Keep Your Furry Friend Squeaky Clean with Grove Collaborative’s New Pet Grooming Line

Clean from nose to tail

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Keeping a house or apartment clean with a pet is tough. Both dogs and cats bring their fair share of bad-smelling odors, so it’s always smart to think ahead for these kinds of situations. Grove Collaborative is well-known for their line of eco-friendly household products like hand soap, detergent and surface cleaners. They’ve recently expanded their pet offerings with a line of pet grooming and cleaning products that will leave your furry friends squeaky clean every time. Keep reading for our top 11 selections.

Stain remover is one of the most important products a pet owner can have on hand (I keep two different kinds in my closet in case of cat accidents). Made with aromatherapy essential oils for a delightful lemongrass scent, this one from Paw Sense is sulfate-free, paraben-free and 100% natural. One reviewer said it removed a stain they had been trying to remove for years and it only took less than three minutes to do so. Spray the soiled area and let it sit, then scrub away and let dry. P.S., this also is great for wine stains.

Wipes are good for humans and pets! The Earth Rated Large Pet Grooming Wipes are ideal for quick cleanups in between baths and visits to the groomer. They’re alcohol-free, dye-free, perfume-free, hypoallergenic and come in packs of 100. Each wipe contains conditioning ingredients like shea butter and aloe vera, so your pup’s fur coat will be extra clean after just one use. You can choose between lavender-scented or fragrance-free.

This is another fantastic option for your quick tidying up when your grooming appointment isn’t for another three days. The Paw Sense Waterless Pet Shampoo is safe to use on your pet’s head and face, but you should still avoid their eyes, mouth and nose. It’s ideal for a variety of pets: dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets and other small furry animals. The easy-to-recycle packaging is small and can be stowed away for after surgery, during travel and for those afraid of water (looking at you, felines). Choose between lavender and the heavenly-sounding oatmeal mango scent.

With mighty dogs come mighty stinky odors. Counteract those using the Freshening Deodorizer Spray that is anti-itch and ultra refreshing. The spray is cruelty-free, tear-free and vegan, plus it has a subtle “Spring Rain” scent. Spray this daily onto your pet’s dry coat and use as needed, always avoiding the eyes and mouth, of course. Comb or brush into coat for stellar results. Cat owners, feel free to use this too!

The Nose & Paw Organic Dog & Cat Moisturizer is the purchase you never knew you needed. Hot or icy sidewalks can wreak havoc on your pet’s skin. Put the power back in your hands so you can protect against the elements: salt, wind and blistering summer streets. Formulated with moisturizing ingredients of shea butter, jojoba oil, beeswax and aloe vera, the roll-on applicator ensures mess-free fixing of chapped paw pads and noses. One reviewer said it’s like a “pad-icure” for furry friends and pampers them–make every day a spa day!

My parents’ Goldendoodle Chloe often had gunk in her ears that built up pretty quickly and this elixir would’ve been perfect. Kin+kind’s Leave-In Organic Dog Ear Cleaner, which is free of alcohol, helps battle bacterial infections, stinky smells and other irritations. To use, hold the dropper above your dog’s ear and fill their ear canal with the liquid. Then massage the base of their ear to break down the wax. Use a cotton ball to wipe the ear down or leave it there–either one is fine. This is not recommended for cats.

As most dog owners know (and some cat owners, too), skunk smells are potent and can last up to 21 days straight with no reprieve. Treat it fast using the Skunk Odor Eliminator Shampoo that has a blend of activated charcoal, glycerin, coconut oil and olive oil. Grove recommends this for hunting and working dogs who are more likely to run into skunks on a daily basis, but it’s suitable for cats, too. Don’t be alarmed about the lack of bubbles–Grove also says that natural shampoo needs fewer suds. It’s still working!

Add an extra layer of protection with the Extra Strength Flea & Tick Shampoo from Good Fur. Cedar, peppermint, rosemary and cinnamon oils work together to fight off those annoying pests while also cleaning your dog’s coat. The shampoo comes in plastic-free and recyclable packaging, designed for use with the separate flea & tick refill that’s also in an aluminum container. Good for the planet, good for your pup. Be sure to shake well before each use.

You can never have too many brushes–that’s my motto in life for makeup brushes and pet ones, too. The Waterproof Silicone Brush from Good Fur has comfortable, flexible bristles for dog bathing, grooming and good ol’ massaging. It comes with a plastic-free paper hang tag, making the planet a cleaner place for future pooches. The handy brush with a contoured handle is designed to attract and hold onto fur, meaning it won’t be all up in your face.

The Canine Organic Dental Solutions Kit has a tiny toothbrush that’s the perfect size for your little puppy’s teeth with a cornerless, gentle brush. It also has the first USA-made certified organic dog tooth gel on the market. This USDA-certified gel contains coconut oil, sweet potatoes and cinnamon, a delicious formula that reduces plaque and combats bacteria–plus, based on reviews, your dog will probably find it delicious. It’s free from preservatives, xylitol and dyes.

Calm your dog’s irritated red patches using plant power. The Organic Hot Spot Relief Stick for Dogs is made with coconut oil, beeswax, sweet fennel oil and carnauba wax. Just like the moisturizing relief stick, it glides on like butter with stress-free, seamless application. Reviewers rave about how fast-acting the formula is and say canine spring allergies are no match for it.

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