Sip Into Summer With This Colorful Floating Wine Glass

Rosé All Day

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Stay summer ready with your favorite beverage in this floating glass. Made of a shatterproof acrylic, you’ll never fear breaking it around the pool deck, and it’s perfect for lounging in a raft all summer.

Available in one-, two-, or four-packs, these glasses come in a variety of vibrant colors, so everyone can easily tell which drink is theirs. The spike base also makes it a wonderful beach companion.

Unlike zip-up drink insulators that get coated in sand and tip over easily, wasting your drinks, the ball-and-spike design keeps your cup upright and easy to access, without getting wet or sandy, or running the risk of spills.

Since it sinks into the ground as easy as a tent stake, it’s also the perfect companion for sitting around the fire on that next camping trip or for tailgating before a sporting event, provided you’ll be on grass, dirt, or gravel. The 12-ounce capacity is just right, given that these glasses aren’t insulated; you only want to pour as much as you’ll drink before it gets warm.

Review Highlights:

“These glasses are perfect for the pool, hot tub, spa. I was worried that they wouldn’t stay upright, but they do. Excellent!!”

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