40+ Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers

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We often ask “What do you get the person who has everything?” rhetorically, but with pet parents, we know sometimes it’s true; no gift is going to compare with unconditional love. Go with the next best thing; a gift that they can share with their four-legged best friend. Dogs are universally loved! According to various studies, 63 million households have at least one dog. So this leaves quite the need for lots of great dog products. Which ones are the most essential? Which ones are just rated really well? We’ve come up with the ultimate list of must-haves for dog lovers. And you can grab most of them on a budget.

Gift ideas in this article:

Travel Accessories for Dogs
Health & Wellness Gifts for Dogs
Keepsakes for Dog Lovers
Feeding Gifts for Dogs
Dog Toys & Play Time Gifts
Practical Gifts for Dog Lovers
Dog Safety Gifts
Dog Training Gifts

Travel Accessories for Dogs

Give high energy dogs the opportunity to work hard and play harder. Daypacks make a great training tool, allowing dogs to carry their own treats, water, and toys with them on long walks. This comfortable daypack comes in three sizes to ensure adventures aren’t bounded by the size of the dog, but by the size of the desire to explore.

While dogs love our adventures, and we love having their company, an unsecured dog in any car runs a risk for every other occupant, as well as themselves, in any emergency. These crash tested harnesses allow greater peace of mind during excursions.

Quickly clip these to leashes, belt buckles, or stow in your pet’s pack to have an easy way to keep them hydrated while on long walks or hikes. If your pooch companion of choice is large enough they can even carry their own full sized water bottle in their pack.

If the collapsible water bowls tend to be a bit messy, this dog water bottle is the solution. By the press of a button you can release a little water into the bowl and for quick hydration.

Health & Wellness Gifts for Dogs

If your pet is a compulsive grass consumer, offer them this healthier option by growing wheatgrass at home. Humans know the health benefits of a wheatgrass smoothie, but dogs actually enjoy eating the stuff. Satisfy their desire to chew, consume plant matter, and regulate their digestion, but substitute in one of nature’s healthiest options.

Greenies are made with healthy ingredients rather than artificial goop that most of us just don’t want to give our dogs no matter how clean it makes their teeth. Dogs typically go crazy over the taste, and will enjoy several minutes of tasty chewing time.

Quickly dip each paw into this handy cup cleaner to remove mud and dirt before letting pets back into the house. Trust us, it will save much more work.

Nothing is quite as cringing as seeing a dog scoot their a little tush across the floor. Emptying anal glands manually can cause damage, so the first and best route is to provide fiber and nutrients that let dogs do this naturally. These chews can help.

These Fish Oil treats offer quick results for any pet parent looking to give their pets a health boost. They are grain free, sustainably made in America, and have no artificial flavoring. Fish Oil offers a boost to hair, skin, and joints, and these supplements also contain Vitamins C and E, as well as Biotin for a healthy coat of fur, making them particularly useful during spring and fall sheds.

ThunderShirt has spawned a cult following, and anyone who has had success with these calming jackets knows exactly why. Like a warm hug, ThunderShirt wraps around your pet, providing a swaddling embrace that serves to calm them down through loud noises or unusual situations that often find our pups anxious and afraid. Available in sizes from 7lbs to 110lbs, there’s a solution available no matter how big the fur baby you need to console.

Keepsakes for Dog Lovers

Most dogs are sloppy eaters. Water dribbling from their cute little chins, and food getting flung everywhere. So have a personalized food bowl mat made for them! We like the simple design of this one. So cute.

Show who’s top dog in your life with this desk photo frame. Available in a variety of complementary tones, it comes complete with clay paw print molding kit or ink pad for a personal signature.

Feeding Gifts for Dogs

For dogs who require consistency in a world where we can’t always guarantee it, this programmable feeder lets pet parents know their babies get dinner on time, even if the train home is a half hour late.

Do you have a big time chewer on your hands? Plastic toys can be toxic, and you’ve probably already experienced the tragic end of many stuffed squeaker toys. Try something natural and heavy duty like a horn or antler. (Warning–horns are kind of stinky.)

The Furbo Camera may look like a way to video chat with your pets, but its versatility extends far beyond that. With a refillable treat dispenser, automatic barking sensor complete with push notifications, and full 1080p video plus night vision mode, you’ll never wonder what’s going on at home again. Soothe pets at home wherever you are, and get early warning about deliveries, workmen, or guests coming and going.

Dogs can gobble food down too fast causing an upset stomach, or weight gain. A slow feeder bowl can help control things so fur babies can realize they are full before eating too much. This is a super cute slow feeder, and can also be a fun thing for dogs who bore easily.

Whether it be the holidays or not, charcoal can have benefits for your pup. Charcoal can bind to toxins in the stomach, so if ingesting something that doesn’t agree with them, these can be soothing.

