16 Best Gifts for Whiskey Lovers


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Whether they are partial to bourbon on the rocks, indulge in a neat scotch, or are a bartending whiz that turns their favorite whiskey into flavorful cocktails, whiskey lovers know it easily rivals craft beers or wines in terms of depth of flavor profile and nuance of flavor, and are always looking for new favorites.

Warm days require chilled drinks, but whiskey aficionados don’t want their quality liquor watered down. These sphere molds make ice that melts slower and is less likely to chip; perfect for sipping.

Learn the pros vocabulary and sound like a sommelier. You’ll have all the terms necessary to convey your tastes and preferences when you discuss peat, smokiness, aroma, and more.

Keep your drink at its' ideal temperature.

If your drinks are already chilled, these stones help maintain temperature without over chilling, and there’s no ice to melt and water down your beverage.

Measure, portion, and pour, these clear sturdy shot glasses are perfect for holding a single drink serving.

If mixed drinks are your thing, get the right tools.

There are some liquor lovers who wouldn’t dare mix, and others who swear by their favorite standby. If a sour, highball, or Manhattan is your drink of choice, pick up a quality shaker for perfectly mixed drinks every time.

Bring along something to keep the chill at bay. Whether fishing, hiking, or enjoying that picturesque sunset, toast to the outdoors with this stylish leather flask.

Handcrafted caramels that bring out the flavor of bourbon.

Smooth, buttery, and made the old fashioned way, Tara’s caramels are a delicious indulgence. Their bourbon flavored option is delicious, but their Madagascar Vanilla goes perfectly with any whiskey with vanilla heavy on the nose, like Evan Williams Black.

Knowledgeable, approachable, and well written, this biography of Bourbon weaves history and nostalgia through the legacy of some of America’s most influential bourbon makers, bootleggers, and bottlers.

Give your marinade a whiskey flavor without sacrificing any of your good whiskey.

If you, or the whiskey lover in your life, buys the good stuff to drink, it’s not likely they are going to share any with the marinade, which is a shame, because a little whiskey flavor blends beautifully with a rich cut of meat and some hardwood smoke. Save his money (and his liquor cabinet) and pick up some of this spice blend instead.

If dad’s sitting around the campfire, dispensing wisdom to his brood, and not complaining about “these old bones,” well, we have a strong suspicion that it’s Irish coffee in that coffee cup. Not that we’re judging; we just want his recipe one day.

Personalize your drink of choice.

Stylish and one of a kind, a personalized decanter and set of four glasses makes a great gift for new dads, retirees, or anyone celebrating a life milestone with friends and family.

With a rich scent that brings to mind more oak barrel than medicinal alcoholic scents, this rich lathering bar soap is generously sized, and has exfoliating oats and apricot. While it’s easy to write this off as a gag gift, reviewers genuinely enjoyed the scent, texture, and quality of this bar of US made soap.

A beautiful gift for the home bartender, these lightly bourbon flavored cherries make for a lovely garnish or a flavorful addition to muddled drinks. An upgrade from standard maraschino cherries, they’re a luxury indulgence that make for a memorable gift.

Amazon reviewers rave about the flavor and quality of these orange bitters. Aged in Woodford’s barrels, they develop a complexity of flavor that converts skeptics into believers, and reviewers are searching constantly for new ways to use them.

Host in style with a rolling bar cart. Perfect for displaying those high end bottles and keeping your necessities organized, you can have a party on wheels just by adding a mixer, ice bucket, and some stylish glassware.

You can enjoy a drink in any glass, but to learn the subtleties in a premium liquor, a precisely designed glass that funnels the aromas without diluting them enhances the experience and makes it easy to discern subtle flavors and scents more easily.

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