14 Great Gift Ideas For Empty Nesters

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If you’re a parent or know someone who is, you’re familiar with the age-old issue of time moving too fast as kids grow up. It’s normal to feel sad when their young adults grow up and move out of the house, but you can help them move forward with some great gifts to soften the blow and create a space they’ll learn to love just as much. 

Sometimes, a simple gift to bring some light and fresh inspiration into the home can do a lot to improve a parent’s grief and sadness that comes from Empty Nest Syndrome. Those feelings come up tenfold during the holiday season or any family event. It’s good to remind them, or yourself, to allow that period of mourning before changing too much, too fast. As you talk to other parents about your emotions during this time, know that it is a life event that does get better as you relearn what you enjoy. Here are some great gift ideas to help empty nesters recreate a space they love.

Great Gift Ideas For Empty Nesters:

Sometimes the most challenging part of becoming an empty nester is relearning how to enjoy your space (and your spouse) without the kids running around. This book by humorist Jerry Zezima should give the new child-free couple a good laugh and a new perspective on how to restart their home life and extracurricular activities. You’ll relearn how to have fun and find new hobbies with self-deprecating humor and empathetic warmth that you’re sure to find helpful during this transitional time. 

You may dread the next phase of your Empty Nest Syndrome and feel lost as you navigate a new routine, but you have the tool to make this a time of self-discovery. Dr. Jim Burns combines his research with his own empty nest experience to bring you a way to get through those emotional highs and lows of being on your own – in a manner of speaking – for the first time in a long time. He includes practical advice and psychology tips to break down those limiting beliefs that your life is over and spent. You still have a life to live, and the doctor helps you walk in that direction with hope and excitement again. 

Don’t let the fitness models in every commercial fool you – exercising is for any age and everybody. As an empty nester, you can still prioritize your health. Nomadix Fitness created this ultra-portable home gym to easily move things around as you recreate that now-empty room into a personal health center. The EVO Gym is the world’s only fully-equipped home gym that can compact into a backpack to show the kids when you visit them. The EVO Bands are great for pilates and yoga sessions, while the resistance weights start from 8 to 220 pounds which are great for all levels of movement. 

If your Empty Nester is an avid reader, the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is a great gift to help them enjoy reading and drinking that morning cup of coffee or tea in their now-quiet home. The glare-free 6.8” display has thinner borders for better screen views, adjustable warm light to avoid blue light strain, and up to 10 weeks of battery life that lasts on a single USB-C charge. You’ll also get millions of titles by text or Audible subscriptions. Enjoy relaxing reading days by the pool with this waterproof device and pages that turn 20% faster than older Kindle models.

For some empty nesters, this is the opportune time to travel the world. This multicolored 3D Wood World Map art is a must-have for travel lovers ready to take that leap to new places. The construction is high quality, and super durable birch plywood is easy to install and a beautiful centerpiece in any room. You can choose between three map options in four colors and three sizes. Each piece of the map can attach with a special double-sided sticky tape included in the decor set and add-on items like names of the ocean, wooden airplanes, boats, and a compass.

If your Empty Nesters are ready to fly away themselves, this Travelers Club Midtown Hardside Luggage Set is the gift to send them off with love. It has four pieces: a 26” Hardside Spinner 4-wheel Luggage, the 20” Hardside Spinner Carry-On, a 15” Boarding Tote Bag, and a 10” Toiletry Travel Kit. All the luggage includes pockets for accessories and anything else they’ll need to bring on their much-deserved getaway. It comes in five beautiful colors: Black, Tan, Lilac, Navy Blue, and Rose Gold.

For moms, that empty nest syndrome can be harder to overcome. If you know someone who’ll love those subtle reminders of their not-so-little-anymore ones, this minimalist birthstone necklace is a beautifully personalized gift to share. Made of tarnish-resistant 100% hypoallergenic stainless steel with silver-, gold-, or rose gold plated material, this handmade necklace sets up to six birthstones on chain lengths from 15 to 19 inches. You can even personalize the gift messaging for an extra special touch straight from the order to the delivery.  

Sometimes, you just need to imagine yourself on a trip to a countryside vineyard from the comfort of your home. This Vine Voyage flight set has eight classic Italian and French wines made with old-fashioned harvesting and sustainably picked. You’ll also get access to the digital tasting room and a private complimentary Virtual Tasting when you purchase six or more flights. This is an excellent gift for empty nesters who love to try a different wine for their romantic date nights.

It’s just as important to take time off as it is to put time back into yourself. If you know someone struggling to get through that transitional Empty Nester phase, ask them if you could give them a Gift of therapy Membership with BetterHelp. You can gift individual therapy or couples therapy memberships from the world’s largest 100% online therapy services with licensed, reputable, and vetted mental health professionals who are there to help with a variety of topics. It’s essential to take care of your mind through life’s transitions, so this gift is a beautiful reminder for them to prioritize themselves during this time.

This Fireside Date Night Wine Gift set is the perfect Empty Nest gift for couples that can’t wait to spend every night like it’s their honeymoon all over again. Everything you need for a cozy night in with your love is in this set, including dark chocolate-covered graham crackers, milk chocolate pretzels, dark chocolate truffles, milk chocolate cocoa-covered almonds, and Moose Munch® Premium Popcorn with dark chocolate. (Don’t forget the Harry & David 2020 Merlot with two stemless wine glasses.) You’ll also get a pleather tray to fancy up dessert and a holiday Sherpa-lined fleece throw blanket to keep you warm.

Everyone deserves to feel some goodness going their way. Cratejoy delivers exactly what its namesake intended – a crate full of goodies that’ll bring you joy. This Goodness Box contains four to five products that help you cope with the loss and longing that comes from missing your house full of kids. You’ll get a bigger-than-usual subscription box with products chosen especially to help your physical, emotional, spiritual, cognitive, and social well-being. Quality items include healthy snacks, nutritious recipe books, a stretch roller, an eye pillow, meditation cushions, wind chimes, a blanket, and more. 

If a simple ornament is more their speed, this stunningly beautiful handmade birchwood ornament is excellent as a holiday present or a ‘just-because’ gift. The engraved design shows two adult birds sitting on a tree branch, looking at their baby birds flying away from the nest. The etching contrasts with the unfinished birchwood for a natural finish (though there’s a clear acrylic version if that works better with their home decor). You can personalize the family name with up to six birdies flying away and various ribbons, including Christmas plaid, braided gold rope, red sheer, and natural twine. 

If you know someone ready to host a get-together at the drop of a hat, remind them that they can still create parties without a full house with this beautiful personalized Cheese and Cutting Board. They are made with strips of premium wood glued and sanded together for lasting strength and beauty. There are five wood materials to choose from: Hickory, Maple, White Oak, Mahogany, and Large. This beautiful gift commemorates this new chapter of life by inviting a new way to celebrate together. 

This custom family portrait is an excellent addition to any family home. This custom family portrait can show the whole family in a cartoon illustration based on family photos and descriptions. The artwork is customizable, from hairstyles to accessories to pets, so you can add every member. It’s available framed or unframed in a paper, canvas, or digital portrait. Jade Forest Design provides free shipping and a solid wood frame to send the gift portrait easily. It’ll definitely make them smile as they remember the fun memories of a full net. 

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