15 Gifts for the Grandparents Who Have Everything

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My childhood was filled with road trips to visit my grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles. Those are some of my most treasured moments. I would give anything to play another game of Yahtzee with my grandma or visit IHOP before anyone else is awake with my grandpa. They were both incredibly frugal, but that didn’t stop us from spoiling them with gifts on their birthdays and special occasions. Sometimes it may feel like you’ve gotten everything for your grandparents and have run out of ideas. Keep reading for practical, fun options that add joy to their daily routine.


Grandparents never like throwing anything out, so a battery charger lets them use AAs and AAAs over and over again on their trusty remotes and flashlights. The unit plugs into the wall and has a flip-down plug, so it’s easy to stow away in a bag for travel. There’s also a cut-off function to prevent overcharging. Remember, this only works on rechargeable batteries, and they must be charged in pairs!

Okay, hear me out – nothing beats actual paper books and the feeling of holding one in your hands. But a Kindle can hold thousands of books, and the text can be made really, really big, so grandma and grandpa don’t have to struggle to read. The Kindle Oasis, which comes in gold and graphite, has an adjustable warm light to shift the screen from white to amber and just looks gorgeous. The interface is easy to navigate, so even those who aren’t too comfortable with technology can enjoy it. The device is even waterproof, so there are no concerns about spilling.

Next up is the vintage bookshelf edition of the classic Chess game. The fabric-wrapped exterior is stylish, elegant, and a welcome addition to any living room shelf. The game includes 32 pieces, 16 black, and 16 white, and two fabric storage pouches. When grandma and grandpa are done playing for the day, they can conveniently fold it back up and display it with other beloved books.

If your grandparents are starting to struggle with joint pain, the Cuisinart Electric Can Opener takes away the stress and does the work for them. Simply push a lever down to activate the sharp, stainless steel blade. A sturdy base ensures no sliding or tipping. The gadget automatically shuts off when the can is open, and voila, you’re ready to cook! The lever itself comes off for effortless cleaning. It comes in traditional black, silver, or stainless steel.

Another excellent kitchen find, the Fullstar Chopper and Slicer lets you cut veggies in the included storage tray with no mess left behind. It has a space-saving design that fits any kitchen but still holds up to four cups of carrots, squash, zucchini, onions–whatever recipe is on the menu for the next family gathering. There are four different blade options: small, large, spiral, and ribbon. The possibilities are endless. When dinnertime is over, it can be disassembled and put on the top dishwasher shelf.

The Skylight Digital Picture Frame is a new way to connect with loved ones. Uploading treasured family photos is simple: plug it in, connect to WiFi, pick a unique email address for the frame, email the photos, and they appear instantly on-screen. Skylight requires WiFi to upload new photos, but you can still view current photos even without an internet connection. The cutest thing about this frame? There’s a “heart” button so grandma can “love” a photo by tapping it, and Skylight will email you to let you know.

When it comes to traveling, comfort is a big priority. The MLVOC Travel Set includes a memory foam neck pillow, eye mask, earplugs, and a black bag to hold all of the goodies. The pillow has sweat-resistant fabric for comfort during long flights – especially for those who suffer from neck pain – and the eye mask and earplugs add to the luxurious experience. The bag has a strap that snaps onto luggage, so attaching it to your carry-on is a breeze. Travel will never be the same.

Bedsure Satin Pillowcases might be best for grandma, but who knows, grandpa may start to love them too! These pillowcases boast a whopping 239,000 reviews on Amazon, with 73% of those five stars. Their delicate fabric helps to reduce hair tugging during the night. Experts say satin isn’t as drying as cotton, so it’s an easy way to help maintain your skin’s hydration. The envelope closure stops the pillow from escaping while you sleep, which is an added bonus. The pillowcases come in 22 different colors.

Want to give the gift of seeing birds up close? The Window Bird House Feeder fits on any plain glass window, giving the ultimate access to our fluttering friends. It’s made up of a giant viewing window, four sturdy suction cups, and a sliding food tray with two compartments–a mini bird buffet. People of all ages can enjoy the feeder, and it’s especially nice for older folks because it’s easy to put up and easy to fill up with food.

Fumbling around with traditional lamp switches and knobs can be difficult with arthritis. The 3-Way Dimmable Touch Lamp from BesLowe takes the stress away. There are three different brightness levels that can be activated by tapping anywhere on the metal base and dual poles. The base is made from heavy rust-proof metal to avoid wobbling and has two USB ports and an AC outlet. The lampshade, made from linen, comes in a cream color and white.

Games are a hilarious and fun way to bring the whole family together, especially during the pandemic. Do You Really Know Your Family? is a unique experience for kids and adults alike. The game has cards with interesting questions, conversation starters, and challenges that will reveal who truly is the most competitive. It’s recommended for children 8 and up.

Here’s another game to add to your grandparents’ assortment. It’s no secret that many grandparents like to reminisce with their kids and grandkids! This game will help foster that fun with open communication by asking questions you may not have even considered asking grandma or grandpa.

OK, so maybe grandma and grandpa already have a doormat. But do they have one that is lovingly customized by their grandkids? This doormat is made of premium quality coconut coir and uses anti-fade UV ink, so it will hold up against lots of little kiddo dirty shoes.

As we get older, that crick in the neck has become peskier. Grandparents who suffer from soreness in the neck and shoulders can enjoy this relaxing neck massager from Shiatsu. It even comes with a car charger and a home power adapter so they can use it on the go.

Grandparents who love a tidy home but can’t lug the old-fashioned vacuum around anymore will love this gift. The iRobot Roomba vacuum will do the hard work for them. This model has WiFi connectivity, runs off an app, AND is compatible with Alexa – making it even easier to use.

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