Genius Half Christmas Trees That Sits Flat Against a Wall (Never Decorate the Back Again!)

Holiday Hacks

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Half Christmas trees are exactly that – – only half of a Christmas tree so you don’t have to worry about the part that doesn’t face the living space anyway. Most designs balance well without wobbling, and some come pre-lit. All of the ornaments will be seen rather than some having to be tucked in the back. While there may not be as much space under the tree for presents, we are certainly feeling this trend. Especially if you are short on space, a half Christmas tree can be a practical choice.

Home Depot has a wide selection of Christmas trees when the holidays come around. Naturally, they also feature a space saving flat Christmas tree. Standing at 5 feet tall and featuring 100 clear lights, the selection is ideal for condominiums or apartments. Made with traditional PVC materials, expect the tree you grew up on but half the size. That is unless you chopped one down fresh!

Balsam Hill offers hyper realistic trees that are definitely on the higher end of the price spectrum. However, the True Needle design is remarkable, mimicking the most stunning trees from nature. This flat back tree comes in 6 or 7 feet heights, with either colored or clear lights.

Kohl’s has something that sits right in between the two previous mentioned trees. While still remaining somewhat realistic, this option is just below $200. There aren’t any lights, which can be a good thing depending on who you ask. Decorations are left up to the creativity of the customers. Target also has some affordable half tree options if you are loving this trend.

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