15 Purrrfect Gifts For Your Favorite Cat Lover


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Gifts for the cat lover in your life don’t need to be just variations of catnip hiding toys or shreddable cat condos; these cat-centric curations can show your love without involving stuffed mice.

Who said cats can't be "Man's best friend?"

With profiles on cat devotees from Twain, to Hemingway, to Andy Warhol, you’re sure to find a way to work in that there’s a new “man’s best friend,” and it isn’t just your opinion.

Your home security system would prefer a comfy spot to keep watch.

Obviously they’re the supervisor at home, but this windowsill perch clearly shows they’ve got their eye on the entire neighborhood.

Cats can be pretty demanding when they're hungry, make sure they are always fed.

For pets whose willpower needs exercising, this timed six portion automatic feeder lets pet parents plan and schedule regular meals and snacks for any cats who are less than reliable about self control.

A pair of cat ears completes any ensemble.

While it won’t make you as happy as having a cat to cuddle, this poncho, available in a range of colors, will keep you warm until you can come home to your favorite lap-warmer.

This will no doubt keep kitty occupied...

This mock fish tank is an interesting conversation piece, particularly when that conversation gets around to your cats hours-long habit of watching illusory prey flicker inside this LED tank. The only fish tank that guarantees even the most successful hunter won’t have a chance to cause harm.

Keep your fur baby's ninja skills at tip top shape.

A treat for any small pet, this tunnel gives cats an opportunity to stealth, spring, and pounce, and remind us all how lucky we are that they’re small, and on our side. Mostly.

The world NEEDS to know about the daily life of your favorite feline!

This tongue in cheek guide to harnessing your pets powers for fame and fortune will provide hours of entertainment, complete with step by step guides to being the “momager” your darling requires, to how to handle the inevitable flood of star-gazers swamping your block for their change for a selfie with your pawsome best friend.

Game night just got way more educational!

An exciting twist on an old favorite, Cat Bingo highlights the diverse array of cats across the globe ranging from the unmistakable Sphinx, to the Cornish Rex, and even displaying some, like the Toyger, that will leave players in disbelief, and eager to learn more about the amazing variety of cats.

Keep your outdoor space warm in the colder months, your cat will thank you.

For the indoor-outdoor cat who entertains al fresco, this propane patio heater opens outdoor spaces to extended entertaining options, while ensuring a warm and cozy gathering.

This will no doubt bring hours of entertainment to both you and your fur baby.

This automatic laser cat toy provides hours of entertainment for furry friends, and besides those cats that can play fruit ninja on an iPad, the closest we’ll get to seeing our pets as actions stars in the latest spy movie.

They probably won't like it, but keeping your baby safe is what really matters.

Sometimes, despite their protestations, the safest place for a cat to be is indoors. Whether Halloween, 4th of July, or the annual neighborhood block party, confinement is the best option. This reflective safety vest helps ensure that any escapees are easy to spot and return to their cell block.

Don't lie, you know you've thought about this before.

Comic Matthew Inman is web famous for his off-the-wall humor, and devoted work on behalf of animals. His first-but not last- pet themed comic series will leave pet parents cackling at the wacky antics of the most adorable murderers any of us keep as houseguests.

Cute, useful, but might make your real cat jealous.

This soft night light holds a full charge through the provided USB, making it a great choice for spaces where access to outlets is limited, or in children’s rooms where childproofing is key. With no dangling cords, it lessens any temptations for any real cats who might be jealous of exactly how adorable this cat night light really is.

Have you ever thought your cats would be amazing art subjects? Turns out they are.

A play of motion and shadow, this set of vinyl cat appliques makes a thoughtful memento piece for those who have loved many pets throughout their lives. We could also see it gracing the walls of pet foster parents, who open their homes to animals in need, until they are ready to be loved by forever families.

Indulge your kid's love of all things cats.

While your cat loving kiddo can’t bring any furry stowaways to school, it’s easy to subtly bring up their best 4-legged friend with this cat themed conversation starter. Bonus- you might convince them to actually drink water if it is offered in this adorable line of kid themed bottles.

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