Top 15 Garage Organization & Storage Solutions To Save Space

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We spend so much time organizing our pantry, cabinets, and laundry rooms, that it is really easy to overlook the dirty, cold garage. But the garage deserves love too, and can actually be a really cool, and well-utilized space. Far more than just a place to park your car, a garage can become your toolbox, gardening hub, or just additional storage. We’ve compiled a list of various products, that will help maximize the usable space while keeping all of your equipment protected and easily accessible. Keep reading for inspiration to truly transform this part of your home.

A garage organization staple, these ultra-tough shelves, made of durable steel, can hold up to 1800 pounds of stuff. Wire shelving creates the ability to hang, clip and customize to fit various storage needs. Assembly is relatively simple, with straightforward instructions that are overall quick and easy to follow. Five shelves, that are 24 inches deep, will allow you to organize holiday decorations, tools, and other garage essentials.

Ceiling mounts clear stacks of boxes off of the garage floor, giving them a more secure place to reside, without the risk of toppling over onto your car. Use care, and follow the instructions thoroughly when installing ceiling mounts, or even consider having a professional put them in place. After installation, you’ll be able to utilize a ladder, to cleanly put away holiday decorations, store memories, or other items you may not need to access regularly.

Many garden tool organizers exist, but utilizing a pegboard method allows organizers to bring a traditional element into the garage. However, this particular thin pegboard is made of metal, so therefore it is much more sturdy, and can support larger yard essentials, such as a weed eater, or blower. Customize with metal hooks, so you can perfectly hang each item, spaced in the way that you need. Choose from a large selection of colors, from more bold purple, to nice and neutral beige.

Baseballs, basketballs, tennis rackets and other yard sports equipment can be difficult to organize, and often just end up rolling aimlessly around the garage. Put a stop to out of place equipment, with this steel sports rack, which features bins, hooks, and shelves. There is a space for everything, from badminton birdies, to jump ropes. Easy to assemble, this rack will round up multitudes of items that might be contributing to the clutter vibe the space is putting off. Easily roll the cart to reposition it whenever needed.

Installing a rack into the drywall of the garage can be a little bit unsettling. As hard as we try to find the stud, sometimes things happen, and we end up with a big hole in the wall. Eliminate the worry all together, with a freestanding adjustable bike rack that is made to last with its powder coating. The particular hook style can accommodate mountain, road, fat tire, and regular leisure bikes. Each hook can support 45 pounds, bringing the overall weight capacity to a grand total of 90 pounds. That’s 90 pounds of weight that won’t be on your walls.

Coming in with three wood grain laminate finishes, this practical, yet really good looking fishing pole rack, will keep your favorite rods protected and organized at the same time. Notches for the handles sit at the base, and a clip on the top portion gently holds the rod in a secure position. With a capacity to hold up to 16, there’s a good chance you will have a little bit of space to grow your collection, whether you are a fly fisherman, or the kind of person who likes to sit at the end of a dock, on a bay.

Made of steel, this pegboard comes with everything you need to organize odds and ends. Even the mounting hardware comes in the set. Over 20 hooks let you customize the set up, whether it be a wall of your favorite and most used power tools, or craft supplies such as wrapping paper, scissors, and ribbon. As with most pegboards, this one is quite versatile, and you can mount it either horizontally, or vertically.

While specifically made to clip directly on to the FastTrack system rails, this basic hook is an overall easy, inexpensive, and solid way to organize a garage. By simply and cleanly lining hooks evenly down the wall, piles of tools suddenly become an easily accessible assortment of gardening essentials, ladders, and so on. Keeping items off of the floor also keeps them safe, and in better condition.

During the summer, or just in between ski sessions, protect your expensive equipment, with a mounted ski holder. The design can securely and snuggly clip in basic skis with a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds. Covered in padding, clasps prevent any damage or scratching from taking place on the surface of your super cool designed snow gear. In addition to keeping four pair of skis elevated safely off the ground, there’s also a place to put poles.

With a super simple design, this nylon strap hanging device is absolutely genius. Line the two straps up when installing, and easily slide, for example, camping chairs through each parallel loop. The design is also ideal for storing umbrellas, or other awkwardly shaped, long items that you just haven’t found the right method for. Being able to hold up to four items, you will no longer have to deal with dusting off floor dirt from those chairs when arriving at the baseball game.

Don’t let those valuable drills just get tossed around in a tool bag. Mount this handy drill organizer either directly on your wall, or on a pegboard, to keep electric drills lined cleanly and securely for easy access when you need them. Doesn’t it always seem like there’s a reason to use a power drill? The top shelf is ideal for placing and charging batteries, rather than having the charger sitting randomly on top of your chest freezer.

If one thing epitomizes garage disorganization, it might truly be the dreaded extension cord. How do all of those knots actually happened? Extension cords are a necessity, so it can be extremely frustrating to dig through a pile of mangled mess, especially when you were in a hurry. The fix is actually quite simple, and it’s these super straightforward, basic straps, that hold the cord in place, in a neatly rolled position. Hanging it, is as simple as placing it on a pegboard.

When involved in a project, and you need a very specific screw or nail, it’s never fun to go on a several-minute journey through various jars and boxes in the garage, to try to find what you need. With 39 drawers, this ultimate screw, bolt and nail organizer just makes sense. Life will be a lot easier with the exact sizes needed being at your fingertips. Either sit the bin on a table or mount it on the wall with provided hardware.

Do you have prized shoes that you cannot bear sitting on a basic garage shelf? Protect those beautiful sneakers, or special edition tennis shoes, with these storage shoeboxes, that also look pretty cool! A magnetic handle secures the slightly translucent front, to keep shoes looking their best, rather than tossing them in a messy row on the garage floor. This is also a neat way to show off cool shoe designs, that can be incorporated into the overall garage look. These boxes are stackable, and can be arranged in a variation of ways.

A lot of folks have a garage refrigerator, because we all know how quickly the interior one can fill up, when adding in all the necessities, such as bottled water, canned drinks, fruit, cheese, milk and so on. Organizing your refrigerator is easier than you might have thought. You just need a way to stack things, while still being able to see everything. Made of clear shatterproof BPA free plastic, these handy stackable fridge containers have handles so you can easily move one out of the way to get to something else.

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