20 Gifts for the Impossible Man: What to Buy a Man Who Has Everything

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There’s nothing quite like finding the perfect gift for someone—the way their eyes light up when they unwrap it or the joy in their voice when they call to thank you. In an ideal world, you’d know exactly what to get your loved ones 100 percent of the time, but in reality, some people are just easier to shop for than others. While we don’t want to generalize, for many people getting the right gift for the men in their lives is near impossible. Some guys aren’t big on presents in the first place while others opt to treat themselves often, which means there’s never really anything they want that they don’t have.

The good news is that there are tons of gift ideas out there that’ll make these impossible-to-buy-for guys happy, no boat deed or maxed out credit card required. In fact, finding gifts for men who are hard to shop for is easier than you think. Below, we’re outlining 20 unique gift ideas for men that’ll have your guy wondering why he wasn’t a fan of presents in the first place.

While finding a gift for your bestie might be simple, selecting thoughtful gifts for men isn’t always as simple. I mean, let’s be real: You can only buy someone so many ties. Unless you’re looking to drop a ton of cash on something like his dream fishing boat or some astronomically priced Super Bowl tickets, you’re kind of stuck. And if you’re trying to find gifts for men with no hobbies, you likely have no idea where to start.

Gift Ideas for the Impossible-To-Buy-For Man

  1. Chess and Backgammon Set
  2. Oak Cornhole Boards – Etsy
  3. Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  4. Amazon Echo Dot
  5. Headphone Stand
  6. Oculus Quest 2
  7. Apple AirPods Pro
  8. Remote-Controlled Couples Massager
  9. Basque Lingerie Set
  10. Massage Oil Candle
  11. Reel Photo Viewer
  12. MeUndies Matching Pairs
  13. Customized Pet Portrait
  14. Beef Jerky Flower Bouquet
  15. Popcorn Machine
  16. Personalized Whiskey Making Kit
  17. Adventure Essentials Survival Kit
  18. VRBO Trip
  19. Airbnb Experience
  20. Away Carry-On Suitcase 

Fun-Loving Gifts

The party doesn’t start ‘til he walks in, and these gift ideas are easy go-to’s for guys who crave good times with good people: 

Whether or not he regularly plays board games, having the classics is essential for homey vibes and rainy days. This highly-rated set from Etsy is perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, and big life milestones thanks to the impeccable, heirloom-quality craftsmanship. The board is made from the most exquisite polished beech wood and is customizable, so you can have a monogram or well-wishes engraved along the hinges that fold and hold all the pieces. The best part is this set is actually two games in one, so your guy can play chess or backgammon depending on his mood. Love that for him. 

If you’re shopping for someone who eagerly awaits warm weather and sun-drenched days, a gift that gets them outside is important. This classic cornhole board  — which is easy to transport thanks to its folding legs — is made from treated oak that withstands the elements but also gives it an overall elevated aesthetic. The set comes with eight bags, but you can also opt for extras like edging lights, scoreboards, and carrying cases. If you’re feeling crafty and would rather do a special DIY project, opt for an unfinished cornhole board and paint the recipient’s favorite colors, sports team logo, or alma mater mascot on it to make the gift even more sentimental. 

Whether you’re headed to the beach, on a camping trip, or just chillin’ in the backyard, a good Bluetooth speaker is key to keeping the good vibes going. This speaker is a major upgrade to traditional portable options thanks to Marshall’s multi-directional sound design that makes loud music hold its quality and bass stand out (no shallow, tin-y tones here). Not only does the device look like a guitar amp, but it’s also water-resistant (so yup, it can be used in the bathroom while showering) and multi-host compatible so everyone can take turns playing DJ. Even if the recipient already has a portable speaker, this one will quickly become their go-to, making it an ideal gift for any fun-loving guy.

Techie Gifts

Calling all techies! These gift ideas are great for the guy who’s always able to reset your router, transfer contacts to your new phone, and get your gadgets running fast and virus-free:

The future is now and if your tech-loving guy doesn’t already have an Alexa device, it’s time they add a task-helping robot to their life. The spherical-shaped Echo Dot plays music, responds to voice commands, and acts as a smart home hub so it can connect with and control everything from thermostats to lights to doorbells. Select the device in white, blue, or dark gray, or choose the option that comes with a display clock making it the perfect nightstand companion. What’s really great about giving an Alexa device as a gift is that you can always give Alexa-enabled accessories (such as smart plugs, smart lights, and home cameras) in the future, so you’ve got a whole bunch of gift ideas for holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries covered. 

