14 Gifts for Someone Who Has Lost a Cat

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Loss is a terribly difficult thing to deal with. Sometimes it’s hard to know what to do at all. When a friend, family member, or even an acquaintance loses a cat, sometimes a small gesture goes a really long way in helping them heal. Every person is different, and finds comfort in different types of things. Maybe they are the type of person who wants something very subtle, or perhaps they want to go to great lengths to create a memorial. Regardless of this, there are numerous thoughtful cat memorial gifts that can offer condolences to someone for who recently suffered the loss of a fur friend. Keep reading for our suggestions of various sympathy gift ideas that might bring a smile despite the difficulty of loss.

Those who have lost their precious feline can recreate their most treasured photo, while attending a virtual painting class. There may be something quite therapeutic in crafting a portrait of their pet, and at the end, they will have a keepsake that they created themselves! The recipient will get an entire kit, with elegant watercolors and a canvas. For 90 minutes, an instructor will guide them through the process of transferring a favorite photo into a meaningful work of art that the family can appreciate forever. This one will probably belong above the fireplace.

Jewelry is an elegant gift for anyone who has recently experienced a loss. It’s something they can use, and keep close to their heart, during the healing process and far beyond. This cuddling cat jewel pendant is just a very pretty and comforting feline presentation. One bronze and one sterling silver cat are intertwined together within this beautiful and subtle necklace. The use of two different metals creates a beautiful contrast, and a thin and non-distracting chain serves as the anchor of the piece.

A super cuddly blanket can be a great stand-in for those who feel the need to snuggle, after the loss of their pet. Not only is this blanket made from 100%, super soft and durable cotton, it features one black and one white cat silhouette. The picture is absolutely precious, while remaining neutral with basic colors. Fringe edges add a rugged and lovely look to the blanket, so it will look great hanging on your couch, or just laying casually over the bed.

A garden is a phenomenal way to celebrate life, and this pet memory flower garden kit is a thoughtful and meaningful gift to present to the cat parent. A combination of seeds and premixed soil come in the kit, and a mixture can be made, so that the shaped cutters can help create plantable pods. In the description of the product, it is suggested that even a pet’s cremated remains can be added into the mixture, if that is something that would bring more comfort. Partridge pea, blanket flower and crimson clover will bring a wave of color to their yard come every spring, and will be a cheerful way to remember.

Stunning and peaceful, this angelic sleeping cat would be the perfect addition to a memorial garden. However, the beautiful resin piece could look special beside a fireplace, or in the corner of a bedroom. The details upon this cat, from the 3-D fur patterns, to the sweet little face, make this a truly versatile gift for those who have lost their fur baby. It’s construction is solid, and would be something that will last for years to come.

The poem that comes within this frame can be a comforting thing for pet owners to read after their loss. It’s a constant reminder of the love that will always be there between them and their sweet fluffy baby. On the other side, a name tag hangs beside the window where the cat’s picture can be placed. The double sided frame is elegantly surrounded by a black border, which is neutral and fits with virtually any home style. You could go ahead and find a beloved picture of them on Facebook and have it printed and placed within before gifting.

If you’ve never seen these beautifully carved figurines, they are a phenomenal memorial gift, that features so many different relationships and scenarios, including those we have with our precious pets. This particular carved figurine is of a delicate angel, with detailed wings, cradling a sweet feline. The beautifully presenting gift is ideal as a centerpiece to a care package/basket, full of comforting foods and treats, or as a gift all on its own. This will likely be something they will have sitting on their mantle, bookshelf or desk for the rest of time.

Made simplistically, this cuff style bracelet is versatile, and can be a great gift for anyone. On the interior, is a basic yet meaningful phrase that reminds cat owners that their fur baby will always be in their heart. Made of surgical grade stainless steel, the material is meant to last a lifetime, while being hypoallergenic and visually beautiful. The color should not ever turn, so it’s something that will last forever most likely. A pet’s name can be engraved into the side as well, adding yet another touch of thoughtfulness to the gift.

Sometimes we just need to put our arms around something after losing a furry one. Coming in colors of gray, black, or cream, these plush silhouette cat cushions are an ideal reminder, and absolutely so comfortable to cuddle with. Made of cotton, they are super soft, and can serve either as a decorative pillow, or something that someone can keep in the bed with them. Choose from one of the options, or buy all three colors. The more the better in our opinion! You could also opt to buy one of these cuddly kitties for everyone in the grieving family.

Lighting a candle is a wonderful way to honor the memory of a beloved pet. This particular option has a cheerful and comforting design, and the jar can be reused after the candle finishes the 70 hour or so burning period. The jar can serve as a keepsake container, or it can be used to place artificial flowers within, for various seasons. One hundred percent soy wax, and a cotton wick make for a clean burning product, and the scent of citrus, honey and vanilla is meant to be comforting and calming.

Once a cat mom, always a cat mom! In perfectly pink hues, the phrase is paired with a cartoon cat face silhouette, and can be a happy reminder of the time your friend had with their feline friend. Made of 100% ceramic stoneware, this cup is made to last. After having their morning cup of coffee, it can be tossed in the dishwasher. Or, it can be used throughout the day, for reheating cups of herbal tea, as it is also microwave safe.

Life should be cherished when there is a loss, so rather than mourning for an extended amount of time, a cheerful gift can be something that brings a little bit of light into the situation. A fine art piece to add to the home can be a colorful and uplifting remembrance gesture. This cat, made of colorful pastries and breakfast goodies, might be just the thing that grieving ones need. Cinnamon rolls, tea cookies and floral dishes come together to create a content looking kitty within this fun canvas. They can place it in their kitchen, within the coffee nook, to commemorate all the snuggly coffee mornings spent together. For those not really on board with the traditional memorial, this can be a great option.

Christmas can be a particularly sensitive time for folks spending the holidays without their pet for the first year. When putting up the Christmas tree, they likely will find comfort in hanging an ornament that features a picture of their late kitty. While Amazon, and a variation of other websites such as Walmart offer pet memorial ornaments, this particular one is elegant, and will shimmer beautifully against the Christmas lights. A bright red gifting bag comes with the ornament.

And, depending on the situation, you can gift that grieving person in your life with a precious new addition from a local shelter. Reach out to a shelter near you and pre-pay any adoption fees in advance. Then gift your friend a card, letting them know that a four legged friend awaits to be chosen by them, when they feel the time is right. If this feels wrong, you can make a donation in the pet or owner’s name.

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