24 Gadgets Every Dad Will Geek Out Over

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Dads are notoriously difficult to buy for. They’ve got all the necessary equipment for their favorite hobbies already, and in our desire to give useful, functional gifts, we may stray too often onto the boring bath. Venture into new territory with these 24 gadgets and find something perfect for him, whether it’s for work or play.

Let’s face it, Dad is already used to having to yell for someone to turn off the lights they left on. At least with this Alexa enabled smart plug, he knows someone’s listening, and will actually do what he asks the first time.

Dad may have a full set of reliable tools for heavy-duty work, but what about everyday tools? A good flashlight, pocket knife, and pen to carry every day makes small tasks simpler and more enjoyable. A great choice for everyday use, this Fisher Space Pen writes in extreme temperatures, underwater, at any angle, and in zero gravity.

Help Dad stay prepared for anything from emergencies to overseas trips with this travel water sterilizer. Works in less than a minute, and eliminates over 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, and protozoa. Requiring only AA batteries, with an expected lifetime use of 3000 liters, it will keep up with him on all his adventures.

Help Dad free up outlets while keeping family and overnight guests comfortable with these snap-on lighted outlet covers. Provides an energy efficient night light that is noticeable without being overpowering while sleeping. For dads with children or grand kids, remove the temptation of plug in nightlights; there are no obvious bulbs to interest young children in this flush mounted plate.

Holding the flashlight while Dad worked was a time honored tradition, a way for kids to help without causing more problems along the way. Show Dad you’re there for him in spirit with this head lamp flashlight.

Convenience and security are front and center with the Z-Wave Connect smart lock by Schlage. Set up temporary access for guests and housesitters while traveling, verify lock status while away from home, and even ask Alexa to make sure you’ve locked up for the night. You can also still use a key with this model, making it an excellent option for those who worry about locking their phone in the house by mistake.

If Dad is the designated chaperone for loud family outings, help him protect his hearing, and his sanity, with these noise-blocking ear plugs. While it won’t guarantee he comes home from school dances without any complaints, at least those complaints shouldn’t be about the ringing in his ears.

Perfect for dads creeping up on retirement age, this single eye telescope is great for golfers, helpful for birdwatchers, and can give hunters and fishermen the edge over their quarry. Get up close and personal with 10x magnification in a light, compact tool.

Dad may not be up to date on the latest Xbox releases, but he can bring out this vintage controller set and school the younger generation any day. Reviewers love that they can once again play classic games like “Dig Dug, Metal Slugs, Donkey Kong, Galaga, Pac Man copycats, several street fighters, Super Mario brothers” and more.

Create and express yourself with this Wacom drawing tablet. Animate, paint, edit photos and more with a perfect tablet for artists just beginning to transition from paper or physical media to digital art.

All the adrenaline of the skate park without the risk of a hard wipe-out, let loose with this bluetooth robot, perfect for all terrain stunts and tricks. Interchangeable accessories mean you can take Ollie offroading, or change configuration to learn to drift like professional racers.

This Lego building kit is a perfect weekend project for Dad and the kids; build a working crash stunt car with pull-back engine, or build two and set them on a collision course for maximum destruction.

Give Dad the tools he needs to be the life of the party! This Bluetooth speaker has a 100’ range and is sand-proof and water resistant, making it perfect for warm weather entertaining outdoors.

Great for work or play, these noise cancelling earbuds with background noise dampening microphone means Dad can switch seamlessly from work calls to jam sessions. Perfect for workouts, the earbuds magnetize to the neckband, so your flow is never interrupted.

Put Dad on the set of his favorite sci-fi with this Samsung smart watch. With app access, texts, and bluetooth calling, it has every feature he needs, and with mobile payments through Samsung pay, he can easily pop in to the corner store for errand-running on the way home.

Boy scout or not, Dad always helps us remember to “Be Prepared” with this 12 or 24 hour forecast station. With breakdowns for humidity, pressure, temperature and more, this home weather station is perfect for anyone interested in meteorology.

Timeless and fashionable, Dad can bring back one of the most consistently cool vintage accessories around with this pocket watch. This manual wind-up watch never needs batteries, and dual enclosure openings mean the mechanically inclined can watch the interior actions work.

A statement piece for an office or den, this glass and water barometer is a perfect juxtaposition of art and science. Entertain and intrigue friends and family with a demonstration, and watch ambient pressure make the water rise and fall ahead of stormy weather.

With ten included tools and the option to attach it to your keychain, there’s no reason not to keep this versatile multi tool on hand. Reviewers say this pocket tool is useful for everything from computer repair to emergency roadside car maintenance.

Stop the anger and frustration that comes with cleaning out your car with the one of a kind Stop Drop. Dad won’t be rooting around between the car seats for his keys, wallet, phone, loose change, or fries from 1997 anymore.

Dads have to have the best toys. He’ll be the coolest on the block with this Bluetooth enabled hoverboard. Rides for up to 60-75 minutes and up to 6mph, he’ll have no trouble keeping up- or setting the pace- during outdoor excursions.

Keep fine, delicate parts from getting lost during close-up work with this magnetic wristband. Perfect for those who tinker, whether with robotics, computers, RC cars or drones, or any other engineering type hobbyist who doesn’t want to spend another minute searching for lost parts on hands and knees.

Dad may have the eye of a seasoned renovator, but help him double check his accuracy with this digital tape measure. Perfect for estimating costs or calculating budgets for cabinetry, flooring, paint and more, it saves time and money while making some of the less enjoyable tasks involved easier.

Whether Dad enjoys hunting, fishing, gardening, or expanding his cooking repertoire by experimenting with meal prepping, this vacuum sealer lets him safely marinade, portion, or freeze his creations.

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