Life just got a little better for gamers and WFH-ers thanks to this stunning headset stand. Not only is the gleaming copper stand aesthetically pleasing, but it’s completely functional as well. Storing work or gaming headphones safely and upright will increase their lifespan and create less clutter which is ideal for all involved and a major win-win. If you like the concept but aren’t a fan of the shiny style, the shop also has an industrial steel pipe option, but if you do love this look, you can deck their whole desk out with a matching laptop stand, tablet stand, and business card holder as well. 

Virtual reality is the future of gaming, and we guarantee any techie will go haywire for their own VR headset. The Oculus Quest 2 is the perfect option for newbies and experienced gamers alike thanks to its easy setup and easy-to-understand features. No wires, consoles, or computers are required so unlike other virtual reality headsets, all you need is this set to get started. Choose between the 128BG and 256GB options depending on your budget and how many games you expect the recipient to download. Both sizes let you explore new worlds, attend virtual concerts, and push the limits of reality, though, so you really can’t go wrong. 

New headphones are always a welcome gift whether the receiver is music-obsessed, partial to podcasts, or simply needs some beats when sweating it out at the gym. These AirPods have everything you’d want out of a sophisticated Apple set — wire-free, in-case charging, and that classic, clean look — but turned up a notch. The Pros have a noise-canceling feature (versus the noise-reduction one in original AirPods) to erase outside distractions, plus they’re water-resistant and provide over 24 hours of listening time with one charge. Best of all they come with three sizes of soft, tapered silicone tips to provide the perfect fit and day-long comfort, so even if the recipient already has a trusted pair of headphones, we guarantee these will be better.

Sexy Gifts

Things are about to get steamy with these hedonistic gifts that’ll heat up any holiday or special night in:

Gifts that make you both feel good are kind of ingenious, which is why we love Zalo’s Fanfan couple’s massager. This nifty little vibrator — which comes in three luxurious colors — was designed to wear during lovemaking to elevate your usual routine and experience. Made from body-safe silicone, the Fanfan has eight different vibration modes varying in intensity, but it’s whisper-quiet so you don’t have to worry about roommates or family members overhearing a tell-tale buzz. The device can be controlled via phone through an app, but it also comes with a handheld remote that your partner can play with (remember, this is technically a gift for them!) during sexy times. 

Become the present in this pretty push-up lingerie set from Lovehoney! If your S.O. isn’t big on tangible items, spicing things up with a look that exudes sexiness will surely make them feel special. This highly-rated set is lightly padded and boned to give you a full hourglass effect, plus it comes with matching panties to complete the boudoir aesthetic. Select the style in black or red and don’t forget to include a pair of thigh-high stockings to round out your look. Coming in both standard and plus sizes, this beloved set is flattering on all figures and feels as good on as it does off…. 

Make your quality time sizzle with this mood-enhancing candle from Maude. At first look, this might seem like your standard single wick flame, but it’s actually made from skin-softening jojoba oil that can be poured onto — and rubbed all over — your partner’s body. Light it as part of your unwinding ritual, and then when things are starting to heat up, blow it out to use that warm melted oil. The candle comes in two different scent options (or you can opt for unscented if you’d prefer to just tease the other senses instead) and is paraben and cruelty-free so you can relax with a clear conscience. 

Sentimental Gifts

These thoughtful gift ideas will make your guy feel loved, seen, and supremely special. Warning: May cause extreme feelings of admiration.

Whether you’ve known each other for a few months or much longer, chances are you have tons of photos together documenting your adventures. This nostalgia-inspired reel viewer takes your pics and turns them into a reel you can view through the lenses of this retro-style slide show displayer. Each reel holds seven photos and you can select a viewer in red, black, white, or blue. Once you have the viewer you can order more reels, so add on to the collection each holiday for a unique way to reminisce on your life together. Aww!

Everyone can always use new undies, so why not get some that match? MeUndies is made from the softest, ethically-sourced fabric and their undies come in a wide variety of cuts, styles, patterns, and sizes to comfortably fit everyone’s body. Select your favorite look for yourself and for them and add on additional (and matching!) items like socks, bras, and even bandanas for your furry friends. You can get a membership so new undies arrive at your S.O.’s door every month, or you can make this a one-time thing and just pick your favorite pair to buy sans subscription. Either way, the cuteness factor — and functionality — is unmatched. 

