Get Kid-Friendly Meals Delivered with Little Spoon Subscription Box

Dinner Is Served

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Picture this: it’s 5 p.m., your workday is over, and you and your partner are brainstorming what to make for the kiddos tonight. Instead of stressing about what ingredients are in the fridge and if your children will actually finish their food, why not let a subscription box do the hard work for you? Little Spoon caters to babies, toddlers, and big kids alike, delivering fresh and convenient meals that don’t skimp on quality.

Baby food sold in stores is often heavily processed and riddled with preservatives. In fact, a Congressional report published in early 2021 highlighted how popular baby food brands contain dangerous levels of toxic heavy metals. Your kids deserve more, and that’s where Little Spoon comes in. The company works with pediatricians and experts to develop meals for every stage of your baby’s growth. It uses an FDA-approved food safety technique – cold-pressure rather than heat pasteurization – for its Babyblends and Smoothies, so they stay as fresh as possible.

How Much Does Little Spoon Cost?

Parents can choose from four different food and drink categories, depending on the age of their little one. 

  1. Babyblends: organic baby food for every stage of infancy, start at $2.74 each
  2. Plates: finger foods/meals for toddlers and big kids, start at $4.99 each
  3. Smoothies: for kids of all ages, start at $2.50 each
  4. Boosters: vitamins and remedies for babies, $5.99 per pack (5 sticks in a pack)

What Kinds of Food Does Little Spoon Offer?

Let’s get into more specifics for these eats. The Babyblends are sorted into different stages of your baby’s life: solids, multi-ingredient, complex blends, and transition meals. Solids include dependable flavors like Pear, Peach, Apple, and Sweet Potato Carrot. When your infant is ready to transition to table meals, why not try Barely Vegetable Minestrone and Ancient Grain Banana Coconut Cream Pie? Everything is 100% organic with non-GMO ingredients.

Plates, meanwhile, are ideal for both toddlers and bigger kids. The picky eater-approved dishes are freezer-friendly and ready to eat in 90 seconds. Popular choices include Chicken Super Nuggets, Broccoli Bites, Chickpea Spinach Dippers, and Cauli Croquettes. There are hidden veggies and superfoods on every plate, without any unhealthy artificial stuff. Little Spoon says their biggest fans of the plates are usually kiddos up to age 8.

The smoothies are free of preservatives and make the perfect on-the-go snack wherever life takes you and the fam. Choose from flavors like Sun Butter + Jelly, Cookies + Cream, and Golden Apple Pie. Lastly, the Boosters are vitamins and remedies for common health needs. The Sniffle Shield gives your child’s immune system a boost, while Poopie Power helps alleviate constipation. One stick is equal to one serving. 

Can I Build My Own Personal Menu?

You can customize which meals you want and how many you’ll get, or choose from pre-made plans to make purchasing a snap. The menu rotates, and new items are added every month, so your kiddo will always get the chance to try something new.

When Will My Meals Ship?

Your delivery will ship one week after the order is placed as long as it’s placed by Saturday at 6 p.m. ET. Otherwise, it’ll ship the following week. All future orders ship every two weeks like clockwork unless you make changes to your account. Little Spoon ships throughout the continental U.S. and is currently unable to ship to Alaska or Hawaii. You can pause, skip, cancel or edit your orders at any time. 

How Are Little Spoon Meals Delivered?

Each and every order comes with a layer of insulation and adorable ice packs (or dry ice, depending on the season) to ensure your goodies stay fresh in transit. All the packaging is curbside recyclable: the boxes, insulation, and dividers belong in the paper bin, and any plastic can go in your plastic bin.

Can My Meals Be Sent to Other Places Besides My House?

Yes! This is a flexible feature of Little Spoon made for the busiest of parents. You can have your order delivered to your work, a family’s home, another address, or a hotel.

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