8 Funny & Cute Coffee Mugs for Mom

Mom Approved

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It takes a real boss to survive motherhood. If you’re looking for a funny and practical gift for a mom in your life, a cute coffee mug can act as her morning reminder that she’s got this all covered.

The most relatable sentiment shared by moms across the globe. Mommy probably needs a shot of espresso in this.

If Mom prefers coffee to tea, keep it warm and brewed just the way she likes it. Remember, “pregnancy brain” is a real thing, but if you were count on it going away after delivery? Guess again. So do yourself a favor and invest in a mug that keeps your drink warm, even if you aren’t sure where you left it this time. It can also help keep your tea hot while it steeps with this infuser and lid combo.

Shouldn’t moms get all the cutest accessories? Mom has great style, but wearing haute couture sometimes doesn’t jive with the yoga pants and messy hair vibe she’s rocking these days. Let her keep her fashion sense on display with this travel tumbler by Kate Spade.

Ever graceful and knows how to lay down the law? If that’s your mom this is the mug for her. When they have to be, moms are unstoppable. Make sure you let her know that applause is the least everyone should do when she walks in the room.

“Mom” and “Superhero” are interchangeable after all, and you know what they say? Nobody has ever seen Mom and Wonder Woman together in the same room.

Sometimes Mom is the biggest football fanatic in the house Mom makes it to every practice, every game, and every training camp. Help her keep warm all season long with this football themed mug.

“Chaos coordinator” may feel like it’s the most apt job description these days, but remember moms are so much more than that! And on those mornings when nobody can find their shoes, brush their own hair, or make it into the car on time, remind mom that we salute her and her greatest weapon: Caffeine.

ONLY get this for the mom with a great sense of humor…you’ll thank me later. Ideal gag gift for a sister or friend who is side by side in the parenting trenches with you; it lets her know you’re both in this together, and you’re both doing okay.

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