Some men’s hearts are paved in paw prints, and the best way to show you care is to lean into their animal love. A custom pet portrait is such a sweet idea, and we love how whimsical this watercolor design looks. There are a ton of sizes to pick from ranging in price, and you can select up to three pets to be in the final product. If you’d prefer a picture of your guy with a pet, the artist can paint people as well, plus, you’re able to approve a proof to ensure the final product is exactly what you envision. With tons of rave reviews, this is one of those gifts that’ll guarantee misty eyes and endless “thank yous.”

Edible Gifts

Spoil your snack king with these treats that are sure to manage any munchies and tantalize his taste buds: 

Flowers are always a festive way to show you care, but if your guy isn’t about blooms, opt for a unique and edible meat bouquet instead. This one from Manly Man Co. is 100 percent snackable and is made out of beef jerky that forms pretty realistic-looking flowers. The bouquet comes in four different flavor options (mixed, original, teriyaki, and hot) and can be purchased in either eight stem or full dozen bunches. This is an awesome gift for long-distance couples, Father’s Day, or anyone who leans more carnivore than herbivore since the tasty treat comes preassembled in a reusable pint glass “vase.” 

Make movie nights even more memorable with a theater-worthy popcorn maker. This nostalgia-inspired machine can pop up to 10 cups of corn at a time and has a convenient storage container built-in so your guy can keep all his scoops, oils, and toppings in one place. Bonus: The cart is on wheels so you can move it around for any situation, whether it’s a Netflix binge in the living room or a projector movie night in the yard. Just make sure to order some kernels and oil with the machine since we guarantee the lucky recipient will want to whip up a bunch of popcorn ASAP. 

If your guy’s go-to drink is whiskey, give him the gift of creating his very own batch of quality liquor with this personalized kit from Manly Crates. The pack comes with everything he’ll need to brew a perfect aged whiskey at home from the easy-to-follow instructions to the neutralizing acid and essence bottle. And don’t forget the barrel! The gem of the kit is the authentic barrel that comes in a variety of styles and can be customized to include his name. After whipping up a batch and letting it cure, make a date to taste it together to keep the celebratory spirit going. 

Gifts for Adventurers

If you’re shopping for a man who’s more about experiences than things, these gifts will nod to his wanderlust and compliment his adventurous spirit: 

It’s a flashlight! It’s a compass! It’s a water saw, a trail marker, and a fire starter! This military-grade flashlight — which comes in black and silver — is pretty much the ultimate survival tool. It doesn’t matter if your guy’s super outdoorsy or just wants to be prepared for a zombie apocalypse, we guarantee every man in your life will want one of these neat, all-encompassing contraptions. Every must-have safety essential you could need fits securely inside the flashlight, so all he has to do is grab the light and he’s ready for the world. Honestly, the LED design is so smart, you might want to consider picking one up for yourself when you place the order, just to be safe. 

If your guy dreams of seeing the world, give him the gift of a vacay, staycay, or getaway with VRBO. The home-rental service lets you book anything from condos to houses to unique stays (think Airstreams and treehouses) that’ll make any occasion a special one. Whether you book far out in advance or prefer something more last-minute, there’s a huge variety of rentals just about anywhere in the world to choose from. Most renters will be willing to work with you to make the experience even more special (we’re talking Champagne upon arrival, decorations in place, etc.), and with 24/7 customer support, you’ll both be able to sleep easy someplace new. 

Whether you want to do something new at home or someplace far away, booking from Airbnb Experiences is a fantastic gift for men, no matter their interests or hobbies. The service lets you choose from hundreds of different experiences from classics like cooking classes, photoshoots, and boat rides to more unique ones like horseback riding, beekeeping, and glass blowing. The best part is that booking an experience as a gift gives you the chance to spend some uninterrupted time together. Similar to vacation rentals, there’s typically a “host” who organizes the experience, and oftentimes these folks are able to work with you to ensure your gift is customized, special, and memorable. 

No matter where life takes your man,  a good carry-on bag will get him there faster. While he likely already has a standard carry-on suitcase, upgrades to old items make great gifts, and there’s truly no better luggage out there than Away. The ultra-chic baggage is what travel dreams are made of, and The Carry-On is a must-have for any jet setter. Coming in eight different colors (with new hues constantly coming out) and two sizes, The Carry-On fits in most overhead airline bins and features 360° spinner wheels, an interior compression system that’ll allow him to pack more, and an optional built-in USB charger to keep his devices juiced on the go. 

Whether you’re shopping for your brother, your dad, your bestie, or your better half, finding gifts for that impossible-to-shop-for man is easier than you think. As long as you lean into his lifestyle and pay attention to his personal preferences, we guarantee you’ll catch him in the feels with the perfect present.

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