Take a Trip to Stars Hollow With These 11 Gilmore Girls-Inspired Gifts

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Stars Hollow, Connecticut, is the epitome of wholesome, small-town charm. Though Gilmore Girls has been off the air for a while now – anyone who thinks the revival was a solid addition to the series, we need to have a chat – fans still can’t get enough of Rory, Lorelai, Luke, Sookie and the rest of the gang. With lovable characters, witty banter, obscure pop culture references and countless cups of coffee, the show made us feel like we were right there for Friday night dinner and trips to Luke’s. Check out these Gilmore-themed gifts that any super fan will love.

Remember that episode where Lorelai and Emily hit the spa, see the menu filled with mung beans (even the cookies, it was scary), then decide to book it to a cozy steak restaurant? Yeah, we do too. The mother-daughter duo bond over a lipstick that’s hilariously called “Vicious Trollop,” and this makeup bag is just the right size for stowing all your favorite cosmetics.

What screams Gilmore-obsessed more than cute stickers plastered on everything you own? For only a few bucks you’ll get a 50-piece set with classic phrases, characters and designs that will transport you straight to Stars Hollow. Stick them on your laptop, water bottle, phone or tablet without worrying about ruining them; each one is made from high-quality waterproof PVC. Our favorites are Luke and Lorelai dancing, “In omnia paratus” and Emily holding up a drink.

The Danes hardware store-turned-coffee shop is the hot spot everyone flocks to in Stars Hollow. This crew sweatshirt has a worn, vintage look with the yellow Luke’s logo you know and love. Sip your favorite coffee drink while watching Kirk do his dance marathon victory lap to the “Rocky” theme song (season three, episode seven). Reviewers say it runs large, so it may be a good idea to size up if you like a looser fit. More coffee, please!

Lauren Graham, who played Lorelai, is the master of quick quips. Her book “Talking as Fast as I Can” is a delightful look into the mind of the coffee queen herself. Fans will be excited to read the collection of personal essays, photos and diary excerpts, and get a behind-the-scenes peek into both the original Gilmore Girls series and the revival. Grab your best friend, a cup of coffee and get ready to be laughing all night long – and of course, talking as fast as you can.

Everyone talks about Rory and Lorelai’s iconic relationship, but let’s not forget about Sookie and Lorelai. These two best friends went through it all, from disastrous double dates, pregnancies, opening an inn and everything in between. “You’re The Lorelai to My Sookie” and “You’re The Sookie to My Lorelai” keychains are made of stainless steel, so they’re built to last and won’t tarnish. You can also opt for matching cuff bracelets with the phrases if that’s more your style.

Winter is my favorite season, and I’m planning on buying this fuzzy pom-pom hat to keep my ears toasty during the colder months. Reviewers say it’s well-made, warm and comfortable, plus there’s an adorable tiny patch with the show’s name on the front. You may receive some strange looks if you’re in an area where snow isn’t common, but never fear – true fans will understand.

Rep the Dragonfly Inn wherever your travels take you with a bold purple keychain. Lightweight and ideal for any set of keys, it has the inn’s full logo and name printed in retro gold lettering. The best part? The back of the keytag has the famous words from the theme song we could sing in our sleep: “Where you lead, I will follow.” Time for a road trip to Connecticut.

We’d all rather be watching Gilmore Girls, right? Show your loyalty to Luke’s, Miss Patty’s, Weston’s and all of the other quirky businesses in Stars Hollow with a stylish graphic tee. You can choose from over 25 different colors and three different shirt styles: normal T-shirt neckline, V-neck and racer back tank top. Each garment is printed in the USA and made from ultra-soft material. Most reviews say the fit is true to size.

Add a splash of color to your life with the Oy With the Poodles Already pencil set, because you’re never too old to grab some trusty school supplies. Quirky color choices in the 12-piece pack include “A Film By Kirk,” “Cinnamon’s Wake,” “Firelight Festival” and “Jess Marooniano.” “Sores and Boils Alley” is a striking shade of red, but thank goodness the Dragonfly Inn didn’t get stuck with that as an address!

Looking for a fun way to use those punny colored pencils we just told you about? Try a Gilmore Girls coloring and activity book! It has bingo boards, recipe cards, word searches, crossword puzzles, pro/con lists, and the Stars Hollow Book Club, which is a complete list of all the books referenced in the show. Coloring pages include Lane’s bedroom, Friday night dinner, Richard’s office and the Dragonfly Inn. The single-sided paper prevents colors from bleeding through, and each page can be ripped or cut out for display.

Often heralded as one of the most memorable Gilmore Girls episode, season five’s “You Jump, I Jump, Jack” introduced us to the Life and Death Brigade and the phrase “In Omnia Paratus,” which loosely translates to “ready for all things.” This bracelet is lightweight, smooth and the perfect minimalistic touch of style for every outfit. It bends easily and has rounded edges so you can avoid pesky scratches on your wrist.

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