21 Game of Thrones Gifts to Memorialize the Final Season

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Game of Thrones is a worldwide phenomenon on both page and screen, and as the series comes to a devastating end its popularity is at a peak. This is the perfect time to shower those who love the show with collectible Game of Thrones gifts, especially if they’re mourning the loss of their favorite characters!

"Love comes in at the eyes."

This eye shadow pallet is inspired by the strongest women in the seven kingdoms. A mix of 20 shades, from jewel tones to earthy neutrals, you’ll find exactly with what shade you’re looking for.

Send a raven with the help of your favorite character.

A Funko Pop Pen Topper is the perfect way to show off your fandom at work or school! Choose your favorite Thrones character or collect them all!

Take the Iron Throne everywhere you go!

Keep the Iron Throne close with this Game of Thrones Tervis Tumbler. The same great quality Tervis is known for, decorated with the most coveted piece of furniture in the Seven Kingdoms.

A doorstop just as strong as Hodor himself.

A pun in and of itself, this Hodor doorstop will be a great talking piece in your home or workplace. It also makes for a hilarious gift any Thrones fan will appreciate.

Display Longclaw proudly above your hearth!

For extreme Jon Snow devotees – Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, The White Wolf, King Crow – is this life-size replica of Longclaw, his Valyrian Steel sword. This sword is intended for display purposes only, it is an official licensed HBO product and collector’s item.

A cup fit for a proper ale!

Enjoy a proper feast like a true Wildling with this authentic horn. Polished to an ideal smoothness, this horn is natural and will be uniquely one-of-a-kind. It is handcrafted from 100% natural buffalo horn and is an authentic replica of a medieval style drinking horn.


Any Mother of Dragons will adore this set of Dragon Egg Candles. Keep in mind these are models of the petrified dragon eggs from the show, they’re not as large as the ones Daenerys hatched, are unscented, and will not, in fact, result in real dragons.

A 3D card they won't soon forget.

Opt for an excuisite 3D card to celebrate any Lord or Lady’s Name day. You’ll have a number of characters and scenes to choose from, including the Night King and Viserion, The Iron Throne, Euron’s Ship and others. It’s the perfect accompaniment to any GOT gift.

Even the most fearsome need snacks now and then.

If you love Oreos, and you love Game of Thrones, it doesn’t get more perfect than this. Add these limited edition Game of Thrones Oreos to your pantry. Share with others or, in true GOT fashion, keep them all to yourself.

Go back to where it all began.

Remember, “a mind needs books as a sword needs a whetstone, if it is to keep its edge.” Share your love for the Game of Thrones book series with someone who is ready for a little sharpening.

Tyrion said it himself, everything is better with wine in the belly.

Keep your wine, ale or mead at the perfect temperature with this insulated stemless wine tumbler featuring one of Tyrion Lannister’s most popular quotes. Available in a variety of colors, show off your wit and intellect while simultaneously filling your belly full of wine.

Toast your victories in style!

If stemless isn’t your style, this classic wine glass featuring the Lannister sigil and Tyrion’s “I Drink & I Know Things” quote may be more to your liking. As a bonus, the purchase comes with a free bottle opener.

Arm your beauty arsenal.

These makeup brushes are adorned with iconic emblems and house sigils from Game of Thrones, and will make your morning routine feel nothing but royal.

After all, Winter is Coming!

This reversible fleece throw blanket features the Stark Sigil on one side and Targaryen on the other. The perfect mix of Ice and Fire, it will keep you warm until the long night ends.

Your reign has only just begun.

A classic game with a medieval twist, Game of Thrones Monopoly is a new take on the real estate game you played in childhood. Intended for adults, takeover Westeros one castle at a time.

An iconic quote with many uses.

Spoken by our favorite bow-wielding Wildling, Ygritte constantly reminds Jon Snow that he’s not as smart as he thinks he is. This “You Know Nothing” cotton shirt comes in two colors, and is machine washable.

Sport your house colors every day.

Adidas and Game of Thrones have partnered to make these unique running shoes available in a variety of house colors from the show.

Choose from a variety of styles.

The addidas x Game of Thrones Ultraboost running shoes are available for men as well. Popular versions include the Night’s Watch, White Walker and Targaryen colors.

Show everyone how you got so strong.

In season 8, this moment instantly became one of the most memorable from the series. Tormund’s giant’s milk story is easily a fan-favorite and this t-shirt makes for an excellent conversation piece.

Proudly fly your GOT house banner, my Lord.

Show where your loyalties lie by flying the banner of the house to whom you’ve sworn fealty.

Test your patience with this intense puzzle.

If you’re a GOT fan that loves puzzles, these 3D Dragon Egg puzzles will give you hours of entertainment. The set includes Drogon, Rhaegal and Viserion. Once completed, they double as beautiful decorative pieces for your home or office.

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