Everything You Need to Know About Fresh Skincare (Plus Top Products)

Brand Basics

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If you’re a beauty and skincare aficionado, you’ve probably heard of the brand Fresh. I got a sample size of the Soy Makeup Removing Face Wash from Sephora with my foundation purchase a few years back and was obsessed with it. The smell, the texture, the quality – everything felt fabulous. Keep reading to learn more about Fresh, where to get it and our favorite products.

When was Fresh launched?

Fresh was founded in Boston in 1991 by Russian immigrants Alina Roytberg and Lev Glazman. The couple wanted to create products that felt as good as they smelled, something they believed the beauty industry was lacking at the time. Alina and Lev strived to create a comfortable, open atmosphere in their apothecary, like you’d find in Europe food bazaars. The store’s first offering was a soap they hand-wrapped themselves, and 30 years later, the rest is history.

What started as a simple, small collection has turned into a full line-up of cleansers, moisturizers, masks, serums, exfoliants, face mists, lip balms and more.

Where can I buy Fresh products?

Fresh has three upscale boutiques you can visit in-person to fill up your basket with all the brand has to offer: in New York City, Costa Mesa, California, and Los Angeles, California. You can also find the products at Sephora, BlueMercury, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus and directly from the Fresh website.

What’s the inspiration behind Fresh products?

Fresh is all about combining ancient beauty rituals with modern science to make your skin feel its very best. The founders took stories and traditions from their childhoods in Russia–such as their grandmothers putting sugar on scrapes when they were children–or ones they’ve experienced during their travels. The lightweight, whipped moisturizer Crème Ancienne is based off of the world’s first cream formula that was made in the second century by a physician to Emperor Marcus Aurelius.

Where can I learn more about ingredients?

Fresh skincare is formulated with no parabens, MIT/MCI, formaldehyde and formaldehyde donors, BHA, phthalates, silicones D4 & D6, hydroquinone, triclosan or triclocarban. The company says it does not test on animals. and it bans hundreds of harmful substances from production. You can read about commonly used Fresh ingredients–like black tea complex, rose and vitamin C–by clicking here.

Shop Fresh Beauty's Top Products

Speak of the devil! The Soy Face Cleanser is a double trouble formula that cleanses your face and removes the most stubborn of makeup. pH-balanced and sensible for all skin types, the cleanser has borage seed oil, rosewater, cucumber extract and soy proteins. Reviewers rave about its gentle feel and how it doesn’t dry your skin out, all while washing away your razor sharp wing and Colourpop eyeshadow look.

Nighttime is when our skin recovers from the events of the day and repairs itself. Getting those eight hours is extra important because that’s when our skin is more receptive to nourishment. The Lotus Antioxidant Night Moisturizer utilizes the powerful properties from the Super Lotus flower so you wake up with healthy, hydrated skin.

Brown sugar isn’t just for your favorite baked goods. The Sugar Lip Polish Exfoliator removes dry flakes with only a swipe, which is great to have on hand as we move into the cooler weeks. I often use a lip scrub paired with a lip balm before I start my makeup to ensure my entire face is moisturized and ready to roll. This also makes a lovely stocking stuffer – it’s never too early to start thinking about Christmas gifts!

The Vitamin Nectar Glow Face Mask packs quite the (fruit) punch. 50% orange, lemon and clementine paste, it exfoliates your skin and acts as a gentle chemical peel from the AHAs, which stands for alpha hydroxy acids. You want to be very careful when using chemical peels. This guide from Healthline goes in depth about AHAs versus BHAs (beta hydroxy acids) and which you should be using, based on your skin type/concerns.

The Black Tea Firming Peptides Serum boots elasticity and defines for a more sculpted look. One reviewer said she’s almost 74 but her skin doesn’t look nearly that old. She raved about Fresh’s Black Tea products and credits her improved appearance to their potent ingredients. Squeeze a few drops into your palm and apply to a clean face in the morning and at night.

This convenient roller perfume is fruity and sweet with gorgeous floral packaging to boot. The scent has notes of lychee, grapefruit, Italian lemon, lime blossom, sandalwood and more. The lychee fruit, if you haven’t physically tried one, tastes similar to a strawberry or pear with a bit of citrus. Fresh co-founder Lev says he wanted to reinterpret the essence of sugar and add an exotic twist.

Flower power is the key to Fresh’s Rose & Hyaluronic Acid Deep Hydration Toner. The gentle alcohol-free formula hydrates, softens and tones so the next step in your skincare routine is a snap. Pour onto a cotton round and sweep on your face and neck. Use twice a day for maximum results. And of course, the bottle is absolutely gorgeous and looks beautiful no matter where you put it.

Start your day off on a delicious fruity note using the Hesperides Grapefruit Bath & Shower Gel. The citrus fruit extracts, vitamins C & E and shea butter make for a luxurious experience with every shower. The foaming formula softens skin and is easily dispensed through a pump.

Seaberry Revitalizing Shampoo is suitable for all hair types and even protects color-treated hair. The formula, made with nourishing omegas, seaberry and moringa seed extract, promotes healthy-looking hair. Reviews say it’s very concentrated and you’ll only need a dime-sized amount for an average head of hair. One buyer wrote that their hair is fuller and easier to manage after using this shampoo.

I’m a sucker for a face mist, even though I already own way too many. Fresh’s Vitamin Nectar Antioxidant Face Mist is alcohol-free, citrus-scented and the perfect pick-me-up throughout the day. It’s also good to use right before applying your foundation and after you’ve completed your look.

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