The Alcohol You Enjoy May Be Hiding Nutritional Value


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First things first—drinking in excess is not good for you, and can cause liver damage, dehydration and dependency issues. But like most things in life, a little bit of “Grandpa’s ol’ cough medicine “ can do a world of good. But where to start? Sugary mixes and artificially flavored garbage certainly isn’t the stuff to bring the body the most benefit. We’ve rounded up a list of different types of booze, that actually do a wide variety of great things for your health.


Beer is a classic that goes great with pizza and most backyard barbecue eats, but we could write a full article on its health benefits alone. While beer has different antioxidants than wine, surprisingly you’ll get a heftier dose with a pint. Fiber in beer can reduce cholesterol and help with weight loss in moderation. And a long list of other nutrients can prevent kidney stones, keep bones strong and protect brain cognitive function.


Tequila hails from the nutritional agave plant, and most plant based things bring good mojo. Having a margarita made with real lime juice and agave nectar can be good for the gut, encouraging growth of healthy bacteria that help out the immune system and ease digestion. And if you are trying to drop some pounds, tequila can boost metabolism. Overall, you’ll end up with steadier blood sugar and a great dose of micro flora. Just don’t binge on chips and salsa.


It turns out that champagne can totally give skin a makeover by preventing acne, improving tone and detoxifying with its doses of antioxidants. It’s important to stick with dry variations, as they are much lower in sugar. In fact, a glass of champagne is significantly less caloric than red wine. Sounds like it’s time to find an excuse to celebrate, and we think the health benefits alone warrant popping open that bubbly.

White Wine

White wine can be just as heart healthy as red! And let’s be honest, sometimes the light flavor is much nicer when not in the mood for an earthy Cabernet. Pinot Gris is a lovely crisp choice which is well balanced with a kiss of sweet. Make an antioxidant loaded sangria with blackberries and raspberries this summer. Bonus—white wine is a good pick for those watching the scale.

Red Wine

Red Wine has to be on the list as the heart healthy benefits have been touted for ages. Like most alcohols in pure form, red wine dilates vessels so blood can flow more freely, ultimately enriching tissues with oxygen and reducing likelihood of disease. A glass of Merlot is full of antioxidants that fight off damaging agents that can lead to things like cancer.


Whisky has been helping the Scottish beat colds and illnesses for ages, and many Americans do the same. Science backs up the wellness powers. Whether making a hot spiced toddy, or a lemony whisky sour slightly sweetened with agave nectar, it’s good in moderation while battling the sniffles. And just when you thought that was it, you can also punch potential cancer cells in the face in classic pub fashion, thanks to a wealth of antioxidants. Whisky is also carb and sugar free.


Gin is a beautiful spirit cultivated from fragrant juniper berries and a bounty of botanicals—that just sounds healthy. And it is, because gin is an antioxidant beverage that is purely distilled leaving behind less hangover inducing remnants. So you can beat inflammation while having a pretty great night, in moderation. A bit of gin provides a bundle of vitamin C, and overall can help fight off infections. Could this be yet another iconic cold busting drink?


Rum, like our other picks, is made with pure ingredients—molasses or sugar cane. After fermenting the enzyme rich sugar sources, the result is an anti microbial concoction that adds a warming flavor to fruity cocktails. Anti microbial properties mean rum can fight off sickness causing germs. And minerals keep bones strong. Some folks even put it in milk at night for an extra good sleep sesh.


Selenium in sake preserves brain function, amino acids help build healthy cells muscles and bones, and the lack of impurities mean less of a chance for hangovers. Sake can brighten the skin, reducing dark spots and inflammation. Circulation improvement likely attributes to extra gorgeous skin as well. So grab some sushi and enjoy this traditional fermented  rice beverage.


Mead—you may associate it with Vikings or some other ancient peeps. But the beverage still exists today, and is still made by fermenting honey. With all the perks honey offers, you can imagine mead has some pretty great perks as well. It’s good for the gut, so it’s good for immunity, potentially. A probiotic culture is often used in the pure process, so the tummy should be feeling pretty good with this one.


Cider is a phenomenal beer replacement, especially for those with gluten sensitivity  issues. Made from fermenting fruits, usually apples, you have all the benefits of said fruits in addition to a vessel dilating beverage. Vitamin C is a major component in most ciders, and this can give the immune system a huge boost.


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