25 Gift Ideas for Friends Fans

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Friends dominated the sitcom scene from the 1990s into the early 2000s. Six friends live in the same New York City complex and get into plenty of shenanigans – – that’s the storyline. Today, there has been a resurgence for the beloved show. Younger generations have taken a hard-core fandom to the characters. So likely, most everyone has heard of it. Do you have a Friends fan in your life? We have come up with the ultimate list of gifts for them.

Welcome your “Friends” with an adorable mat that not only is just downright cute, but practical too. Keep your floors tidy and your favorite television memorabilia on point.

Deck the halls with this completely Friends themed stocking. Phrases from the show are on parts of the trim, and the center is filled with plenty of recognizable icons from specific episodes.

Since facemasks are still a thing for now, why not have a little fun with it? Depending on your mood, you could pick either one of the styles. One welcomes human interaction, and the other might help repel any friendly strangers.

Vinyl records are being given second life! Artists are able to etch out a specific logo or theme, using it as a background for a cool vintage clock. Friends of course is one of the themes. Because sometimes it’s nice to have a good ole fashioned clock on the wall!

Add to your ugly Christmas sweater collection, and your Friends collection at the same time. The acrylic material is comfortable and quite wearable, while the printing is meant to adhere strongly. So you can wash the sweater on cold. Just dry it with caution, on very low heat.

Quilts are coming back! And even more so, those with relevant and themed designs. Why did quilts go out of style anyway? It’s so cool that different fabrics and clips of cloth can be sewn together into one awesome blanket.

Smelly cat, the infamous couch moving scene and the staple coffee shop hang out are all featured on these subtle and rustic coasters. Six wood laminate coasters come in the set, and have been laser cut for precise graphics.

It just makes sense that every fan should have the complete series. Walmart notoriously has complete seasons and movies for great prices. And of course they have Friends, too!

Every adult should own at least one pajama set that is a single piece, featuring a backdrop bottom. Why not indulge in the super soft jammies, with various icons from friends? We kind of like the fact that there are foot openings, so you can pick cute socks and not feel confined.

So there are even hand creams out there, themed after the show! Featuring scents like golden raspberry and honeysuckle, the moisturizers are downright delicious smelling.

Here we go falling for another rendition of Monopoly! But it’s so fun to play different renditions, which always have really cool stylized game pieces and boards. Sometimes, the rules are even changed up to make it fit the theme even more.

While there are many Central Perk coffee mugs out there, we love the look of this oversized one! If you’re not feeling coffee, fill it with a favorite cereal or even ice cream!

Spend countless hours with thousands of Legos, re-creating the favorite coffee shop hang out on friends. Sure, it’s tedious, but any true fanatic would enthusiastically take on the challenge.

These aren’t just any colored pencils, just look at the packaging! When you open up the pencils, take a little time to go through all the hilarious color names.

Coolest make up bag ever! Featuring the iconic yellow peep hole from Monica‘s door, we love the subtle nod to the TV show. Of course, this is just a handy pouch, and can be used for anything.

Everyone needs a good hoodie, and what better than one with all the Friends, with umbrellas? Two stripes on each sleeve add a sporty touch, and overall this is quite fashionable for men or women.

This would be great to give along side the sweatshirt! Let them know that you’ll be there for them by using the famous quote from the intro song. The blanket is super soft and made of toasty warm flannel, and it’s extra large for extensive snuggling.

Give them the gift that keeps on giving, for a few days at least. Yes, a friends advent calendar does exist, and is filled with plenty of memorabilia from the show.

Just a tiny little coffee cup lip balm would’ve been precious enough. But it is Central Perk themed! The set comes with three—two vanilla and a strawberry.

Who truly knows everything about Friends? Only time, and a few rounds of this trivia game, will tell. Have a themed watch party sleepover, with plenty of snacks, Friends merchandise, and this game of course.

Take your Friends to the office! With this 2021 calendar that features lots of funny photos from the show. Even some stickers come in the package, to mark important dates or just to have a little fun with.

Do the socks not say it all? When someone attempts to crash your watching session, just prop your feet on the coffee table – – no words needed.

Even people who don’t watch the show probably know this phrase. How you doin? It’s basically universal. So this t shirt is an absolute essential for your Friends apparel collection.

Do you have a Rachel to your Monica? For fans of the show, there isn’t a better way to let someone know that they are your best friend. Enjoy countless fun nights with these wine tumblers, that come in a lovely range of colors, even rose gold!

What does a Monica candle smell like, you might ask? Fresh clean linen! From the hilarious description of her character on the front, to the surprisingly crisp and relaxing aroma of the candle, we think this is the cherry on top to all the friends inspired gifts of our list.

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