How the Hatch Sound Machine Helped Our Whole Family Sleep Better

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Becoming a parent changes a lot of things. You experience a kind of love you never knew existed, you’ve never needed as much coffee in your life, and you never knew such a small person would need so much stuff. But one thing I didn’t expect — becoming totally obsessed with a sound machine.

When you create your baby shower registry with all the things baby needs, a sound machine is among the must-haves to help drown out household noise and recreate that womb-like environment. But not all sound machines are created equal — enter Hatch: the all-in-one sound machine, nightlight, and more that helps the whole family sleep.

When we brought our daughter home, she roomed in with us, just as the pediatrician recommended. She slept in a bassinet next to our bed, and we used the Hatch sound machine set to ocean waves, one of 11 soothing sounds — I always loved the sound of waves as I slept while on vacation, so I figured that would lull my little one to sleep too. I didn’t expect to love the nightlight feature so much, which helped with those midnight diaper changes and feedings without being too bright and making us too alert to go back to sleep.

When we moved our daughter to her room, the Hatch went with her, helping to create that same environment in her nursery as in our room. While I missed my little one at night, I also found I missed the Hatch! It wasn’t enough to only hear the sounds over the monitor. I needed something in our bedroom to help me drift off into dreamland. Luckily, adults have their own version, the Hatch Restore, which has not only been a helpful aide for sleeping but also prioritizing rest.

As parents, after the kids go to bed, you may find yourself binge-watching your favorite Netflix show, scrolling through social media feeds, or fitting in a few extra hours of work. The Hatch Restore has helped us create a routine to help us wind down before bed, with options like meditations, sleep stories, and my personal favorite — the soft-glow reading light. These help us escape the blue light from TV, laptops, and phones and prepare our minds for sleep, so we can stay asleep and wake up feeling refreshed. And speaking of waking up, the Hatch Restore will gently wake you with its Sunrise Alarm, which supports healthy cortisol levels — a better way to wake up than a startling alarm clock.

Fast forward a few years, and Hatch is still a major part of our family’s sleep routine. My baby is now a toddler who has been upgraded to the Hatch Rest+, which features a clock, voice control, and more. While she still uses the sound machine and the night light to help quell her fears of the big bad wolf, the Hatch Rest+ sleep programs and time-to-rise feature have helped curb her habit of 5 a.m. wake-ups. There’s an 8-hour battery backup, which was particularly helpful during a few thunderstorms when we lost power. And now, we’ve added another baby girl to our family and introduced her to the Hatch Rest. With two kids using Hatch, we can control the volume, lighting, and more from our phones without going into their rooms and waking them up — a huge win for us parents!

While sleep deprivation is often associated with becoming a new parent — and you’ll definitely have those times — Hatch has created a product to help not just your baby but the whole family sleep better. And while you may think your sound machine is a temporary addition, it’s become a must-have for every member of our family, and we guarantee Hatch will be the same for yours.

The Hatch Rest offers a sound machine, nightlight, and time-to-rise feature that makes this all-in-one device a dream for kids and parents alike. This smart sound machine offers 11 soothing sounds, a customizable nightlight with all the colors of the rainbow, and sleep programs to help create the perfect schedule to foster healthy development. It’s a sleep companion you’ll use for years to come.

The Hatch Rest+ features all the benefits of the Hatch Rest with a few extra bells and whistles you may enjoy. The Rest+ also features a dimmable clock, audio monitor, and voice control with a smart sound machine, nightlight, and time-to-rise. Plus, it has an 8-hour battery backup, so your little one’s sleep will be uninterrupted should you lose power during a thunderstorm.

If you’re going on vacation, the Hatch Rest Mini is the perfect solution to keep your little one sleeping soundly. This smaller version of the Hatch Rest features eight soothing sounds and a customizable timer that can be set for minutes or hours. It can be customized through the Hatch companion app or simple touch controls.

Parents deserve great sleep too, and the Hatch Restore can help all adults not only fall asleep faster but stay asleep and wake up feeling refreshed. It can also help you prioritize rest and relaxation by skipping the blue light from TV and smartphones and enjoying soothing sleep stories or meditations before bed. And go ahead and ditch the startling alarm clock and swap it for the Hatch Restore’s Sunrise Alarm.

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