Everything You Need for Your First Garden (The Complete Beginner’s Kit)

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Whether inside or out, creating a small garden space is a smart way to start honing in those planting skills. Opting for a smaller space to grow veggies, flowers and herbs can allow gardeners to not become overwhelmed, and those who live in apartments or homes with tiny yards can take part as well. We’ve rounded up a list of great products to get this project going, and some bits of creativity that you can build off of, to imagine your own magical, even mini, first garden.

Shovels, rakes, watering tools and gloves—49 pieces come in this perfect gardening starter kit. A tote bag is included to carry around all of the essentials. So if you’re starting from square one with your mini paradise, this is a great purchase that covers most bases. Green thumb not included!

The Nest Raised Planter by Crescent Garden has a sleek modern appearance that can be enjoyed either inside or out. Plant with favorite herbs or ornamental beauty and enjoy the combination of sleekness, simplicity, and nature, of course. Made with resin plastic and strong metal legs, a TruDrop reservoir resides inside, to allow self watering for days, if you’re going out of town, or just have a lot going on. Plant Addicts also offers loads of unique plants and garden accessories.

Ascending four feet, at an angle of a small ladder, the vertical planter is ideal for small apartment patio gardens. Five large containers sit on each of the tiers, creating a visually pleasing, compact place to plant all of your beloved greenery. Like a cascading waterfall of beauty, the practical planter is also food safe, so enjoy fresh tomatoes, basil, lettuce and peppers, even if in the city.

Further maximizing space, we have a total vertical, five tier planter that can house 20 different plants. Once everything is poking through the soil, the stacked pots become a mesmerizing nature piece. Also ideal for those interested in beginning hydroponic gardening, a central hose line is situated in the center, and each plant pocket is designed to drain well to prevent over watering.

Create a living wall, which would be stunning against a wooden backdrop, spruce up a sad fence in the back yard or add a fragrant pop of color to your kitchen. With the ability to hang perfectly from a wall or flat surface, this durable, corrosion resistant planter has seven pockets for filling with whatever your green thumb desires.

A great garden deserves a breathtaking pathway, which winds through all of the living beauty. Using the mold, boring concrete is transformed into an age old cobble pathway. While it looks more costly, the only added expense is the mold itself. Work gradually and use your creativity to decide which way the path will twist and turn.

A heavy duty, difficult to manage digging tool isn’t necessary when planting a smaller garden. Despite its appearance, this small landscaping knife can perform heavy duty tasks, from cutting through grass with its smooth blade side, to sawing roots with the jagged edges of the other. Super handy and multifunctional, it’s a gardening must have.

During the day, the brass tones from this gorgeous solar crescent moon makes for a majestic accent to any green space. When night falls, illuminating light casts a sparkling pattern on anything nearby. Solar lights are a practical, sustainable way to add a literal twinkle to your space, while also slightly lighting a pathway. We love this unique version of the typical, boring plastic solar options.

A good hose is definitely essential for all foliage needs, big or small. Our pick is solid, flexible, anti -kink and durable through all the seasons. Some hoses would crack in a season or two, but this one is supposedly made to last. The material is also lead free, meaning you can safely take a sip of water straight from the hose on a hot summer day.

Nature’s Care organic garden soil is of course organic! It’s made from all natural materials, while being designed to hold moisture. Because of this, the soil helps conserve water, while also containing nutrients to feed plants for a couple of months while getting started. The great part about this soil is that it’s versatile, just mix it with a little native dirt from your own backyard.

Fertilizer can be a scary term when growing edible plants. But there’s no need to fear when using this organic option made from ingredients such as kelp. The blend is packed with nutrients to help give veggies and herbs the best start possible. One round of this stuff will feed new little sprouts for around two months.

Wow! That’s a lot of seeds! Thirty two variations in fact, which contain everything from melons, brussels sprouts, lettuce, peppers, beets – – that barely tips the iceberg. This is the ultimate starter pack when looking to plant a vast assortment of vegetables and fruits. Importantly, these seeds are heirloom, meaning they are non-GMO or hybrid.

Did you know sunflowers come in more colors than one? This pack comes with over a dozen varietals, that can bloom in red orange or the traditional yellow. These cheery flowers can grow up to 7 feet tall, making for a stunning border to your mini garden. These in particular are non-GMO, and are pretty easy to plant.

SillySeeds are designed to be fun in  presentation, so they are a precious gift for someone else, or even for yourself as you start up your little garden. The packaging is cartoon-like and really cute, but this pick is equally as practical. Each seed is non-GMO, and non-hybrid, so you’re getting the real thing. Enjoy dinosaur kale, tomatoes, radishes—a wide assortment of great starter veggies will be yours to sow. Recipes will thank you.

While this watering can is made of stainless steel, it’s been given a timeless copper coating. Copper is both trendy, and ageless as it will add beauty to any garden space. However the stainless steel construction is practical and will resist rust. The small size is just what you need with a beginner’s garden. The gooseneck spout makes it super easy to reach the base of house plants or outdoor rooted vegetation.

Cow manure – – it’s one of the unglamorous sides of gardening. But Black Cow is quite different, as it’s been composted and has zero odor. Folks didn’t just throw a little poo on their crops for no reason back in the day, manure adds loads of microbes and nutrients to a variation of soil. If you live in Georgia with that dense red clay, manure can break it up and allow plants to grow more easily, and if you live near the beach with more sand in the earth, Black Cow will help add substance.

Attract fuzzy little bees to your garden with a cozy tube dwelling they can call home. With 60 slots, buzzing little fellas can find refuge in your garden, while helping pollenate at the same time. Made with bamboo, the structure is naturalistic in appearance, and will last hanging outside for about two years.

Can it be a garden without a gnome? Sure, but these iconic lawn figures add a touch of whimsy. Not your average gnome, this meditating fella can be great inspiration for a garden yoga session, or perhaps just a more relaxed evening outside enjoying a glass of wine. He holds two textured glass balls (or cracked glass), that illuminate thanks to the power of the sun.

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