably going to expect a stocking full of toys and catnip, but think of how excited they will be to see a cozy little nook to call their very own. Pet companies are getting crafty, more so every year. And while not totally new, there is quite the list of fresh holiday cat houses on the market. We’ve sifted through them all, to find the comfy and most snug cat houses that have that holiday sparkle!

Target has captured the coziness of Santa’s iconic sleigh! Watch Christmas Vacation together, while kitty sits inside her new house. Cardboard construction makes putting the house together quite easy, and cats love to stretch their claws with cardboard. A scratcher mat is also included, letting your cat follow its scratching instincts. The tree being toted around on top is the icing on the cake.

Let kitty experience the excitement of going to the theater around the holidays! Do you ever go see the Nutcracker ballet? This is probably the closest it is going to get for your fur baby. Two nutcrackers stand guard outside the tiny door, and a “now playing“ sign hangs above. Putting it together is just as easy as the one above, and it’s also made of cardboard.

This option is likely a bit more comfy and cozy for naps and bedtime. With a dome shape, cats will feel safe and secure in this soft bed. Aesthetically, it will delight cat parents alike. Gingerbread texture overlaid by frosting, and topped off with various bits of candy will not only treat your cat, but will add to your Christmas decoration.

Being the cheapest on our list, this cat house comes in under five dollars! Including a couple of scratch pads to encourage the right places to scratch, the house also folds down for compact storage. So you don’t have to keep it up all year round, when the gingerbread thing just doesn’t work. Yes, this house also has a gingerbread theme, with swirly twirly lollipops on the side.

The pyramid design of this little cat nook creates a comforting and secure atmosphere for both cats and small dogs. Given its shape, naturally the design resembles a Christmas tree! An included cushy pillow lines the bottom, and most cats likely won’t be able to resist! Beside the Christmas tree would be the perfect place to sit it. So festive!

Have an outdoor kitty? Or a neighborhood cat you like to treat? Then this outdoor kitty house is the perfect holiday gift. The exterior is made of a specific type of nylon that is water resistant, and will keep the interior toasty warm. Of course the fuzzy walls help! Two exit and entry doors allow for easy access, and the illusion of piped frosting and cookie goodness add that special touch.

Lights printed on the side, snow draped on the roof, and a chimney sits at the top—cats will love having their own holiday cottage, where they can escape the mayhem of the festivities. Inside, there is a scratcher pad to encourage healthy habits, and another bonus is a cute catnip toy. Set up is really simple and easy.

A cushy comfy padding sits at the bottom of this dome cat bed. The opening is larger than the average, so fluffy can get in and out with ease. Cats up to 12 pounds will find the space to be suitable. Red and white candy canes contrast festively against the bright green background of the washable fabric.

Customers have a choice of a bright red Santa hat with fuzzy ball on top, or a Christmas tree with tiny dotted ornaments and a star! Both are super adorable. What makes this bed particularly stand out, is that the Christmas tree or Santa hat top can be removed, to reveal a simplistic bed. So if your cat isn’t completely feeling the enclosed thing, simply move it for the time being.

This cat house looks like it belongs in Santa’s Village. With a brick design, and the illusion of piled up snow, there won’t be a cozier place for your sweet kitten. A plush pad sits inside, and is removable. The sides are fuzzy and warm for those chilly winter nights. And if going to other family members houses for the holidays, the bed is lightweight and travel suitable.

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