If you’re looking for a brand of dog food that is full of nutrients and real ingredients, this is a great option. Keep in mind, when switching your dog from another food it needs to be done gradually. Slowly mix in the new food with the old food. It’s always a good idea to talk to your vet before switching as well.

Amazon’s Pet Prime Boxes offer the chance to try before you buy, so you make sure that new mealtime and snack discoveries are pre approved. They come in a variety of wet or dry food options, and have a current promotion that applies the cost of a subscription towards a purchase of anything included in the pet box, making it a great risk free trial.

Snuffle mats are meant to have kibble or treats sprinkled within them. Dogs can then practice natural forging skills which can reduce anxiety, while relieving boredom.

Play Time Gifts for Dogs

Beat the heat without the space and time commitment of a hard side pool, and no need to worry about pet nails colliding with an inflatable, because this collapsible pool doesn’t require inflation to offer a cool, calm, relaxing spot for your pooch to lounge.

Treat your pup each month with BarkBox. Each box includes two toys, two all-natural bags of treats and a chew to keep them busy. Each month has a cute theme for each box to offer plenty of varivety.

Of all the Kong balls out there, this one might be the best. Fill the interior with kibble, or small treats while pups burn out energy trying to knock the deliciousness out.

Practical Gifts for Dog Lovers

During warm months, many pets may seek out cold flooring to help them cool off, but sleeping on a cold hard surface overnight may aggravate joints, especially in older dogs. Raised beds eliminate those issues by allowing airflow to pass on all sides of your pets, helping keep them cool while staying comfortable.

A good sturdy leash is an absolute essential. Not only is this one comfortably padded, it has an extra loop near the base for added control. Reflective material also helps keep you both safer at night.

For those who need a gentle reminder to “wipe their paws,” this oversized pawprint welcome mat is sure to get the point across. Durable, washable, absorbent, and non-skid, it’s the solution to stopping mess-making before it gets through the door.

A lot of dog beds are on the market, and a lot of pet owners will likely admit their dog never uses theirs. But that was before the ultra snuggly, comforting doughnut cuddler. A few different brands make these, and pets love them.

Exercise pens can be used to protect your dog when you can’t watch them every second, while offering more space than a crate. When the Christmas tree comes under attack by your furry baby, these gates can be ultra handy for creating a Yuletide saving barrier.

Dog Safety Gifts

Kiss those bucket/basket pet car seats goodbye. With a backseat hammock, pet parents can keep seats clean and pets safe. Seatbelt holes allow collar clips to be secured into the actual seatbelt receptacle.

A fan of the hammock backseat cover? Well these are the type of seatbelts that go great with it. Clipping in to the actual seat belt receiver, pets will stay secure and safer while on the road.

Anyone who’s ever worried about their dog while at work will appreciate the ability to check in at any time thanks to a live stream camera.

Make it easy for your pet- and you- to be seen by motorists, cyclists, and other pedestrians whenever you go out for an early morning or late night walk with this 6ft LED leash, available in six colors and with multiple light patterns, including strobe effects, to ensure maximum visibility.

Do you have an escape artist dog? These are the dogs that need harnesses the most. Ruffwear has two designs that are phenomenal for those wiggly pups. The webmaster is a solid option, but so is the flagline design. An extra belly strap adds security, and a handle on the back is great for helping dogs with mobility issues.

A crate cover is under $30 and adds a much-appreciated dose of comfort for your pups.

Scotchguarding carpets makes it 10 times easier to clean up mistakes. The spray protects fabrics and absorbent materials with a faint film, and can keep those surfaces safe for months. Eventually you will have to reapply.

Mistakes happen, mattresses are expensive, so we recommend a mattress cover that is waterproof. Made from bamboo, beds can still remain ultra soft instead of having some gross plastic liner underneath the sheets.

Poop scooping is no fun task. Keep yourself as far away from excrement as possible with this long handle rake and handy flip bin. Scented bags line the poop holder, so you can just tie it up and toss it out after cleaning up the yard.

While not the FURminator brand, this deshedding brush works similarly. Carefully stroke your pet’s coat with this handy metal device to remove a lot of excess hair. It’s surprising how much fur you can keep off of the furniture. It works great for short hair breeds like pugs as well.

Dog Training Gifts

Have you ever tried clicker training? The super affordable device just clicks, and eventually pets will associate the sound with your commands. They will also know that when listening they will get a treat. It takes a little bit of time to train them with this, but it works.

Distilling years of experience and thousands of hours of training into an easy to read guidebook, Cesar Millan outlines a step by step approach that dog owners of any stage will find invaluable. This step by step manual is a great choice for first time pet parents, or anyone with a new puppy at home.

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