21 Best Gifts for 8-Year-Old Boys This Year

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At 8 years old, boys are definitely becoming more mature in many ways, while being able to further develop sports and other motor skills. While this is an age where they are getting a little bit closer to more grown up thinking, they are quite inquisitive typically, and still love to play. Buying gifts for 8-year-old boys can be a ton of fun, as toys more simple or complex in nature will work. Read below for awesome gift ideas for 8-year-old boys.

Does your kid have an iPad? If so, this genius starter kit will help them develop critical skills for different levels of learning. Challenging puzzles, numbers, words and drawing prompts come together to enhance those parts of a child’s brain.

Parents no longer have to deal with those glow in the dark plastic stars being stuck to their kid’s ceiling, only later having to try to chisel them off. Projecting countless multicolored stars, this dome is the easier way – – and it’s less permanent. Rooms become far more magical at night, during a movie, or while playing in a blanket fort. Images also move, via the rotation of the device.

Get your boys outside with the power of remote control vehicles! Designed like one of the off road beasts that are often driven through the desert or mountain roads, your young ones will have a ball running this thing through the backyard, over rocks and so on. The actual vehicle is charged via USB, and the remote takes basic batteries.

Three, two, one … blast off! Let them live out their inner NASA expert, with this rocket launch pad. Three foam rockets come in the set, with a foot stomp blaster can send the rockets as far as 200 feet into the air. Many scenarios can be created in their imaginative minds while sending each vessel into the sky.

Inspire wonder in your child by giving him a globe. However this isn’t just any globe, there aren’t any names on the continents or countries, nor are there other markings. Using a smart device kids can scan specific icons to learn more about that area. And let’s just say it goes far beyond looking at names.

Have you noticed that your kid has a little bit of an inventor spirit in him? Legos are already great for kids who like to create, but this particular set has a focus on creating gadgets and gizmos. From robots to fun mechanical pieces, there is much to be invented.

OK, so we’re pretty sure most kids dream of having a robot at some point in their childhood. As the decades go by, the designs get more intricate. Basic technology is incorporated in this adorable electronic toy. Use the provided remote to direct various tasks, or try out the hand gesture detection program. Pretty cool stuff.

This isn’t just a one and done type of robot toy. Up to 13 different kinds of mechanical beings can be created. From the boat bot, to a fun dog robot, there is much to be explored and crafted.

Drones are intriguing, and this one is great as an introduction to young kids. Toss it up into the air, and it will begin to fly! By placing hands near, the flight direction can be influenced. The drone will move away from objects or hands.

A hilarious spin on the Rockem Sockem robots, these little ninjas have tons of personality, and hysterical weapons like spatulas and boots. Train them for 14 different battle styles with hand gestures! When they are duking it out, they can detect which “weapon” the other is using.

Create your own Nissan GTR Nismo, with the power of Legos! Detailed replica pieces will wow the car enthusiast in your life, and then they can play with it if they want to! However, it may be a collectors piece that adds a touch of cool to their room.

Halo has been taking the world of young boys by storm for years. And it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere! The Infiniti Sword is a critical symbol and tool from the game, and this building kit allows kids to construct  their very own.

There’s nothing quite like getting outside with a simple ball and bat to play a round of baseball or softball. Classic for ages, it’s a game that will live on indefinitely. This oversized bat adds a little bit of ease to hitting the ball, so anyone at any age will have a lot of fun getting outside and playing the game.

Another classic, a football toss, will also get your young boys outside. Coming with a target that can be hung or stood up, players will have to try to nail the target with the football. Come up with your own scoring system and just have a good time.

We can all agree capture the flag is an iconic childhood game. Well the folks over at Starluxe Games just gave this classic an extreme makeover that your 8-year-old is sure to love! This award winning, glow-in-the-dark set is sure to keep the kids entertained until it’s time to call it a day.

Laser tag no longer has to be experienced only at the arcade. While various home laser tag toys have existed over the years, some are pretty low rated and don’t work really well. Well these are rated great, and can be a fun way to play tag inside or out.

OK so this may seem like a pretty simple gift, but you might be surprised how much your 8 -year-old boy will appreciate it. Toss the ball around, and read prompts that will provoke conversation about various parts of family history. Honestly, adults will really have a great time with this one too.

From the Astros, Mets, Yankees to the Bears, your kid will be in total sports heaven when he sees his bedding that features his favorite team. When he jumps in to snuggle in for the night, the exterior printing will give the illusion that he’s swinging the ball bat in a major league game.

Like beer making kits dads would receive on their birthday or other gift giving occasion, this root beer kit is amazing for kids. All of the ingredients including sassafras and other natural substances are included to create the most tasty batch of root beer that the family will have ever had. What makes it better is that your kid made it.

S’mores are great—s’mores with personalized art on the marshmallows are even better! This set comes with edible paint, and a brush so 8 years old can adorn dessert with rocket ships, robots or his very own name.

Doesn’t every kid need to own some type of Nerf product? Even though these devices can be incredibly annoying indoors, they are a lot of fun outside. Veering away from the typical gun design, is an out of the box bow . They can practice archery skills, pretend to be a tactical movie character or just go wherever their imagination takes them.

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